Independent Overview. Rixos Charm El Sheikh 5 *. Part 2.

If you did not read the first part of our review, we recommend starting from it.

In the first part we talked about the location of the hotel, the price of rest in Rixos Charm El Sheikh and food at this hotel. In the second part we will touch the animation, the Internet, the beach, pools and staff work. And at the end of this part we will make conclusions about the price / quality ratio of services provided.

Hotel Entertainment. Animation, disco and slides.

In general, with this element of rest in Rixos in Charm El Sheikh everything is fine. The only thing that annoys is that in the evening almost a day about bingo. We are not fans of this game, but if you like it, we recommend.

It can be noted that the animation program is quite diverse, we never saw the repetitions of the numbers.

Discos happened often that youth will please. Sports events for most visitors are limited to the game in volleyball, the benefit of those who want a lot and the team are gaining without problems. The hotel has two tennis courts whose condition is not very good. Inventory that can be borrowed from the animators, in general I do not want to take in the hands, he is terrible.

In one of the pools there are three slides, of course, a full-fledged water park is not called, but no longer bad. The schedule of their inclusions and shutdowns we did not find, although they did not really want.

Internet access.

It is no secret that many tourists can not do without entering the network and continue to work and during rest.

WiFi works on site, but not throughout. To lie in the bed in your room with the Internet will be able only to some lucky, whose rooms are located in the WiFi network reception areas.

Such zones we found two. The first in the area of ​​the lobby, and the second is mostly restaurant. The first Internet access was successful in the afternoon, everything worked fine. Of course, the speed at the cable modem level, but works. Waited half an hour and the mail downloaded. Of course, we could not talk about Skype even without a video, but Skype Chat worked fine.

Frustration waited for us in the evening when the Internet began to be applied rational. That is, you are connected to WiFi, but there is no Internet. You are waiting, and he suddenly appears for a few minutes. Then we are waiting for his appearance for about 20 minutes, and the situation is repeated.

For the Internet, we can put a triple with a minus, and only on the kindness of spiritual.

Water entertainment. Beach.

Hotel Rixos Hotel Charm El-Sheikh leaves a pleasant impression. Of course, it is worthwhile to enter the water only in a special shoe, which is normal for all resorts of the Red Sea.

In the sea leads a special pontoon of more than 100 meters long, you can dive immediately to depth. In general, there are no problems with swimming in the sea.

The length of the beach is more than 100 meters, a lot of it is difficult to judge difficult. At the time of our visit, the sea was cold and there were few people on the beach. The hotel has about 700 rooms, and at the time of the maximum "influx" of visitors, the beach can just not be enough. In any case, in this section we cannot give an accurate assessment, it is worth searching on another site.

Water entertainment. Pools.

There are several pools on site, one of them heated. We "teach it" immediately, and by smell. The hotel’s swimming pool can be found with eyes closed. Close your eyes and go on a sharp smell of chlorine.

Dare to inform Rixos Sharm El Sheikh that the First World War ended almost 100 years ago. (Note: Chlorine was used during this war as a chemical weapon by all parties. Now chlorine is used for disinfection of water, but this method is considered obsolete and harmful to people’s health.)

Some tourists complained that at the hotel everywhere smells of reagents that are used against insects. They are sprayed on plants and in the rooms.

Independent Overview. Rixos Charm El Sheikh 5. Part 2.

We did not feel anything like that, but mosquitoes at night bitally. However, mosquitoes do not belong to the hotel, so we will not tell about them.

The most interesting thing is that the next day the smell was no longer. Just the next day was already windy, and the smell just disappeared. In any case, we do not recommend a lot of time to stay by the pool on days without wind. Whether to be in the water of the pool, we would also not recommended.

Hotel staff. Speed ​​of work.

In this section of our review, we can deliver the hotel Rixos Charm El-Sheikh solid twice. On the preparation of hamburgers in 40 minutes we have already mentioned in the first part of our review. But even if you are waiting for coffee, then you should be stocking time until it is brought.

On average, we carried coffee for about 20 minutes, which made us apply a little different strategy. We started walking behind drinks themselves. This applies to all the bars in the territory, it is easier to approach and take drinks than waiting for a waiter who is clearly not in a hurry.

When trying to discuss with the staff, their low speed of work, the waiter simply says the phrase "after a minute I will bring" and disappears in an unknown direction for another 10 or longer.

Hotel staff. Knowledge of languages.

In general, most bartenders speak Russian, but vocabulary leaves much to be desired. Explain what you want juice, cola or beer you can. But, with the appearance of a more complex problem, communication "stuck".

It was easier for us, we speak English, and many other Russian tourists were difficult. We even had to work several times by translators.

In general, Hotel Rixos Charm El Sheikh is not so bad. Many negatives, but in Egypt there are places and worse. But according to the price / quality ratio, this institution does not withstand no criticism.

With a price of 5700 rubles per night per person and higher (the calculation is made on the basis of the cost of a 7-day tour) it is worth counting on a much better service. There are a lot of hotels in 5 stars in Sharma, which are more conveniently located, where staff works much faster, it does not smell chlorine by the pool and the range of buffets richer.

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