In voluntary isolation

In connection with the widespread introduction of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people were locked in four walls when entering the store already an event, and about the campaign to visit only dream. But there are those for whom loneliness this is normal.

March in Kamchatka – a month of cyclones, when the Purga does not subside for several days. At first I cleared the entrances and exits from the house with enthusiasm and very diligently. Even expanded the passages, navigating the dusty purity. But after an eight-time repetition of the dattle for the day, the fervor disappeared, and I began to make the necessary minimum to go to the restroom, start the generator, clean the pipe.

She admitted that still can’t get used to the fact that at night in the toilet in the apartment you can walk without a flashlight on your head

By the way, about the restroom. It was built on the territory of Cordon, where state inspectors live and work and work and is a visit center for receiving tourists, and there, during the field season, volunteers are placed. And sometimes it’s sometimes the quest. It is necessary to dress, get on skis, take a shovel, dig "Buncher". Think a hundred times, drinking or not drinking a second cup of tea! Once a girl came to us by a volunteer, accustomed to urban, comfortable living conditions. And after returning home, a month later, she admitted that still can’t get used to the fact that at night in the toilet in the apartment you can walk without a flashlight on your head.

Elementary for apartments amenities, warmth, light and good kitchen on Cordon – this is everyday work. Water is needed? Be kind, go beyond her to the river or lake. I want warmth? Take advantage of the kerosene oven or wait for the generator, which is settled at certain hours, steeped the furnace of pre-seeded firewood from dried away by older or natural trees. This is the reserve! So, there is a policy of maximum non-interference in nature. So on the car to the cordon, we will not drive either. You can only get on the helicopter.

In such conditions, I got after life in St. Petersburg, where he worked as an instructor on yoga. How? Once my lesson was visited by the director of fitness, flew from Kamchatka. She liked her lesson, and she invited me to spend a four-day seminar on the peninsula. Kamchatka delays, and I began to fly regularly. Got acquainted with the current director of the Kronotsky Reserve Peter Igorevich Schilekom, and he invited him to work. At that time, family circumstances allowed me. To radically change the scope of activity when you for 40, it was scary, but I still decided and the wilderness of me "resurrected". In May, there will be a year, as I work as a state inspector.

A lot of us and everyone has their own terms of responsibilities. Our task with a partner is to accompany tourists in the Valley of Geysers, one of the wonders of Russia. In the season for a day through me there is eight or ten groups, so that communication is enough with interest! Loneliness can be felt only late in the fall, when there are no visitors and have to be engaged exclusively by the current work: to repair infrastructure, observe natural phenomena, changing the work of geysers, animal behavior. But I was always very gracious before reading and rushed with hunting in any printed products. Being on the cordons and in the field hospitals of the Kronotsky Reserve, which I just did not find on the shelves: magazines "Spark", "Change", "Youth", "Nature and Man", "Withers", "Roman-Gazeta". From the books there were "Birds of the USSR", many different editions of Conan Doyle, Chaise, Rare Tomik Intellectual Aristocracy Tommaso Landolfi. From an unusual – school map of the world, old and huge. Read in Purga under hot tea, candy and light kerosene lamp Very cozy.

When after half a year first got on the big land and went to the cafe, almost kissed the floor for the fact that now he could have a cup of hot cappuccino. Now used to. And at least at the moment I am also on vacation, the buzz from civilization is no longer experiencing. Engage in current affairs.

Read in the Purga under hot tea, candy and the light of the kerosene lamp, very cozy

On how not to become a victim of a bear and other predators, whole volumes of service instructions are written. In short, it is necessary to behave politely, it is unagruly and not to leave open food. Weapons are necessary, but it is impossible to shoot. At the same time fear is not only animals. Now I already know that if it rained, it is better not to go to the river, as the shores are washed away and huge boulders may fall on you. But the first time was not so attentive. Fortunately, I have experienced and very wise colleagues. They were told how to behave in a particular situation. Kamchatka – the edge extreme, but insanely beautiful. The one who visited him once, no longer be. (Read also "The Rules of Lifetime of the polar".)

In voluntary isolation

For three years, the closer works are the worst thing that I managed to survive – this is a storm on a beacon Bishop Rock. The sea buurled, and the waves crashed into the building with such a force that from time to time the lighthouse was trembling as a earthquake. I remember – and still goosebumps! As it came out, then I did not leave the idea that the first lighthouse on the island was destroyed during one of the storms. I did everything: "Will he withstand this time?"Fortunately, stood. (Photo: The most beautiful lighthouses of the world).

© James Scott (Scott Tacchi)

In addition to Bishop Rock, I work on other lighthouses. Responsibilities include monitoring 20 lighthouses located in the south of Great Britain, including Silly and Norman Islands Archipelago. On most of them I live for four weeks a year. I do not work alone. We have two commanders of the May hour, and in my seven technicians. The main task: to ensure that the beacon always burns and sailors could navigate it. It only seems that everything is simple: turned on the lamp – and sit rest. When I first saw, with which number of equipment would have to deal, thought: "Horror! Where am I?"But nothing, figured out.

I have the Internet there. What kind of solitude can we talk?

During work, I don’t have a lot of free time. But when it appears, I make photos from the drone, many of which, then lay out in Instagram, to show people, what it is – to live and work on the lighthouse, and train to keep yourself in good shape. If the weather allows, I love to be afraid. And I still watch the movie and communicate with colleagues. I live on lighthouses, and not on the edge of the world. I even have the Internet. What kind of solitude can we talk? In addition, I like silence and peace, so if there is an opportunity to stay alone, I use it as much as possible.

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