Independent holiday in Finland. What you need to know?

How to book a good cottage? How not to scream a big penalty, traveling in Finland by car? How to save on roaming? How to find interesting places in the region where rest is planned? We will answer all these questions in a small educational photo report.

Even take only a million guests, it turns out that in the midst of the tourist season almost every fifth in the country at this time is a person – tourist from Russia. Finland is a beautiful northern country, our neighbor, to get tourists easily, so the bulk of travelers rides by car.

Winter in Finland can not but rejoice! Trees covered with snow, along the edges of always peeled roads and highways. Snow white drifts, all road signs, attentive to each other, local drivers, a large number of benzokolones and recreation places, that is, as they say modern language, good tourist holiday infrastructure.

  • Winter cottage
  • Travel by car
  • Snow-white Sugro
  • Winter weather

Winter is winter, snowfall, blizzard and blizzards – signs of winter weather. Many drivers hope for their navigator. This device is good, but sometimes it can send on another road that does not match the route on the map, and although both roads can lead to one place, the driver can get confused, and with such weather it is especially important to have a specific route in which it is possible to periodically Check your direction. Sometimes the navigator does not work in the area of ​​your cottage, the owners of new cottages always warn about it. In Finland, there is another local peculiarity: many roads with the same name are curious cases when vacationers come to another place with an identical name, have to "to nag" Extra dozens of kilometers. Why start resting with problems? Check the route in Google or Finnish Eniro. And even better – constantly watch your route and do not count on "AB".

With this information you will not disappear!

New Year and New Year holidays are the most popular resting time in the winter Finland, and correctly does one who thinks about it in advance. Finnish proverb says "Fast eaten slow", I want to add a Russian proverb "Prepare Sani in the summer, and the cart in winter". It is best to rent a cottage for the new year in the summer, until September, then the dizzying excitement begins.

Cottages can be ordered directly from the owner (it is desirable to have recommendations from friends, since the owner may be unfair, there have been such cases) or through a tourist company, better Finnish, so that you can always get through to the place and ask for advice and help. Finnish companies always have Russian languages ​​and knowing Finland. It is no secret that in the New Year’s period in Russia from Finland will not call – "hang" All operators, and the new year in the cottage, if there are economic problems with electricity, water. Not quite fun.

By the way, about calls.

Pay for roaming in Finland – this is a big stupidity. In Finland, each availability of prepaid SIM cards are available, these cards can be bought on the network "R-Kioski", which are in all cities. List of kiosks a lot to see here (in the upper right corner you need to enter the name of the city, for example, Helsinki)

All major Finnish operators offer such a service:
Tele Finland

Services included in the tariff:
Outgoing and incoming calls in the country / country, transmission / reception of text and multimedia messages SMS, MMS, and most importantly – Mobile Internet.

It is worth noting that the maps are usually acting exclusively in Finland, but from Finland you can call anywhere.

Prices on the example of the operator SAUNALAHTI.

SIM card cost – 6.70€ (When ordering SIM cards on the Internet – 4.70€ without a kiosk commission).
In package 6.00€ Conversational / Internet Time and Instruction, including Russian.

  • Dizhive agotage
  • Comfortable cottage
  • USB modem Prepaid

Cost of a conversation on a Money Phone in Finland – 0.066€/ Min.
Cost of the conversation at the stationary telephone in Finland – 0.066€/ Min.
Cost of video conversation on a mobile phone in Finland – 0.066€/ Min.
Cost of a conversation on a mobile phone at calls from Finland to Russia – 0.743€/ Min.
SMS cost – 0.066€.
MMS cost – 0.066€.
Mobile Internet – 1.50€/ MB, but maximum 1.90€/day.

But you can order an unlimited mobile Internet.

To do this, send a message to a specific number. Internet packages are as follows:

Week (Max. 4 MB / S.) Price – 6.90€ / 7 days.
You must send a Data7 message to the number 15020
Month-1 (Max. 1 MB / S) Price – 19.80€ / 31 days.
You must send a DATAMEGA message to the number 15020
Month-2 (Max. 1 MB / S) Price – 29.80€/ 31 days.
You must send a message Data31 to the number 15020

Also in Finland, you can purchase a USB modem at Prepaid tariff.

Package price – 39.00€

In the package:
– USB modem.
– SIM card, on which 1 month access to the Internet and 6.00€
– Instructions in English and Finnish
– USB cable to improve reception.

Week (Max. 4 MB / S.) Price – 6.90€ / 7 days.
You must send a Data7 message to the number 15020
Month-1 (Max. 1 MB / S) Price – 19.80€ / 31 days.

You must send a DATAMEGA message to the number 15020
Month-2 (Max. 1 MB / S) Price – 29.80€/ 31 days.
You must send a message Data31 to the number 15020

But back to the cottages!

Greater variation large, it all depends on the level of the cottage. First of all, large cottages are appreciated for large companies, such by November has been booked almost all. Cottages for a small company can still be found in early December!

Another problem of choice is that the cottage can like you very much, but in place this "super"-Cottage can be in some stinky cellulosic plant and it is, of course, they don’t like to tourists, and again, how lucky with neighbors. These facts also speak in favor of the fact that it is better to order a cottage through the Finnish company, since they are visible that it actually represents the house and in what place he is.

