Independent travel from Prague to Dresden for one day

Some countries and cities of Europe are quite close to each other. For example, from veins you can quickly get to Budapest.

If you are lucky enough to be in Prague for several days or more, then after you enjoy all the delights of the city, you have a great opportunity to diversify your trip.

For example, visit the country nearby with the Czech Republic ; Germany.

If you are going to go for one day, without overnight stay, the administrative center of Saxony can be an ideal destination for you ; Dresden city. It is located near the border with the Czech Republic and just 148 km from Prague.

Dresden is one of the main industrial, cultural and transport centers of Germany.

The population of the city is about 530 thousand people.

The city is well known for its architectural monuments, museums, unique collections painting from all over the world.

The successful location of Dresden makes it a popular tourist destination for people who come to cities located nearby, such as Berlin, Leipzig, Prague and Görlitz.

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Planning a trip

If you decide to visit Dresden, it is worth a carefully planning your trip, especially if you eat only one day. If you have two ; Four days, you can see much more.

Most likely to see all the sights and interesting places in one day you will not succeed.

Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a preliminary route and a plan for visiting major attractions.

If you are going to visit those or other museums, gallery or exposure, it is worth getting familiar with the work mode in advance, the cost of the entrance ticket. And also think about how you will get.

Such tickets help to significantly save tourists visiting several attractions at once in a short period of time.

Dresden City Card will cost you 10 euros per day. But at the same time will significantly save the cost of entrance tickets and transportation in the city, as well as time on standing in queues and purchase tickets.

Find out before the trip, where you can buy this card in Dresden.

Transport options

If you are driving in Dresden for one day, you do not need to search and book the hotel.

However, a detailed planning of transport at all stages of travel becomes extremely relevant. First of all, you need to decide how you plan to get to Dresden and back.

Here are several options that are shown below.

Trip by car

If you are traveling on your own car, then this question is removed by itself. A small trip to Dresden and back on the roads of the Czech Republic and Germany will be short for you a short pleasant walk.

You can also take a car for rent in Prague and do this path on a rented car.

Fortunately in Prague a lot of car rental points and you can choose almost any car. If you have a driver’s license, you can use this service.

Arrange all the formalities for renting better in advance in order not to spend time on the day of the trip.

The advantage of a trip to the car is that you will not be tied to transport and approved in time. If you wish, you can stay longer, or leave at any time as soon as you want.

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Travel trip

The most accessible option to get for all categories of travelers.

Railway communication in Europe is very well developed, the trains are comfortable modern and fast.

Daily between Dresden and Prague, dozens of different trains run. You will not be difficult to choose suitable options for arrival and departure.

Tickets you can buy in the railway office at the station, or purchase via the Internet. And also find out the exact current schedule on the official websites of German or Czech rail lines.

Bus ride

Bus in Dresden

Alternatively, instead of railway transport, you can use the bus. You can also purchase tickets for flight buses in the box office or ordering via the Internet.

In addition to this, a large number of bus group tours are organized from Prague to Dresden.

Alternatively, you can use one of them, however, in this case, you will be constantly tied to the tour and group.

Arrival in Dresden

If you arrived in Dresden by car, then the first thing you will have to do is find a suitable parking place.

Most parking in Germany ; Paid. You are strongly lucky if you find a place where you can park for free.

The optimal option is parked on the outskirts of the city, in the parking lot of one of the supermarkets, or shopping centers.

If you arrived by train, then leaving the railway station building you will immediately open on the walls of the Old Town. You’re at the place.

Attractions Dresden

Dresden is the European Center for Culture and Art.

Lovers of the beautiful here expect a number of exposures, called "State Art Collections of Dresden".

These meetings are located in various historical places of the city.

Among them:

  1. Palace and park ensemble pilnits;
  2. Dresden Castle ; The residence in which the famous collection of jewels "Green vaults" is located;
  3. Palace and Park Complex Zwinger;
  4. Museum of Fine Arts Albertinum.

The city has a large number of museums, among them:

  • Transport Museum;
  • Military Historical Museum;
  • Museum of hygiene and t.D.
Independent travel from Prague to Dresden for one day

Museum of Transport in Dresden

There are several beautiful temples in the city, including:

  • Russian Orthodox Church of St. Symeon Divnogorz;
  • Catholic Church of Hofkirhe;
  • Church of the Virgin "Frauenkirche".

Among the most popular city attractions are also allocated:

  • Opera Zemper;
  • Bridge "Blue Miracle";
  • Elbe castles;
  • Monument "Golden Rider" and many others.

Tourists are very popular with the so-called "Terrace of Brill" ; This is a section of the Elbe Embankment in the center of the Old Town between the Bridge of Augustus and the Carolla Bridge.

This place got the informal name "Balcony of Europe ;.

It looks very impressive as the famous wall panel called "Princess Procession", adorning the outside of the Langer Gang Gallery wall.

Panel made of twenty-five thousand tiles and is the largest porcelain panel in the world.

Another record holder Dresden, entered into the Guinness Book of Records, as the most beautiful dairy store in the world and is one of the popular tourist destinations.

Many attractions are concentrated in the historic center of the city, however, on the outskirts of Dresden there are many objects attracting tourists.

Among them:

  1. Maissen Castle;
  2. Mountain array "Saxon Switzerland";
  3. Königstin Fortress;
  4. Freiberg Castle;
  5. Ore mountains and other beautiful places.

Not far from Dresden is the ancient city of Bautzen and Dinosaur Park.

You can also visit the town of Rudicy, two kilometers from Dresden.

Dresden is constantly undergoing a variety of cultural events of different topics. For example, media and business forums, concerts, technological exhibitions and presentations, which will also be interested to visit.

Shopping in Dresden

In addition to the large number of historical values, Dresden is also replete with a large number of shops and shopping centers.

For authentic shopping on boutiques It is worth visiting the central street of the new city and its surroundings.

One of the most famous shops in Dresden

Shopping in Dresden will be pleased to make you abundance and moderate prices.

Also interesting places for shopping can be found in Konigshtrasse (Royal Street).

Shopping lovers should look at Large shopping centers:

  1. Kugelhaus (Kugelaus);
  2. Centrum Galerie (center gali);
  3. Karstadt (Carstadt).

Where to eat in Dresden?

In Dresden, you definitely will not have problems finding good food.

Fast Food in Dresden

In the old town, almost everywhere small cafes and restaurants with German and European cuisine are scattered. In any of them you can taste local cuisine.

In addition, in shopping centers you will also meet many points with a variety of fast food, ice cream, fruit and juice. Hungry in Dresden you definitely do not come.

Prices in establishments here are quite moderate, although a little higher than in Prague.

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Summing up, we can say that Dresden is very recommended to visit tourists who came to Prague for several days.

Here you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the most valuable works of art and historical monuments.

Take advantage of this opportunity and you add diversity and mass of positive emotions on your trip.

The distance between cities is small and the road does not take you much time and effort.

Planning a trip in advance you will save money and time, at the same time will plunge into the unique atmosphere of German Dresden.

You should not focus only on group tours.

Transport connection between the Czech Republic and Germany developed very well. You will not be much work to move absolutely independently.

Booking tickets for transport over the Internet you can save time and money.

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