Incident 2/28 – Taipei Memorial Park

Incident 228 is considered the most tragic episode in Taiwan’s history. Anti-government performances in the Republic of China began on February 27, 1947, and on February 28, the famous "Massacre 228" broke out. These events in Taipei are dedicated to a memorial park and a museum, which we will tell you today. In 1945, after the 50-year occupation of Japan, Taiwan’s island returned to China, and the power of the Gomintang was installed here. During almost a year and a half, the population has the impression that the new power was mired in kummy and corruption, often there was a confiscation of private property, and the authorities did not consider it necessary to provide any explanations, just took what she had. The economic situation in the country has become close to critical.

Incident 228 – History

Peak discontent peak fell on February 27, 1947, when many Taiwanese rebelled against the national government, and it turned into the largest mass riots, which led to numerous deaths from the local population. During the riots died in various data from 10 to 30 thousand people. After these events, for almost 40 years, Taiwan was in a state of military situation (1947-1987) and the same event is considered the beginning of a long era of the "White Terror".

There is an official version of the event that served as an impetus to the uprising. In those days, the turnover of tobacco products in Taiwan was strictly controlled by the government, and the state was a monopolist on their sale. But there was a black market and some earned themselves to the rice of rice for sale of smuggled cigarettes on numerous city bazaars. On February 27, 1947, the Agents of the Government Bureau on tobacco Monopoly during one of the operations confiscated from the widow Lin Jiangmay Cigarettes, as well as all of its savings received by "illegal way".

The woman demanded that money returned her, but one of the agents hit her pistol handle and broke his head. The surrounding people hurried to help an elderly woman, but the military opened the shooting and killed a casual passerby – Chen Wency. The crowd began to protest against military and police lawlessness, but the authorities did not meet the protesters and in the morning of February 28 opened fire from machine guns on the crowd of peaceful demonstrators.

The shooting of unarmed caused a flurry of discontent, this uprising broke out in Taiwan. After a week, the rally managed to capture many Taipei’s administrative buildings and a radio station, with the help of which the rebels appealed to the inhabitants of the island with a call to mobilize. Control over most of Taiwan managed to hold for several days, and the leaders even have formed a settlement committee that presented to the government a list of reform of the management system on the island.

Unfortunately, to control the island from the protesters it turned out for a long time, and by the end of March, the Army of Homintang took counter measures: leaders and organizers were arrested or killed.

Two years after the incident 228 in May 1949 (after arrival at the island of Chan Kaisha), a martial law was introduced in the country, which lasts almost 40 years, and was canceled only in 1987.

For many decades, these events have grilled in Taiwan, and only in 1995, in the next anniversary of the events on February 28, President Li Danhui publicly spoke of the 1947 incident. Now he is actively investigated and discussed, new facts, documents and details are detected. Monuments and monuments dedicated to this event are established in many cities of Taiwan. But the most famous is a memorial park and a museum in Taipei – "2/28 Peace Park".

2/28 PEACE PARK – Park 228 in Taipei

The Memorial Park dedicated to the "incident 228" is located almost in the very center of Taipei, not far from Presidential Palace, Memorial Chan Kaishi and famous Taipei Guest House. Nearby is a way out №4 NTU Hospital Metro Station Station.

The park is very big and green, you can see the traditional Chinese architectural buildings and gazebos, they are very contrasting look at the background of numerous skyscrapers.

The park has two museums, one of which is dedicated to directly Incident 228 (which we will visit later), and the second – National Taiwan Museum. This is one of the oldest museums in the Republic of China – it appeared even during the Japanese occupation in 1908.

The museum is open daily except Monday from 9:30 to 17:00, will not work to get to the museum on the eve of Chinese New Year and the first two days after it. The ticket price in the National Taiwan Museum of adult NT $ 20 (€ 0.5). This museum and its exposition we definitely will be a separate report, so we will not now speak in detail about it.

Let’s go back to the ‘228 Incident ", because the main monument of the park is a memorial in honor of the dead.

Incident 228 - Memorial Park in Taipei

In addition to the main memorial in the park there are some 228 sculptures dedicated to the tragic events of February 1947.

Museum 2/28

The former station building, the one where the protesters managed to broadcast to mobilize the population, there is a museum dedicated to the 228 Incident. The museum is open daily except Monday from 10:00 to 17:00 and the ticket price is too NT $ 20 (€ 0.5). It will be interesting to those who are interested in the history of Taiwan, who want to learn more about the incident 228.

Here are the real things of those times, documents, photographs, recordings, documentaries shown on events. Despite the fact that the information in English in the museum is much smaller than the Chinese, it was very interesting to visit here.

Those are the most cigarettes, which according to the story become the last straw that provoked the revolt in Taiwan.

Due to the fact that the events of February 1947 for many years strongly hidden and silent, historians still argue about many facts. Every year there are new documents and testimonies of those terrible events. A visit to such places as the incident Park 228 makes it once again think about how long and the complex journey inhabitants of the Republic of China, before becoming a country with one of the most successful economies of the world.

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We will definitely visit the Memorial of the incident 228 in Taichun – according to our friends from Taipei, it produces a stronger impression, although this memorial park and the museum did not leave us indifferent.

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