In Vino Veritas (Truth in wine)

"Sling? Haiball? Schrab? Flip? Vodka? Cooler, sir?" The question is falling out in one breath, and on the answer I have a split second. Time Lunch, Pub is clogged with regulars, and Barmen has no time to dialogue. "Guinness and vodka!" After a few seconds, he stretches the glass of Guinness Eil with vodka. "Not Eil, Stow, pliz!" – I say to him. He got used to mixed with a black-core liqueur, but the black and cream thick drig of Guinness – the most, probably strong beer – with vodka?! For a moment he is slightly surprised, but only for a moment. "With ice, sir?"

Typical English Pub. If he is one of many, located along the berths of the town of bullets, which in the south of England, let’s say something and different from a typical pub in the Saint Gails area, in London, then only by visitors and the clientele. Here, in the pool, at any time of the day more sailors and other, nearly worry, brethren. In Saint Gails during the day – official people: clerks, sealsmen, managers; In the evening: Students and Occathitude Public – Spectators, Critics, Actors. Drinks, cocktails, manner and service rhythm, comments, jokes of bartender, intelligence – all the same as of many times seen personnel, read pages, heard stories.

The same furnishings of a friendly sacrifice and outside England. Bars, pubs, bistro. Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong.

Only the language of acting persons change, and they rarely follow the advice: "Beer and Whisky, Very Risky".*

The whole world drinks and spends on alcohol much more than any household products – machinery, clothing, TVs, computers, furniture. There are no limit to the fictions of friends Bahus. Not so long ago, Irish fans flew to a football match in London by a flight aircraft Belfast – London. When the stewardess serving passengers with drinks got to about the fifteenth row, her table on wheels was empty. "Well, – noticed one of the unpersoned fans, – but there must be tea "Maria" and tomato juice". It was the highest pilotat: a person in the traditions of Pi Jay O’Rourw and Erofeevsky Winchi could present an incredible!

Doctors try to convince us that drinking die young that drunkenness shortens life. True, on the question: "From which end?", there is still no answer.

But now recently the most authoritative medical journal of the United States (probably and the whole world) The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of research conducted by the Doctors of Harvard University. The reason for research was two interesting facts: among the developed countries of the world, the United States – in the first place for death with death, France – on one of the last. But for the consumption of alcohol per capita, the picture is the opposite: France – in the first place, the United States is one of the last. Receive researchers: three or four glasses of red French wine per day prolong life.

Answer such a question: Did you meet people who drink wine to extend the life? I also did not meet, and for me, as for millions (should I say "billion"?) Drinking, wine is not a medicine, but pleasure penetrating into all vectors and corners of the body and soul with tiny droplets, invisible trickles, gurgling atoms and grape molecules. Wine strokes, hesitates, takes, techite, distracts, creates, sets up and many more, many different verbs each can use, and if wine and "Proven" Something, then it is a wonderful mood. But. life?

Recognizing nonetheless that the opening of Harvard’s physicians is a gigantic step towards the progress of Western civilization. And this, as they say, good news. There is, however, the news is bad: the Western Society is not prepared for such discovery.

Indeed, nowadays the glass of alcohol at breakfast is considered as obscenity. Offordable, though, found workarounds. Spaniards, for example, order a cup of coffee Karadzhillo (Cofe Carajillo) – a mixture of coffee and brandy. ("Easier with this coffee, amigo", – will advise you the waiter when you ask the third cup.) In Italy coffee-liqueur combinations set, but they, rather, coffee than liquor. But strong? Since morning? Not only in Italy. France, probably, the only normal country of Western civilization. Here after the first morning you will be asked: "Would you like more, messenie?" Whether the French governments are stable, and Italian changes are changing several times a year?

Agree: there is no this morning problem in Russia. And centuries-old tradition – "In the morning drank and all day is free" – Makes the life of a Russian person significantly adapted to the wine discoveries of the twentieth century. By the way, a dear medical journal, reporting on Harvard opening, did not mention that scientists chose the words of Vysotsky to his report to his report: "In wine dignity, speak, healing". In other words, it is impossible to deny the contribution of Russian thought to the Harvard opening of the century. What makes you remember the wine for a long time, maybe for life? Taste? Variety of wine? Name and reputation of the manufacturer? Nonsense. You remember the restaurant where you drank wine. You remember the conversations that you led. You remember the ritual of service.

Another question: why everyone should drink from glasses and a glass of the same size? Does this party or you are in a restaurant. Well, God with them, with restaurants, – they did not appear after the French Revolution and are managed in accordance with the Jacobin understanding of universal equality: the same chairs for the ass of various sizes, the same portion for visitors of different ages with various appetites, identical glasses and wine glasses For those who want only to hurt and for friends of Bahus. But why do we and at home copy restaurant egalitarism? By the way, there are pubs in England, where his own beer mug is kept for each regular visitor.

When you choose the wine in the restaurant and are not familiar with the wines offered in the menu, call the Metrotel or the responsible for the Wine and ask the Council. Order the wines of the country and the area, the province, where you are. In France, let’s say, order Burgundy in Burgundy, Elsass in Alsace, Bordeaux in Bordeaux and T.D. The same in Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia.

