In which countries the cheapest accommodation?

Usually housing liquefies almost half of the budget for the journey. But if you know where to ride, these costs will not become a burden. Tell me in this article about countries with cheap accommodation options.

All their preferences, we understand it. Someone does not set out there, where the breakfast is not served, someone needs King Size bed or location in the center, and someone in a hood (in the literal sense of the word). Not to please all, and we made a sample at the cheapest price for one so that you know from what to repel and gradually planned the budget of the trip. Go!


And were in Vilnius? Travelers love this city because from there you can cheaply fly to Europe. But do not rush to the airport immediately, pay a couple of days to this beautiful city. Especially over the night will not hit the wallet – Bed in a common room will cost 500 rubles a day. For ordinary apartments within 2.5 km from the city center will ask from 1300 rubles per night depending on the season.


What city is neither take – all good and authentic. On the streets, walking not to go, nature is good, the mountains even have! And housing prices are generally funny: Bed in the dormitory room will cost 200-500 rubles per night. 200 rubles – in places such as Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow, and in the capital already more expensive. In Warsaw, it is possible to count on a cozy common room in the center 450 rubles per day, and apartments within 5 km from the center go from 1,800 rubles. By the way, there is a purely female hostel, where the bed costs about 600 rubles a day, the truth is far away – 8 km from the center. In other cities, prices are similar, but the farther from the city in nature, the cheaper houses and apartments.


On these islands in the Pacific, our compatriots are very fond of winter. And not in vain: here is inexpensive, beautiful and warm. These arguments are enough to escape from the snowy capitals. So, in the Philippines Behind the bed in the general room of the hostel will ask from 200 rubles per night. If you are lucky, for this money you can remove a whole shutter on the beach, and even with breakfast!

Apartments And at home you can find in the area of ​​500 rubles per day. At the same time, hostel ratings are impressive and vary from "very good" to "excellent". It’s just some kind of holiday!

Generally, Asian countries in terms of housing are quite conservative, unless this is not a promotion area with parties and sper clubs. Calm quiet places will always please the wallet with their suggestions.


This country changes the worldview of 360 degrees. But most rides immediately in the paradise place – on Goa. In the hostels, from which to the beach hand to file you waiting for you To Rovati in a dormitory room with a price of 200 rubles. One-Bedroom Apartments near the beach begins from 700 rubles. If you want luxuriously and with a balcony, then from 1 200 rubles a day. There is even Double room in a five-star hotel for 1,700 rubles! But such little. Most of the luxury hotels offer rooms with a price from 5,000 rubles per night.

Want to relax with a scope and secluded? Rent Villa, Moreover, the cost of houses near the beach begins from 2 000 rubles per night.


Beautiful place to relax with children, because there are so many beaches and resorts. The sun is quite gentle, fly not so far as in Asia. In the mountains you are waiting Family room for 440 rubles. Closer to the sea, in tivat, more expensive – in winter Apartment price starts from 1,300 rubles per day, In summer – from 1,700 rubles. In the center of Podgorica, approximately the same prices for common rooms, plus-minus 200 rubles.

In which countries the cheapest accommodation

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We have already written in our blog about this country. See there, definitely, there is something, and it will become the perfect intermediate version in Eastern Europe. A couple of nights in Sarajevo will not hit the wallet in the wallet: Bed prices in general rooms and apartments start from 600 rubles per night per person. The farther from the capital, the cheaper by about 100-200 rubles. That is, in Mostar, it is quite realistic to remove the bed in the community number for 400 rubles right in the center, and the double room will cost at least 660 rubles per night.


The country is known for its wellness sanatoriums and spa complexes. In Sofia, Varna and Burgas Offer cheap Apartments near the metro, Already from 300 rubles per day on man. Coye in hostels for some reason more expensive from 500 rubles. And in winter, prices are expensive on average by 300 rubles. That is, the same apartments near the subway will already be 600-700 rubles.


The country is extraordinary, albeit distant. We swaped almost all the money on the flight? No problem! In Rio de Janeiro, within 3 km from the center, you can count on On a bed in a community number for 600-700 rubles. With this prices, almost all of them without breakfast, but food in the cafe nearby does not take a lot of money. The apartments can be found for 1,300 rubles per day, But these will be far from the center – about 10 km. If closer, then the apartment is cheaper than 2,500 rubles per day to find almost impossible.

These are just some examples, but there are a lot of similar countries. It pleases that even in the capitals there are budget rooms and apartments! The main thing is to book in advance and with free cancellation of the booking, suddenly a more interesting option will be refineed.

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