In winter in Las Vegas

Of course, from the cute north (New York) in the middle of January, it is possible to go to the side of the South (Florida), but there was not only lazy. But about Las Vegas, the earth is full of hearing: in the desert, they say, Nevada, stunning city. It’s to put it mildly, not quite right. Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains, low, though, but in the winter there are snow on their vertices – we saw him themselves. Somewhere near, maybe the desert of Nevada, and the first atomic bomb blew up in her half a century. But here the desert is not in mom. Is that in the summer when the heat comes up to 120 in Fahrenheit, she breathes in the face of poor tourists. So – Ida winter in Las Vegas!

For four winter days spent there, the temperature ranged from 40 to 60 (Fahrenheit, gentlemen, Fahrenheit!) – not hot, but not cold. We picked up a coat with them, however, there were people on the street and leaving.

The main parameters of any journey are the cost of travel and hotels. I inform the prices we found on the Internet: two tickets of New York – Las Vegas in both End – 600 dollars, hotel room – $ 60 per night. It can be found and cheaper, but the hotel will be somewhere away from the main highway – Las Vegas Boulevard, at which the main travel time is held, with the exception of the departure outside the city: on the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam.

What else to say about the city? In it, according to the Directory, 280 thousand inhabitants, his mayor – Oscar Gudman, our man. Every day, the city gets from the playing machines a million dollars. I think it’s a lot, because: o – in order.

The main highway of the city, stretched by the mile of Edak on three, – Las Vegas Boulevard. Transitions from one side to another – using escalators or elevators. This is the first novelty for us. And there is still a monorail road – not along the entire boulevard, but connecting three or four hotels. The head car train looks like a pike, all of it – from modern materials, glitters and overflows in the sun. Cleanliness everywhere, including sidewalks posted, as in the center of Manhattan, plates – surgical.

On both sides of the boulevard – high-rise hotels, on the first floors of which – Casino. Thousands of machine guns to lure money, you can throw in their voracious mouth of coins from 1 cent to the dollar. In the halls there is an unimaginable noise, smoke rocker – in direct and figurative sense. Thousands of thousands of people tortured their happiness here, come to Las Vegas annually, or even several times a year – from Los Angeles or San Francisco. The American old woman, celebrated by us at the bus stop, said with irritation: " Last year won 400 dollars, in this – no penny. Most revealed:" This reproach, as we understood, was thrown to the address of the hotel, where the old woman was playing – the automata is configured by people:

For 4 days of rest, we lost $ 50 selected from the family budget and calmed down, although huge photos of winning 20, 100 and more than thousands come across every step and urged, call. Well, of all of them – neither the bottom of them.

The names of some hotels, crowding along the boulevard, speak for themselves: , , . It is a magnificent stylization, ranging from lined in a small space between the skyscrapers of the Eiffel Tower (I traveled – metal!) and ending with real gondolas managed by singing gondolors. Voices – Well, not much worse than at Placido Domingo or Luciano Pavarotti. On the banks of the canal – "Venetian" Two-storey houses, above them – High blue Italian sky. All the time you shame unreality with myself: you are not in Italy, but in Las Vegas:

V "New York" From under the covers of paving hatches, steam rises – the joy of recognition and all this magnificent fiction is calculated. You walk on the washed streets, sparkling, competing in the luxury hotels, and you think with bitterness: how many years it will be necessary for Russia so that there appeared? Hundred? Two hundred ?

At the hotel "Beladojio" beat fountains – several dozen-lined white foam jets. Under the cut from somewhere on top of the music jet change their height and angle of inclination, all this is synchronously, perfectly invented and thought out.

All the capital of the world have one horrible deficiency – there are no public toilets on their Broadway and Tver. It’s just trouble! Where are Juliani or Luzhkov? Oscar Goudman! In Las Vegas, there are no problems with this, since hotels at every turn, entrance to them, and, therefore, to the toilets – free:

Tourist sometimes and eat does not interfere. Restaurants, Naturally, Pond Pond, but we are more on the pocket of the buffet – also available in every hotel. Prices fluctuate from 5 to 10 dollars per lunch, the principle of work of the buffet is known: Eat before dump. The minimum price we found at the hotel "Sahara", Located on the same Las Vegas Boulevard, but far from the epicenter of the tourist passor, when they returned from the bus tour of the Hoover dam.

She, dam, while not a very lucky president (he brought the country to depression, called, like the canyon, great) blocked at the beginning of the thirties River Colorado. Here and begins (or ends?) Grand Canyon – a gorge, a river for millions of years. It is easy to imagine the maximum depth of this canyon, located upstream of the river, if here, on it, you look at the crest of the dam down – and the head goes around. The arcuate dam restrains the scary reservoir pressure formed by the overlap of the river. Since the dam is built, a person calculated a nuclear reactor and a space orbit, but they exist somewhere there, as they are talking today, in virtual space, that is, out of your field of view. And here the engineering genius is evident, you look at the dam and admire them.

In winter in Las Vegas

Thanks, you think about the builders who predicted an interest in the Grand Construction. Stipping buses, shops, all sorts of sightseeing bureaus. I’m talking about this because the sub-all these buildings tear the rocks, along a narrow, broken in the mountains, raised building materials. Here is an unusual monument to the workboards: the climbing climbing rolling rocks on the climbing ropes. These guys have received increased compared to other working salary: as much as 70 cents per hour (9.5 dollars per current money). The construction of the dam, I remind, was conducted in 1931-35, in times of the Great Depression.

In memory of all the workers died during the construction of the ladies, a memorial plaque with a touching and courageous inscription. Nearby – covered by the marble stove of the grave of the dog in the construction site:

Think about a lot on this dam, remember "Communism construction" – hydroelectric power plants on the Volga, hangar, Yenisei, in which most workers were concluded.

We return to Las Vegas, rush to the evening show in front of the hotel "Treasure Island": Marine Battle of Pirate and British Ships. Natural battle: Paw guns, masts break, something smokes and burns, sailors fall into the water – artists. Final: The British ship rolls, goes to the bottom. Captain stands, straightening, as it should be captain, on the bridge. After 5-10 seconds and the ship, and the captain floats from the puchin. For whom it is done? Adults, honestly, no less interesting than children. Why for free? Yes, because a million dollars left for tourists daily in playing machines allows city authorities to be generous.

There are free shows in many hotels, and in its, "Tropican", We watched a dance show in one evening. Week tickets, but we just won them! Right at the entrance to the hotel there is a playing machine, in which the win – tickets.

In the show told, that is, the story of the dance since the 30s to the present day. That evening was broken by another our silend stereotype: Americans – de do not know how to dance. Know how to! Igor Moiseeva’s eyes would have been fled here, especially from costumes. The lead show dancing, sings and easily, but not lightly joking.

I must say that at all the time of our stay in Las Vegas, we heard a lot of jokes, draws, Kalamburov. In the air of Las Vegas, fun, carelessness is not annoying here, but, on the contrary, infects. Remember the line from the Soviet song: "We will sing and laugh like children:"? So: it’s about them, Americans, it is said:

In winter in Las Vegas

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