More than 100 countries of the world produce wine. Taste, fragrance and. The price of local wines will always satisfy your taste. In the US, too, order local, state wines: California, Oregon, Virgin, Wine of the states of Utah, Colorado, Washington. America produces many wonderful wines. World reputation of such, say, Californian wines, like red "Cabernet Savignon" (Cabernet Sauvignon) and dry white "Shardone" (Chardonnay), is well known and confirmed not only by medals and prices, but also their presence in the menu of French restaurants.

What wines I love most? Like many people, my taste changed over the years and, like many of us, until time, was determined by the fact that Rakelyto went to our local Selmag. The value of the drink was determined by the famous formula (grams x degrees) / ruble, and nothing could compete with factory alcohol.

In the student years who passed under the slogan: "Loan, but drink!", Everyone came to a bottle party. Usually we all merged into a couple of buckets. Portwine, Dry Wines, Vodka, Rum. Different varieties of bottles of different sizes. All this was stirred and felt quite worn. The first glass quenched thirst. The second instilled joy. Third awakened romantic feelings. Whoever I asked, no one could tell me about the influence of the fourth cup.

In Vino Veritas (Truth in wine)

In Soviet days, being determined consciousness, the supply determined the taste.

Over the past 10-12 years, I added to wines from the French town-museum Saint-Emilion, located on the top of the mountain, all the slopes of which are covered with vineyards. In the bouquet of local wines, that I drank, there are always smell of violet and lilac, the taste of chocolate with almonds. Tens of grape varieties grow on the square just a few square kilometers. Hundreds of different wines are made from this grapes of Saint-Monilone winemakers. Place on the slope, the orientation of the slope, the number of sunny days a year, sun hours a day, rains, their intensity, soil. All these factors determine the quality of course any wines, not just wines from Saint-Monylon. A bottle of local young (2-3 years) wines purchased at the place of production can cost from 20 to 40 francs (approximately 4 to $ 8); The same bottle can cost 60-80 francs in Paris, 25-40 dollars in New York.

And more prices. All low-price records beats tiny Andorra. Liter bottle "Absolute" costs. 4 dollars. Gallon whiskey jb. 19 dollars. And this is cheaper applies to almost all drinks. However, do not begin to dream of a possible business: no duty from Andorra can not export more than three bottles.

Error that all wines are improving with age, but for wines Bordeaux is true. Wine Bordeaux improves old. How long have they need to keep them to give? At least ten years. Experts will always tell you, wines are the best. From the last years: 1970, 1975, 1981, 1983. The Irony of Fate, the worst Wine Bordeaux falls for the years of the presidential elections in the USA: 1956, 1960, 1972, 1976, 1980. The worst among the worst – harvest wines of 1968.

Much more difficult to calculate the quality of Burgundy wines. They are also improved with age, but for the harvest of the same year, one wine can mature one wine for the 5th year, the other – on the 3rd, the following – on the 10th. It is important and what, reaching a taste, Burgundy wines later. worsen. How to find out how many years the wine should go to the best taste? From winery, manufacturer of wine. Well, if you do not get to the manufacturer, and the desire to find out the year of ripening does not leave alone? In serious wine stores, there are annual reference books with information about almost any fault of almost any year. Wines which countries are the best? French says – "French", and ready to fight to the last drop of blood, protecting the wine-making honor of France. German says – "German", And ready to fight to the last drone of beer, protecting the superiority of car brands in Germany. California says "California", And ready to fight to the last csenger of the value of shares, protecting the rationality of its contributions to Robert Mondavi Corporation. Italian says – "Italian", But ready to always agree with anyone who disagrees. "Signor does not like Italian wines, Signor loves French wines, Italians love French wines too". Italy – the largest exporter of wine; The largest importer of Italian wines – France.

Wines love everything, including of course presidents, prime ministers, kings. Large connoisseur not only wines, but also by the colon, late US President Nixon, advised never to mix diplomatic negotiations with wine, admitting that it is sometimes easy to follow this advice.

He loved to repeat the story told him Churchill. At one of the famous conferences of military time, the Englishman arrived at the Stalin Villa for a conversation with the owner with an eye on the eye. Besides them, only their translators were attended. Both – Stalin and Churchill – were midnitles. Both were able to drink. The next day, waking up in two afternoon, Churchill murmured in horror: "My god, what I could talk like that".

Churchill called the secretary and put a letter to him: "Dear Marshal Stalin, I enjoyed not only a wonderful dinner, but also a discussion of all those questions on which I understand, we came to the Agreement. ". Next, followed the list of discussed issues – three page pages in one interval.

The letter was delivered to the Dacha of Stalin Dipporkor. Stalin opened the envelope, looked at the text and asked the diploma to wait. A few minutes later, Stalin handed him a page written from hand. "Dear Prime Minister, do not even mind everything that we talked about at night. Like you, I was drunk". Then followed postscript: "By the way, the translator was shot".

In Vino Veritas (Truth in wine)

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