Independent registration of a Schengen visa to Italy in 2020 ; step-by-step instruction

Make a visa to Italy Russian quite actually on our own. Thus, you can save on the services of intermediaries and agencies, and also acquire useful experience in working with documents.

If you react to the visa design rather responsible, then a positive result will not make yourself wait.

Do I need a visa to Italy?

If you decide to visit Italy, then without registration of a national or Schengen visa you can not do. Planning your visit to the Italian kingdom, it is necessary to take care of the design of a visa suitable to you.

In addition, at the entrance to Italy, authorized persons may require you to present some documents involved in the process of visa.

What a visa need to go to italy?

There are four types of visas that differ in the goals and duration of stay in Italy:

  • Category A – It is drawn up for foreign citizens who transplanting at the airport in the territory of the Italian kingdom. Such a visa will not allow you to move around the country, in fact simply allowing you to be in the building of Italy’s airport.
  • Category B – Used to confirm the right to cross the border of the Italian state several times, moving along Europe. At the same time, no more than five days are allowed on the territory of Italy itself.
  • Category S – The most popular visa to Italy, which is drawn up tourists, athletes and businessmen. Conditions for this visa will allow you to visit Italy one or several times (multivisa), and be there up to three months.
  • Category D – This is the so-called national visa, giving the right to an unlimited stay in time in Italy (not suitable for visiting the countries of the Schengen Party).

In addition, the visa may vary in the number of permitted visits (single, x-multiple or multivis).

Tourist visa to Italy

To fulfill all actions to obtain a visa, without addressing third-party services, quite real.

Consider a detailed action plan:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to clearly decide: for what you are going to Italy and how long is you planning to stay there.
  2. You need to prepare a list of documents. It is advisable to have with the presence of both originals and certified copies.
  3. Be sure to properly fill the questionnaire and availability of suitable photos.
  4. Sign up for reception in the visa center (or its regional office) on the official website of the MC.
  5. At the appointed time to transfer the documents by a visa center specialist.
  6. In the case of preliminary approval to pay fees.
  7. Get a visa.
Independent decoration of a Schengen visa to Italy in 2020; step-by-step instruction

Sample Visa in Italy

The finished visa you get in the visa center looks like this:

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Documents for a visa to Italy

Having decided to independently get a visa to Italy, carefully read the list of documents. When providing documents for verification by a specialist in the visa center, it is recommended to have both copies and originals.

The list of documents and the requirements for a tourist visa looks like this:

  • All overseas passports, ever issued you. At the same time, the period of validity of the latter should not end in less than three months before the end of stay in Italy. Make sure that there are free pages in the passport, where the visa is pasted;
  • Photocopy of the main page of the passport (photo page and signature);
  • One color photo For documents with a size of 3 x 4 cm (photos of children inscribed in your passport are also needed);
  • Application form for a visa center, filled in English and Italian (for children individual questionnaires);
  • Your passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation With a marker about a permanent place of registration or a special liner confirming temporary registration (temporary registration should be framed in advance and continue to act three more months after completing the trip);
  • Tickets to Italy and back (originals and photocopies);
  • Document confirming the purpose of the visit (The official invitation to the Italian side or confirmation of the fact of armor at the hotel with all its details and confirm full time payment);
  • Medical insurance, able to cover thirty thousand euros;
  • Help from work, in which the requisites of the Organization and its type of activity will be indicated, as well as your position and salary (IP provide a certificate of registration of the IP, an extract from the EGRIP and a certificate from the tax on registration with discharge from the bank account);
  • If you are a pensioner or a student, it is necessary to provide a certificate (pension or student card) and one of the documents confirming solvency;
  • If you are driving dependents, That is, children or non-working citizens, then a sponsorship will be required with the signature of who will pay for the trip and stay in the Italian kingdom. Sponsorship blank can be downloaded on the website of the visa center.

On all children under the age of 18 years in a visa center, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Original birth certificate or a copy of a non-notary (even if the child has already received a passport);
  • Permission to departure from the country, for cases when only one of the parents or third party goes with the child;
  • In the midst of the school year, a certificate of school will be required (for minor students also student cards);

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Visa Requirements in Italy

For a successful independent receipt of a visa to visit Italy, you must have sufficient financial support for the trip of all the time (10 days in Italy requires at least 480 euros per person), have a properly executed package of all the necessary documents and their copies.

However, if you grant an incomplete package of documents to the visa center (or they will be incorrectly decorated) you can submit a reapplication by correcting all the shortcomings. Complex cases can be solved directly through the embassy.

Application for a visa to Italy

A questionnaire for receiving a visa for you can fill out specialists (for a fee), but you can do it yourself, Guided by several rules:

  • Fill out the questionnaire and in English and in Italian;
  • The form can be printed and fill it manually or fill on the computer and print an already ready version;
  • You can print on both sides of the sheet;
  • Your personal signature must be present in paragraph number 37 and in the last window of the questionnaire;
  • Do not forget to glue a photo (3×4 for documents).

Visa cost in Italy

You will pay for the visa after checking documents. Price is calculated from visa and service fees. Service fee can be avoided by submitting documents without intermediaries into the consulate of the Italian kingdom.

Consular fees are not taken from children under six years, participants of all kinds of official educational, sports, humanitarian or cultural programs and events, as well as disabled people and close relatives (mother, husband, sister, and T.D.) EU citizens.

In addition, according to the international program "Years of Tourism and Russia", visas in Italy can receive free tourists who have a ticket for any cultural event (concert, exhibition, festival).

These figures are valid for a regular visa, but no one knows exactly how long it is necessary to wait. If you need to urgently get a visa, then the cost of service fee for Schengen will have to pay in a double size.

Obtaining a visa to Italy ; Visa Center

On the reception to a specialist in the visa center it is better to sign up in advance through the official website. Submit documents can be personally or entrusted with a member of a family who has a document regulating a document in his hands.

In regional representative offices of the visa center, your documents can transfer trusted persons, for this they need a power of attorney certified by a notary.

The schedule of regional offices of visa centers can be clarified on the official website .

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