In Tunisia, you can relax even under water and in the air

Working out its summer programs, each travel agency carefully calculates which directions will be in demand. This is especially important for a large tour operator, because under each route its own charter is organized or blocks of places on regular flights are bought. If companies fail to sell these tickets, it will incurcious losses. Tour operators before declare their plans, conduct meticulous marketing research. Therefore, by those multiple the main areas with which a large company plans to work at the beginning of the season, we can conclude where the most tourists will go. This summer firm "Academservis" Made a bet on Tunisia. According to the company’s management, it is this country that should be a hit of this season.

Grounds for such conclusions. If you study the statistics, it turns out that in 1996, in the Tunisian resorts, almost four times more Russians rested than in 1995. If a year ago Tunisia just started seriously "Split" in the Russian market and conduct a leakage on the topic "What is Tunisia", now about the possibilities of rest in this country know quite a lot.

Beautiful sandy beaches. Comfortable modern hotels, the decoration of which is strictly withstanding in the national style. Even if you won’t get away anywhere from the hotel, you will not have a per minute in the fact that you are in Tunisia.

Service here is a completely European, corresponding to the highest French standards. Although Tunisia has ceased to be a French colony for forty years ago, European traditions remained there are unshakable. In addition, the bar is forced to keep French tourists who have a habit of relaxing in the already sovereign Tunisia. And that is especially nice – high-class European services are provided here in North African, that is, much lower than in Europe, prices.

Of particular interest Tunisia began to cause tourists around the world after the appearance of fashion for thalassotherapy – treatment from all imaginable diseases and improving the body by sea algae. Prices for this pleasure worldwide is high, and not everyone can afford him. In Tunisia, the same procedures are cheap and accessible to any. Our tourists quickly figured out and do not lose holiday time in gift – all the way turn around in algae and wealed with cream-based creams created on them.

Tunisian sea resorts are grouped in the north-east of the country, around the cities of Hammamet, Sousse, Port El Cantown and Monastir. In the country’s capital – the city of Tunisia, located south of Hammamet, Aeroflot flies twice a week. This summer, a direct weekly flight of Aeroflot and Monastir appeared. So planning the rest time at these resorts is very convenient: there are no tickets for today – will fly away the day after tomorrow.

Places here are very green. Here you and the gyms mimos, and thickets of jasmine, and magnolia, and orange groves, and vineyards. And at the same time, hand to the Sahara, where the rest people tends to go to safaris on jeeps or, in extreme cases, on camels. Exotics of the sea. Oriental markets in cities. Oasis in the deserts. Tarrotites in caves. Fancy Arab buildings and antique ruins. Real Berber Carpets. If you decide to bring this miracle as a gift to your beloved mother-in-law, do not buy fake! A real Berber Mat, in which the leg is drowning if not knee-deep, then an ankle exactly exactly, it is worth not less than a seven hundred dollars.

With entertainment, too, everything is in order. Although the country and Muslim, there are no restrictions on any secular pleasures. You can drink beer (or something stronger) in one of the numerous bars, it is possible to fall to fall sailing in one of the numerous discos. Water element lovers can drag on water skiing and windsurfing, or even go deep into the depths of the scuba. Amateur air elements can fly on a balloon over sugar.

In Tunisia, you can relax even under water and in the air

Unlike the northern Tunisian resorts, the island of Djerba, located at the southern coast of Tunisia, is still known in Russia yet. Meanwhile, this is the most luxurious Tunisian resort. Litar audience is resting here. When you are here, it does not even think that sugar is completely close. There are many sources on the island, so it dries in the green palm trees. In addition to the usual mosques for Tunisia, there is a synagogue (acting!) in which the most ancient scrolls of the Torah are stored. Therefore, in the spring, many pilgrims rushes here.

In the old port, the arms of sponges sell their prey, and in the village of Goncharov Gvelala Masters traded in large pitchers and small pitcher covered with icing.

Like everywhere in the East about the price you can bargain. You will not be offended. On the contrary, it will be treated with respect.

And all year round on the Djerba flower.

Sweeping luxury, sit on the ship going to the continent, take a jeep and taxewhere all in the same sugar, in the conditions more than Spartan. But if you go to the desert not as part of the excursion, then keep in mind: it is necessary to report your intention to the post of the National Guard in Medelenina. Not because then you will be tracked as a potential spy, and because it is necessary for your safety. For the same reason, you will not be allowed to delve into the desert alone – it is possible to move on Sahara only a group.

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