Independent receipt of a visa in Mexico (personal experience)

Independent receipt of a visa in Mexico (personal experience)

After our first journey with Andrews, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey and Georgia, the traction for adventure not only did not dry, but it became more persistently to declare oneself. By the end of summer, we began to think about the new journey. After a long random choice fell on Mexico.

Following how Euphoria from the adoption of such a pleasant decision lightened, it was necessary to take care of technical issues, namely, receipt Mexican visa.

What is an electronic permission or how to get into Mexico without receiving a visa

Let’s begin with that Citizens of the Russian Federation (as well as Ukraine and Turkey) to enter Mexico Visa, in general, do not need. It is quite possible to do with the receipt of electronic permission on the site of the embassy, ​​which will make a trip without receiving a visa. The process of obtaining permission takes only a few minutes and costs zero rubles (in any case, as long as, since the site of the embassy has information that the receipt of ER in the future will be paid).

Electronic permission Indeed, within 30 days from the date of receipt (accordingly, the departure date should have for this period) and gives the right to be located on the territory of Mexico 180 days for the purpose of tourism, transit and some types of business trips. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the resolution does not give 100% guarantee that you will be taken into the country, it will be solved by the Migration Agent Agent at the border, as in the case of a visa trip.

One permission can only be used once. The number of permits that can be obtained is not limited, that is, if you flew to Mexico with the ER, then flew into the states and plan to return back, you can make another permission.

Fill in Questionnairefor receipt Electronic permission can be on this link.

Important! Previously need to check whether the airline is planning to fly to Mexico in the Sir scheme, t.E. Does it take electronic permissions when landing on board. You can do it by checking the list of IATA Airline Members. Otherwise, you will have to make a visa or choose another airline.

After receiving a positive decision, the ER must be printed and present when landing on the flight. On arrival it will also be checked.

Keep in mind that electronic resolution «works» only when crossing the border of Mexico airway, That is, you are planning a sea trip to Mexico or entering the country on Earth with any of the neighboring countries, you will not be allowed to resolve you, a valid Mexican or American visa will be needed.

If there is a US visa

If you have in a passport acting US visa, then the design of a Mexican visa or electronic permit is not required, you can enter the territory of Mexico for 180 days on the state visa.

The same applies to citizens who have permanent residence in Japan, Great Britain, Schengen, Canada and the US.

Receiving a visa to Mexico in Moscow

Those citizens who received a negative response after an attempt to design an electronic permit want to try to get a Mexican visa for 10 years or simply wish to have a beautiful landscape in a passport, can contact them completely unhindered Mexico Embassy in Moscow For receipt of full-fledged Mexican visa. Actually, we chose this option.

Embassy address: Calash lane, house 12.

Schedule: From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:30 (receiving documents), from 16:00 to 16:50 (issuance of documents).

Package of documents required for receiving a Mexican visa (Data updated in November 2015):

  1. valid passport (original and copy);
  2. Two photos 3 * 4;
  3. Documents confirming the solvency of contacting:
    • To obtain a visa on 6 months Need to execute one Of the following three requirements (solvency, unequivinity, sponsorship):

      a) Proving solvency, for what to provide (something one to choose from):

    – The original documents confirming the presence of a permanent place of work or pension for the last year indicating income over the past 3 months (at least 520 dollars per month);

    – the original and a copy of the account of the availability of investments or bank accounts over the past three months, the income of which per month is 1,555 dollars;

    – Students, constantly studying universities, it is necessary to provide the original certificate from the place of study and the original certificate from the place of work, study for the last 3 months with income no less 365 dollars per month;

    b) Display the presence of real estate by providing (one of the items to choose from):

    – Original and a copy of the document on the availability of real estate registered in the applicant’s name and a certificate of stable salary for the last year;

    – Original and a copy of the document on the availability of real estate registered in the name of the interested person and a document confirming the right of ownership or participation in a business issued by the competent authorities of the country (over the past two years).

    v) Sponsored category (to choose from):

    – The spouse or spouse, as well as relatives of the first degree of kinship (parents and children), depending economically from the owner of the current Mexican visa, can get a Mexican visa for up to 6 months, if they provide a document confirming relational with such a relative;

    – Spouse or spouse, as well as relatives of the first degree of kinship (parents and children), dependent economically, who does not need a visa for a trip to Mexico on the basis of any agreement or one-sided decision on the abolition of visas (for example, citizens or permanent residents of countries Schengen Agreement or Holders of American Visas) may receive a Mexican visa for up to 6 months, if they provide a document confirming the relationship with such a relative.

    a) Prove greater financial consistency, what to make the original certificate of income or discharge from bank accounts over the past 6 months (specific numbers are not given, but, apparently, they must be greater than those required to obtain a semi-annual visa);

    b) It is necessary to present copies of visas and migration stamps, at least three overseas travels over the past year, thereby proving that you "Fresh traveler";

    v) provide a document that would confirm that you are in related links with a citizen of Mexico;

    G) Provide a document, proprietary relationship with a temporary or permanent resident of Mexico.

