In which language is spoken in the UAE

In which language is spoken in the Arab Emirates? With knowledge of which language is comfortable here to rest? What dictionary or phrase book to stock up tourist? Read the answers in our article.

The official language of the UAE

The official language of the UAE is MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) – the generally accepted modern version of Arabic. All official documents are written in MSA, office work in government agencies only on MSA, most media work on MSA.

All things in the courts are listening only to MSA. And before the authorities were not required to provide translators. Foreigners, if not hired a translator, were in courts just spectators. Fortunately, on November 8, 2020, amendments to the law entered into force, and now the accused is the translator due to the state.

However, the indigenous residents of the UAE in everyday life speak not on MSA, but on their dialect. And in most Arab countries just such a situation.

Arabic Gulf

Arab Bay is one of the three most common in the world of Arabic dialects, along with the Egyptian Arabic and Lebanese Arabic. This dialect is called "El Lahge El-Kalizia". It is spoken in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

The Arabic Dialect of Al-Shekhi is less common (he is the same Omani dialect), they speak in the eastern regions of the country adjacent to Oman.

Indigenous Arabs in the UAE do not speak MSA from early childhood. They first learn to speak in their dialect, and only then teach MSA, usually at school or when watching television. In high school in school they teach English.

The difference between dialects

She is not so big. Now all the dialects of the Arabic language are mutual. That is, a resident of the UAE will understand Tunisian or Egyptian, but a small part of the words will be incomprehensible. Some common experience is required to adapt to the features of grammar and learn new words.

The difference here is about the same as between English dialects in London and New York. Two such carriers of the English language as a whole will understand each other, but will be forced to clarify each other the values ​​of new words and refine the details.

Accordingly, if in other countries you already "grab" the Arab words and expressions, it is morally preparing that the Arabs in the UAE will not understand them.

English – Lingva Franca in the UAE

Among 10 million people of the public population of the UAE are only a little more than 1 million indigenous Arabs (citizens). The rest are expata, visiting workers from different countries by labor visa. In detail, we talked about it in the article "Population of the UAE".

Naturally, all these people need some kind of common language. The language performs this role is called "Lingva Franca". Until 1971, the Arab Emirates were under the Protectorator (in fact, the colony) of the United Kingdom, and English began to be used everywhere since that time.

If a person wants to work in the UAE, then the knowledge of Arabic is not required, but knowledge of English is required. Road signs and signs, menu in cafe and restaurants, sites on the Internet are always duplicated in English. Example on the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

With knowledge of English in the UAE definitely not disappear! English here is consumed much more often than Arabic.

Do they say in the UAE in Russian

Now in the UAE constantly live and work about 50,000 Russian-speaking people. Russian speech on the streets is unlikely to hear.

In large and expensive hotels there are always at least one person from the staff who speaks Russian. In the hotels of the middle category it is rare. Cheap hotels do not even wear. Tourists often have to count on the help of hotel guides.

What to do if you don’t know English?

You don’t need to be afraid, since much is understandable and without knowing languages. The dishes in the menu can be selected by pictures, most of the stores are automated and the sellers will not have to be explained. Trade and change currency can be communicated with the digits on the calculator or smartphone. For example, in the photo below and so everything is clear, and without knowing languages ​​you can make an order, simply by pointing your finger to an interesting offer.

Many services are available in Russian. You can order a transfer with a Russian-speaking driver, hire a Russian-speaking nanny for a child, excursions in Russian are available.

If you still have to communicate, then use the translator on the smartphone, the benefit are now available in large numbers. Just install the application on your smartphone, this application will not only translate the phrase, but also will announce a pleasant female voice. Many of these applications require access to the Internet, and with this in the UAE there are also no problems. Read our Internet in the UAE Page.

Interaction with the authorities

You can take a rest in the Arab Emirates in such a way that Arabic does not need. Of course, this is provided that nothing extraordinary during vacation has happened.

In which language is spoken in the UAE

Even to submit an oral complaint to a policeman in English. However, as soon as it comes to bureaucracy, only MSA is used. Write a statement only in Arabic. In police sites there are translators who will write a statement from the words of the appeal, but still uncomfortable to sign a document in which you do not have the idea that it actually is written.

In case of trouble with the police, we strongly recommend tourists at all to say anything and sign anything without the presence of a lawyer and translator. Lawyer and translator or are provided free of charge, or you can use the services of the staff of the Russian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or Consulates in Dubai.

But better not to fall into trouble. Read our page "What is impossible to the UAE".

Other languages ​​in the UAE

Farsi, he is Persian. On it they say visiting from Iran, which in the Arab Emirates about 500,000.

Hindi, he is Indian. Indians in the Arab Emirates about 3 000 000. However, not all people from India speak Hindi. India – a huge country and languages ​​in India dozens.

Malay. On it they say visitors from Malaysia and Indonesia, about 1,000,000 live here.

Bengal. On it they say visiting from Bangladesh and East India, about 350,000 live in the UAE.

Tagalog. On it they say visitors from the Philippines, they are about 300,000.

Telugu. It is spoken in some areas of India, about 450,000 people speak the UAE in this language.

It is also useful and interesting to know

– Arabs have their own numbers. On the coins of Dirham, the nominal is written only by Indo-Arabic numbers. However, to learn these sticks, points and circles is easy, the instruction in our article "What money in the UAE";

– What else to take with you to rest, except for a smartphone with a translator, read in our article "What to take to relax in the UAE".

Have a good holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting pages about this country (List of articles below).

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