In Venice with children – how to make a vacation interesting for the whole family

You can go to Venice with a child. Yes, at first glance, present the city, the most inappropriate for traveling with children, rather than Venice. Here and in fact there are no entertainment specially created for children. But finding the children not so and difficult. We have a few ideas on this topic.

I will try to tell about the various options for lessons for children of different ages, and make a decision, whether to go to Venice with children, you yourself.

  • Water parks in Venza

When it is better to go

First of all, remember that go with the child in Venice Best of all in the period from late spring to September , That is, when heat (though, in June, July and August in the city there is a heat).

Resting in parks

There are several parks in Venice, where you can find Children’s playground .

  • Giardini Della Biennale , The most tip of the Slavic Embankment (Stopping Vaporetto "Giardini"),
  • Giardini Papadopoli, Not far from the station: Go to the Grande Channel through the Bosnouch Bridge, turn right and go directly on the embankment to the intersection with Rio Nuovo, then turn the left on Fondamenta Papadopoli, there you will enter the park . Baby playing you relaxing outdoors. At the exit from the park there is a lot of cafes where you can eat and eat tightly.

We go with museum children

From museums I would advise Military Museum (Stopping Vaporetto "ARSENALE") and Museum of Natural History (Stopping Vaporetto "Riva Di Biasio").

About museums information can be taken in the article what to see in Venice for 2 days

How to entertain the child in Venice

Going to the islands, Be sure to take the baby to Murano : there is Museum of glass , a In workshops You can see victims, How to make glass things . Yes, and in the shops, your children will find themselves Many glass toys .

On Burano Children like Brightly painted houses , As if puppet, but they live in them the most ordinary people.

Coloring a mask in CA&# 8217; Del Sol

Girls, and boys, too, will be interesting not just Buy Venetian mask (from € 20), and Himself paint it and issue .

In the workshop of making masks CA&# 8217; Del Sol spend Master classes for children , You need to sign up.

Address: Castello 4964 30122 Venezia (s. Zaccaria – Fond Osmarin).

Or another workshop, CA&# 8217; Macana : Sestiere Dorsoduro, 3172, 30123.

Ride a gondola

The child of all age will please Riding a gondola.

If the gondola is expensive for you, use Vaporetto or Tragetto – Ferry shipments on boats type Gondola, just a little less, from one shore of the Grande canal on the other, and it costs it at times cheaper even trips to Vaporetto. Their stops are marked with a sign indicator name with the words "Al Traghetto".

Resting on the beach or in the water park

In the summer, God himself ordered to go to the beach.

Lido Island, What is opposite the islands of the main Venice, famous for its beaches. There are many of them here. Pay-owned. But from the south and from the northern ends There are public beaches. There you will pay only for a sun bed and an umbrella, and You can not pay ; disseminate your towels or bedspread and enjoy water and sun.

Adriatic here is clean and warm, bottom of the hollow, for an adult quite small, but Children ; just right.

by the way, On Lido there is a center shooting center Arcieri Del Leon (Lido, Via Malamocco, 16) and School riding "SCUOLA DI EQUITAZIONE AL CIRCOLO IPPICO" (LIDO, VIA COLOMBO, 41), boys there will be glad, and how happy they themselves will be! Girls, by the way, these classes may also like. In the article Seven days in Venice: what to do (Fifth day) I told, How to get to the wild beach on Pellebrin. There quietly, the sea is clean, the bottom of the hollow. The child can commemorate in water until the formation, free space – at least debug. There are few people there.

Water parks in Venza


There are in the mainland suburbs of Venice and Aquaparka. The first is called "Acquafolie" And is B 30 km from Venice in the town of Caorle at: s.R.L. Viale Aldo Moro, 1 – 30021, Caorle – Venezia.

How to get there

You can get there by train from Santa Lucia Station In the direction of Trieste Before the station Caorle-Portogruaro, From there By bus to Caorle.

The easiest way Ride a direct flight bus from mainland Venice – Mestre (Before Mestre, you can get from the bus station on Piazzale Roma, and from the railway station: just one stop).

In this water park, you and your children will be rapid among attractions, cafes and restaurants.

Telephone: +39 042181423.


Second ; "AcquaLandia" ; situated In the town of Lido di Jesolo, resort center, and strikes with dimensions and abundance of children’s entertainment programs.

How to get there

Get to Lido Di Jesolo easier by bus number 10a with Piazzale Roma. They go often. The ticket is worth order 15.

Phone number For certificates in the water park +39 0421371648.

