Independence Independence

In 1957. Golden Beach became the first of the colonial territories that have received independence. In memory of times, when the functions of money in the mighty empire Ghana performed golden sand, the new state was also called Garya. Since then, Independence Day, celebrated March 6, is the most favorite holiday.

On this day, the Mausoleum of the First President, the Son of Nzima, the schoolchildren be visited. We also went to give a tribute to this extraordinary even on African standards to the head. The contradiction figure of the newest history of Ghana was born in the field of artisan. NKRUM FRANSIS NVIA Kofi Kwame or just Quad Nkruma studied at the Catholic school and pedagogical College of Accra. Worked as a teacher. A hard life made him move to the USA, where the young man graduated from two universities, became a bachelor of economy, sociology, theology, master of pedagogy and philosophy. In England, he graduated from the University of London, where Marxist ideas grabbed. Despite the brilliant perspectives, the tireless NKRUM moved to Ghana, then another golden shore. Here he created his party and stood in the forefront of the liberation struggle. The subversive activity Kwama was appreciated by the Year of the Year of Prison. Coming out of the shy, black Marxist with double energy embodied his Marxist ideas. After the proclamation of the independence of Nkruum became the prime minister and conducted a number of successful transformations. But here began the fatal convergence of Ghana with the Soviet Union.

In 1964. Nkruum seemed to be replaced. He introduced a one-party system, declared himself a gesen and life president. The military did not like it. When the leader stayed in Beijing, they made a coup. The overthrown Nkruum returned to the neighboring Guinea, where he became a communist sideways concentrator, because not to rule could no longer. In the exile, Comrade Kwame wrote pamphlets, articles, books of anti-imperialist. In 1972. Friend Chaushesko died in Bucharest from cancer. Over time, his remains were transported to their homeland. Everything is bad, associated with the name of the first president, Ganza seems to have forgotten. And today Nkrum for everyone is just a national hero, a symbol of struggle and liberation.

After the board of Nkruma Ghana survived numerous coups. In February 66, the country fell into the hands of another dictator, however, not Marxist. Lieutenant Air Force Jerry John Rollings Rules in Ghana, solely disposal by her national wealth. In 1992. He allowed her elections that he himself successfully and won. The opposition claimed that the lieutenant intimidated voters and paid the results. But besides the opposition itself, this did not worry anyone. Amazing, but at the next elections 2001. The dictator gave way to John Cofu from the patriotic party. Many surprised that Jerry Rolling did not arrange new military coups, and calmly handed his authority. After his care for Ghana, rumors about corruption and financial abuse "iron" Jerry. Now the ex-president under investigation and cannot leave the country’s limits.

Such a difficult story from Ganskaya independence. As we said, March 6 – one of the most beloved and widely celebrated holidays. All their little, about 10. But only on Independence Day can be viewed on a military parade. He takes place at the central stadium, built as we were told, not without the help of the Soviet Union. Annually on March 6, the receptions of production, the best farmers, representatives of public, political, youth and other organizations of Ghana come to the ACCR. Usually, the commander-in-chief arresters arranging troops who arrived at the parade, and the president or prime minister utter a long talk about achievements and not yet solved problems. Sounds anthem ..

After that, the leaders of the country travel around to celebrate a national holiday in a circle of friends and loved ones. Representatives of different kinds of troops are not always organized disagree on the barracks, and invited fronticks are departed home, long settlements.

Independence Independence

Children on the eve of celebrations compete in force and dexterity. Competitions for them are organized by school teachers of physical education. Win on such competitions, and even on Independence Day – a special honor. It should be noted that the country has received freedom before others due to the magnitude literacy of the population, which did not want to put up with his oppressed position. But the colonializers themselves created the education system in Ghana, primarily the British. They ordered parents to send children to the forts where schools opened. From colonial times, a tradition has been preserved in shape, like that and today, the students of the British schools are worn.

Those few ganshas who may attribute themselves to secured layers, noted the Independence Day, going on a trip to the artificial Lake Volta. It also appeared thanks to the international assistance of the Soviet Union. In 1964. Our experts, built in the gorge of Akosombo, not only the dam, but also a hydroelectric power station. Reservoir area of ​​8,500 kV. km Provides fresh water to the whole country. From electricity generated by Turbines HPP in Akosombo, all enterprises of the South work. Traveling around the lake is calculated for several hours. The first half of the path overcomes fun, with songs and dancing under the rhythms of live music. In folk dance are all equal. Everyone feels a friend’s population. Gradually, almost all members of the cruise are drawn into African Yank. It seems that there are no happier people on Earth than ganzes celebrating their Independence Day.

But the ship comes to the nearest island. Here is a short stop. Rarely, who allows themselves to redeem in fresh water. Bathing is not in honor, and the infection is full. After simple entertainment, travelers are tightened to the pier to go home. The return path is the full opposite of that fun, which one hour ago overwhelmed all without exception. Everyone seems to be aware of what to rejoice especially nothing that the moments of happiness are too rare, that the holiday will end soon, and yesterday’s unresolved problems remained at home. Some are trying to divert themselves from sad thoughts reading, some tie pleasant dating, others play kachlo, old African game, developing mathematical abilities and logical thinking. Such a journey through the lake life overcomes a civilized immigracy from the middle class.

People easier prefer to stay on the ocean. The members of our film crew have witnessed collective bathing – an amazing phenomenon from the festive life of Ghana. Hundreds of people gather on a small area of ​​the beach to spend their free time together. This tradition is rooted in a distant pagan past, when an ordinary person entered the ocean only on certain days. Otherwise the gods of the sea could be angry. To drop the Ladies still spend the so-called marine festivals with thousands of participants. Generally, Ganz exclusive collectivists. They feel like a single people, despite the multinationality, frequent change of regimes and political courses. Family and kind are eternal values ​​to help survive even in the most difficult conditions of Africa.

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