Finland is a popular destination, and it is clear that travel companies that offer accommodation in Finnish cottages – the sea! Most of them, of course, can not be trusted, they do not know what they offer. Often, instead of the bedroom, an attic room is offered, and under the bedroom places are meant – mattresses on the floor. Demand that the firm confirms that the bedrooms are complete isolated bedrooms, and sleeping places are beds, and not a mattress under the table.

With independent orders of cottages directly from the owner, demand from him so that he wrote in writing that the firewood is free, that cleaning the road from snow to the cottage is free that there will be no other payments in place. Pretty frequent phenomena was that customers in place are forced to pay the double price of the cottage. By the way, in addition to the Finnish sites, many sites appeared in the network in Russian databases of cottages with direct host coordinates. Owners of such pages with a small font in the lower that they are not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Carry! Once placed ads of the owners, it means that. Ask them to send their own coordinates to, return from an unsuccessful rest "Navalize" Mount-Mediator on the neck.

And the firewood in winter is a serious, a cozy fireplace – part of an unforgettable holiday!

  • Large cottages
  • Independent holiday in Finland. What you need to know
  • Modern kitchen in the cottage
  • Full bedroom
  • Cozy fireplace

Well, okay, you chose a good cottage, booked, arrived, and what to do in the cottage? Not in Angry Birds play, although the game and Finnish. Of course, in every cottage there is a Finnish sauna! This is one of the main advantages of the Finnish cottage, which makes a winter holiday truly Finnish, and we strongly recommend stocking with the entire necessary attribute for the bathhouse! In Finnish super marketings there are whole departments dedicated to the sauna, and there will be all.

Special bath fragrances pine, birch, different gels. Good natural Finnish shampoos and even birch brooms. without him for a Russian tourist and a bath – not a bath!

  • Finnish sauna
  • Means for sauna
  • Natural shampoo
  • Birch broom

Saunas are with different stoves: electric and wood. Carefully study how to use the electrical sauna, if you do not know! During the first meeting with the owner, ask him questions. Get to know also about how to use a wood sauna. Here too the skill of the furnace need to have! And even better, for a certain fee, ask the owner, he will natopit a hot bathhouse, maybe even to your arrival, if you discuss this question in advance. There is nothing better than this to reset the fatigue after the long road!

It is better to rent a mid-level comfortable cottage in a good and beautiful place than a suite in some boring and combined tourist village in three houses. More clearly clear if a wonderful view of the winter lake opens from your forest cottage, on the forest, drowning in the snowdrifts of the Beliest Snow, that is, on Finland, and not on the red drunk face of a neighbor from the neighboring suite.

  • Electric sauna
  • Big wooden table
  • Finnish products
  • Fish products

The table is an important detail in the cottage rest, because no owner’s organization provides. Without a large wooden table, Finns do not think their home.

Replenish the fridge Finnish products. Products in Finland Natural, Fresh and Good Quality. Try Finnish Pivko.

In Finland, very tasty and inexpensive fish products. Take Savulohi – this is the name of Finnish smoked salmon, try this fish of different Finnish firms.

Who still thinks that in Finland, a dry law – he looks ridiculous, only those who have never been to Finland believe in this old myth. Alko Store – Choosing endless, from Finnish Lickers of Forest and Swamp Berries for Women to Finnish Koshenkorn Vodka for Men. Wine of excellent quality of all southern countries, Russian vodka, cognac, whiskey. Also offers Alko.

Although prices there are cool!

  • Alko store
  • Prices in alko
  • Fresh trout
  • Winter fun

Catch fish! Eat fresh trout for dinner in Finland – it’s wonderful!

Fucking in winter a lot: skiing and motos, kelks and cheeks for children, snowshoes and winter fishing.

And in the city deserted, if tourists do not know when and where what happens. In every city there are entire lists of different events during the winter holidays for tourists.

From December 26, the New Year Winter Sale begins, the peak of which falls at the beginning of January. In this case, it is necessary to clearly know the schedule of work of Finnish stores. Stores Finland. And shops, major super markets and small, in Finland are full, Finnish grandmas come here to twitch on their comfortable scooters and park them next to the shop windows.

Sell ​​in Finland, everything you want!

  • Deserted city
  • Supermarket
  • Souvenir shop
  • Discount time

Especially in the season of unimaginable sales of branded clothing and various sports branded affairs, which are in great demand among Russian tourists.

It’s not worth the sledge from Moscow. On Finnish kells to ride perfectly together.

Bored in Finland? Yes not boring, just people "do not kick the air through the streets": They are resting in water parks, at dachas and, of course, on ski slides, the benefit of them in Finland hundreds.

Finns skiing since childhood. From early childhood.

– Why in Finland is empty on the streets, at home??
– Yes, they do not sit, they cut on rinks!

  • Different sledges
  • Finnish Sani
  • Ski lift
  • Skiing since childhood

Or clean the shovels to their cozy houses.

Hardworking people, what can be said here.

Old women are not sitting at the entrances – also work.

  • On the rink
  • Cozy house
  • Roof cleaning
  • The older generation

Driver! Be careful! In Finland on the roads a lot of children, and they are always right!

Milk spill free straight from tanks. About free milk, of course, joke, although excellent Finnish milk drink everything to deep old age.

But free tourists are quite enough.

  • A lot of children
  • Tank with milk
  • Free horizon
  • Bridge over the lake

And beauty in Finland is full! All: Cities, Houses, Roads, Parking, Cottages, Campgrounds. very successfully inscribed in this extraordinary beauty!

Independent holiday in Finland. What you need to know

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