Independent examination of popular Vietnamese chains. 6 Ulunov. 5 opinions

As an employee of the tourist sphere, I often ask a question "What to bring from Vietnam?" and, as a supporter of useful gifts, I always answer "tea". Vietnamese tea is not as popular as Chinese or Taiwan, and I consider it a big omission. There is a special place in the culture and traditions of Vietnam and its people. Daily drinking tea is the opportunity to escape from small life problems, meet friends, make up with the enemies, and, as the Vietnamese themselves believe, the opportunity to achieve enlightenment and peace of mind. If someone from you was already in Vietnam, then he understands what I mean, it is impossible to pass 10 meters, without finding the tables, followed by the locals imparting.

Some scientists assure that Vietnam is one of the oldest places for the cultivation of tea.

My favorite variety is Ulong, for the fact that it is rich in antioxidants and contains a whole complex of vitamins and minerals, and of course for a pleasant aftertaste.

In order to deal with the manufacturer of Vietnamese tea to choose, I decided to spend a small study – tasting the best-selling Ulunov Vietnam. The group of tasters entered 5 people:

From left to right: Daria, Nadezhda, Victoria, Alexander

Daria – Traveler, Yoga Instructor. "I am a big fan of coffee, drink tea in rare cases. For example, if I got it as a gift".

Nadezhda – manager in the network of five-star hotels Vipperl. "Fighting Rule – Tea It is always a good idea. Never refuse to enjoy try new leafy varieties".

Victoria – manager in a famous travel company. "All the rest of the teas prefer green, with a pleasant thin fragrance. Tea and favorite book on the terrace, in a comfortable chair, overlooking the ocean or mountain, is a kind of meditation for me".

Alexandra – artist. "I often stay up late for my paintings, which is why we usually drink coffee. But at the end of a tense week ballas themselves sweets and good tea, usually with a pronounced citrus aroma or chamber".

Also in this group, the owner of our apartments entered, Mr. We, a big tea lover.

A day before tasting, I went around all the big shops, pharmacies and nurse shops. Having searched sellers, tourists and watching 6 packs of best selling Ulunov: Tam Chau, Sense Asia (Farmer’s Tea), Luu Luyen, Van Tien, Tra Dai Gia, Phuc Long.

The main score criteria were:

  1. View. After brewing, the tea sheets must be revealed and be solid, without a large amount of branches.
  2. Aroma. Dry welding should have a rich and rich aroma, which will remain in the circle, after drinking tea.
  3. Taste. Must be gentle and thin, with a flower or honey flavor.
  4. Colour. Have a good uluna clean and transparent infusion, with a golden chip.

Initially planned to brew oolong as indicated on the package. But it turned out that only one manufacturer – Sense Asia (Farmer’s Tea) took care to put a detailed and most importantly understandable, carrier of any language, description of the brewing procedure. For which you could get extra points, but we decided that everything should be honest and evaluated first of all.

On a kettle in 250 ml. We added 1 tablespoon of tea, poured a slightly cooled boiling water, and insisted for 3 minutes, removed the brew and poured tea into small warm circles. Used only bottled water and washed thoroughly mugs before the new tasting.

Before displaying the rating it is necessary to mention that Mr., after careful examination of tea, in general, refused to try Van Tien and Tra Dai Gia, put the zeros in all graphs and added that it was not tea, and no Vietnamese resident would buy it, but this The best selling teas in the famous pharmacy Nha Trang.

After a two-hour tea drinking, the rating of Vietnamese oolunov was distributed as follows:

6th place – Van Tien. This manufacturer unanimously was chosen by the worst, despite the beautiful packaging with a photo of tea fields.

The drink has a pronounced smell of boiling water, the color of tinted yellow water, I can’t buy such tea, especially as a gift,- Shared Victoria.

At the same time, he also grieves,- Added Daria.

5th place – TRA DAI GIA. Got his fifth place, only for the presence of a pronounced aroma, which after brewing disappeared at all, overtook the previous manufacturer only on 1 ball. Paper thin packaging is not performed for transportation, most likely tea will have to collect from the bottom of the suitcase.

Independent examination of popular Vietnamese chains. 6 Ulunov. 5 opinions

As if this is the previous tea, but sprinkled with floral perfumes that werehed when brewing, – Noted Nadezhda.

And the heads of the discontinued sheets are not observed, chips in the brew. It’s even difficult to call tea, – Alexandra.

4th place won Luu Luyen. Broke out due to the received balls from Mr. Nama. The general voting was decided that no bright features possesses, could stand in a row with previous manufacturers.

The color of the infusion is too dull, there must be more rich and many sticks in the welding itself, it is clear before the brewing of tea, – Mr. We joined Tasting.

I liked the appearance of twisted tea balls, the color is light yellow, but there is no taste again like straw, – Added Nadezhda.

3rd place went to Tam Chau. This unanimous decision was made because of the pleasant golden color of tea and aroma, which did not hold out after the brew. The taste was smooth and calm, but not like oolong. However, tea sheets when brewing turned out to be chopped into parts, which most likely indicates machine processing.

Of course, nothing about the flower or honey taste does not go, but at least this tea is not patched,- Noticed Daria.

To taste, I would not distinguish this tea from the green, he’s like her herbal, but I like the smell, and the color is pleasant – Victoria.

I would give it to someone who is not close to me, but to give something, a colleague or very far relatives, but not native. All the same usually choose the best. I would also not buy such a buy. – Specified Nadezhda.

The most difficult solution was the choice between Sense Asia (Farmer’s TEA) and Phuc Long. When brewing both tea had the same saturated golden color, a thin and gentle aroma, which remained in the circles. Discontinuished, after brewing, the leaves were not damaged.

Perfectly, I would give 1 place in Sense Asia (Farmer’s Tea): Designer packaging with a point in Google-maps, where this variety is grown, understandable uluna brewing instruction, 100% natural tea supplied directly from local farms, – S confidently commented on Alexander.

Yes! I would have spent such a gift for those who take important participation in my life. When you want to pay attention. Gift for the head, for example, – Supported Daria.

Well, Phuc Long is also a good tob-shaped packaging, which is perfect for storing tea, and the method of brewing can be found on the Internet, – Hope.

I love saturated tastes and so I am for Sense Asia, – Appreciated Mr. Nas.

But it seems to me that Phuc Long is better. He has a more gentle and light taste, and Sense Asia has too strong for me – Obligas Victoria.

However, Sense Asia has a nice floral fragrance, – Noted Nadezhda.

Yes, they really differ in taste, it is not clear what is better. Both are very good – Specified Alexander.

In general, drinking two teapots of each manufacturer, we concluded that there will be no second place. Because we will not be able to negotiate. And on the balls it turns out a completely identical picture. It is for his combination of flavors, flavors, colors and species. The first place was divided into among themselves Phuc Long and Sense Asia. Surely, professional tea tastors will be able to determine which of these women is the best. But it seemed to us that they both deserve the title "Best Vietnamese Ulong".

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