    Refine information and get acquainted with possible changes can always be on the official website of the Embassy.

    Procedure for obtaining a visa to Mexico

    1. As soon as items 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the previous list are completed, you must register on the website of the Embassy;
    2. After registering, a login and password will be sent to the mail, using which, we get access to the questionnaire, it must be fill it, send it to the embassy and be sure to print (this is paragraph 5 package of documents – Finding on a visa or Electronic visa profile). In the embassy, ​​on this past, you will need to leave your fingerprints (two indicative).

    Documents will have to pass personally to put prints, but you can pick up anyone if he has a payment receipt. Payment, by the way, is made in cash ($ 36).

    Information OT November 18, 2015.: On the official website it is written that at present citizens of Russia and Belarus may not be fastened in person by submitting documents by using the services of accredited travel agencies. Specify information by phone: +7 (495) 695-31-67 (Embassy) and +7 (495) 695-31-39 (consular department).

    Andrei issued visa for 10 years, Since his documents satisfied all the above points, and I was given only on 6 months., Since the certificate was s / n only 40 thousand. USD (We received visas in 2013 and then the requirements were different). If 45 thousand were indicated in s / n. USD Or we would be married, I, according to the representative of the embassy, ​​would also be issued a visa for 10 years.

    We came to the Embassy to the discovery, with us there was no queue, the documents were accepted quickly, we coped at about half an hour. But passports with ready-made visas managed to pick up only in a week, though, heard that they could do in three days (I took a mother with a payment receipt, gave without problems).

    Carefully! Problem in flight from Russia to Mexico through the US

    Friends, do not repeat our error! On our departure Day in Mexico there was a problem that we did not even suspect, although the journey was preparing carefully and reread a bunch of forums and articles. I will describe it in short, perhaps will help someone do not repeat our error.

    Having bought Moscow-Mexico tickets with a transfer to New York (this option was cheaper than just) and received a visa, we calmed down until the departure day. Departure Day presented to us surprise. Before the reception, the airport worker carefully checked the documents from everyone who flew to New York. Taking our passports with beautiful overflowing Mexican visas, he’s long spinning them in his hands, examining at different angles and luxurious pages. Asked about a visa, we showed him those that were. After he left somewhere and, returning, announced that for landing on board the aircraft we need American visas. That’s how yes! Turns out, At US airports there are no transfer zones And for any transfers to any planes you need a visa. We did not have anything else how to play from the flight, learn about the possibility of exchanging tickets to the same, but with other dates and go home, to study the issue of obtaining a visa of states.

    As a result, the US visas we safely received, although they spent a lot of time. Tickets also managed to exchange after privileged conversations with OneTwotrip and Transaero employees (the second turned out to be more conspirable). We paid only 5,000 rubles a fine and received tickets for new dates, having agreed so that the departure from New York will be ten days (we also have a visa of the USA, so why not take advantage). Yes, the visas decided to make ordinary, tourist, since all the same documents, efforts and money are required for receiving transit.

    As a result, it turned out that they won: became owners of American visas, which open almost all the doors in America and spent ten unforgettable days in New York.

    For those who are not ready to issue an American visa, a direct flight will be suitable (though, with such problems after the liquidation of Transaero, there are only charters) or a transfers with a transfer in one of the European countries. Read more about Flights from Russia to Mexico, read this article.

    Good luck to you in getting a visa and a good holiday in Mexico, dear readers!

    Sheboldasik and Andrews

    Bonuses for our readers!

    * On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
    ** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

    Good to know

    Examples of completing the documents required to obtain a visa to Mexico

    Sample Filling Visa Questionnaire (Old Option)

    Original questionnaire can be downloaded from Mexico Embassy site.

    Sample fill in a visa

    Red Companies and translation of fields for filling.

    Sample certificate of reference from work in free form (if there are no special requirements)

    Flight to Mexico

    If you have not bought a ticket to Mexico, you can choose a convenient and inexpensive flight right now:

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