Where to eat with a child

Feed the acrooked child and you can eat anywhere. About meals I wrote in the article Where to eat in Venice.

In Venice with children - how to make a vacation interesting for the whole family

Highly recommend For a good snack with a child Harry&# 8217; s bar.

How to find

From Piazzetta San Marco, where there are two columns, turn right and go all the time directly on the embankment, turn again at the Vaporetto stop "San Marco (VallarResso)".

For example, chicken sandwiches in this bar where more and tastier than in mcdonald&# 8217; s.

Or you can All family dinner in the restaurant "Antica Locanda Montin", Very democratic and therefore popular place and visits, and Venetian. Here is a website where you can get acquainted with the menu and prices and learn how to find a restaurant: Locandamontin.Com.

Excursions for children

If suddenly your child (today it is already difficult to surprise something) owns any foreign language: Italian, English, German or Spanish ; at your service Company "MACACOTUR", where ZAnimated by the organization of cognitive and gaming excursions in Venice for children from five to eleven years.

Two charming girls will lead your guys in Fascinating game journey around the city For one and a half or two hours, where they will show, tell about Venice and her stories, play and work with the guys. To get acquainted with this company and their suggestions, and at the same time with prices for their services, you can here: Macacotour.Com.

Walking in the city

Please note that the adult perceives the architecture of the old city seriously or sometimes sufficiently superficially, the child is only worth it Raise for the game, And he will find out the lot of interesting things for him. Bridges, palaces, colonnades, courtyards, wells – what is not a reason to play: search for noble robbers for boys or enchanted prince for girls?

Baby feed

San Marco Square – a unique place to entertain a child of any age. First-invoor, Pigeons.

A few years ago, I traded the food for pigeons here, later this trade was forbidden. But the pigeons tourists are still fed. Sometimes it turns into a whole attraction: Pigeons San Marco have long been put down so that they became almost manual.

Climb to the tower

In the arc under the tower on the left there is door, there you can find out if there is an opportunity to climb and look at the mavrov who Bat in a clock bell (as a rule, the lifts to the tower are made by appointment).

Campanile (Bell tower) – there Understand stands because breathing will be captured from the top view to the city, and you have. At home, he will definitely see such paintings: an old city standing right into the sea, three kilometers from the coast, from all sides water, away in good weather View Alps, and below you are roofs, roofs, roofs!

Right on Square There are several cafes: You have a cup of coffee, baby ice cream or Granite – Traditional Italian Dessert from finely popped fruit ice and sugar for the price from 1.5 before 3 depending on the composition.

Fight truth

Palace of the Doge also can delight your baby.

In addition to luxurious halls and stairs, statues and paintings, in the palace on the first floor there are on the right gallery Fight truth: There were put there and reported something, and if there was a lie in the message, at least a bit, the speaker’s hand remained in the mouth of the truth forever, so read the legend.

What to do on a walk

Going to walk around the city, offer your stay or Chadam to play in "Fortune": Search, for example, images of a winged lion St. Mark I Recall them chairs.

Lions of all types and masters in Venice An unnecessary amount. The prize can be a photo you will do, Having searched the child on a stone lion at the Cathedral of St. Mark. These lions there are already two (they are on the left of the entrance to the cathedral). Children crawl over them, lions are clutch noses, Magnifying wish.

Other travel game ; "Navigator", when Your baby (naturally, he should already be 5-6 years old) decides himself where to go, Where to roll and what to see, and leads a family team.

Zakolekov, turns, dead end in Venice, not count, sooner or later you will go somewhere, moreover, the horizontal color signs will tell you where to go to go to people. There will be a child to play, you will play, but the monitoring of the situation will remain in your jurisdiction.

Old buildings of churches, especially medieval, carry on their facades Many sculpted images all kinds of gorguliy, zmiev and other fantastic animals.

On Campo Santa Margherita, if you enter it from Campo San Pantalon, there is such a tower, and on the facade of the Church of Santa Maria Formosa is molded in time immemorial Bearded Funny Flamm. Yes, and in general, stucco in the form of human figures, all kinds of bas-reliefs on the walls of houses in Venice at least debug. What is not a reason for the game?

Here is perhaps the whole list Entertainment for children in Venice.

But I think, wherever you come, it’s easy to sell a child with hands, you can hardly succeed, and Venice itself gives the chance to enjoy walks around the city through the game and you, and your tea, no matter how much years it may not: 5 or 15. However, you decide. Have a good travel.

In Venice with children - how to make a vacation interesting for the whole family

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