Independent travels in Norway

Travel in Norway yourself easily and safely, although not at all cheap. You can travel around Norway all year round, planning a trip worth in advance. An independent trip will be most likely more expensive than the bus tour, but will give much more opportunities for exploring the incredible nature of Norway. Before self-trip to the fjord region, it is worth putting your physical form in order, as you are waiting for climbs, trackings, kayaking and TP and so on)

Destinations for travel

Stylish capital of Norway and historical Trondheim, the fjord region, which stretches along the western coast, the magnificent cities on the water Bergen and Olesund, Ski Resorts, Lofoten Islands and Polariers ; The main tourist destinations of Norway.

Look for suitable travel destinations

Norway ; General information on the country where to go when riding, tourist cities and interesting destinations.

Fjords Norway ; Fjords region, how to travel along fjords, where to live in the region of the Fjodov, when to go to fjords.

Regions of Norway ; Review of the tourist regions of Norway and the listing of all directions in the guidebook.

Traveling by public transport

At the disposal of independent travelers, boats and ferries, buses and low cost airlines. Transport infrastructure is very convenient, train schedule ; buses ; Ferries on major tourist routes ; adjust ; each other (t.E., For example, buses from railway stations are leaving 10-15 minutes after the arrival of the train).

Hurtigruten large tourist ferries connect many of Norway cities located on the water. Hurtigruten ferries can also be reached to remote northern corners of Norway.

Tickets for long-distance trains and long-distance buses should be bought in advance, tickets for locally trains, buses, ferries and boats can be bought in place.

Traveling in Norway by car

Many choose as main vehicles for travel rental cars, as travel format ; on auto ; Provides maximum mobility and costs much cheaper than traveling by public transport. In addition, the roads of Norway are so beautiful that the movement in the country in itself promises the maximum of bright impressions.

View from the car parking on the highway, Norway. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Where ; then in the north of the fjord region. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Travel accommodation

The most popular accommodation format while traveling ; Hotels and private guest houses (Bed and Breakfast) in cities, and campgrounds in places of natural attractions that are in addition to the parking lots offered cabins (small wooden houses). It should be noted that both private pensions and cabins in Norway, as well as throughout Scandinavia are very ascetic, the price is often indicated by a person and starts from 40 euros per person, the cost of hotels in Norway starts from 120 euros per room.

All information: Attractions, pedestrian route cards, daytime tours, schedule of boats, ferries and buses can be found in place ; Either in the information tourist center (which is in any tourist settlement), or at the reception of hotels / guest houses.

If you are planning a trip in the summer months, carefully work out your route and book all accommodation on the route in advance.

Travel formats in Norway

You can highlight two main format of independent travel.

First, these are so-called city travel ; Popular Travel Format Among Foreign Tourists. In the route ; Cities and popular tourist places with developed infrastructure. Accommodation ; In hotels or guesthouses, movement in the country most often on public transport. Often travelers make long stops in cities with departure on excursions (sea walks, cruises, fishing, active tours).

Second format ; Eco-Travel (t.E. Travel closer to nature). Routes usually ; Small cities, villages and campgrounds on fjords / lakes / coast and TP. This is the format of the journey of Scandinavians and the Germans, who travel in Norway in their own camping wagons. In Norway, Kemp cars can be rented (from 120 € / day plus about 30 € / day parking), but should take into account the specifics of the vehicle and ; serpentine ; Norwegian roads.

More affordable alternative for visitors ; Car rental (from 40 € / day) and accommodation in campsites ; either in the cabins (from 35 € / day) or in tents (about 15 € / day parking). All Campgrounds of Norway offer cabins, parking for camping wagons and parking for tents. In the campsites there are always a kitchen (the minimum set of dishes take with you). In Norwegian campsites are also allowed to arrange barbecue. Cabins in popular places Book in advance, tents and Kemp cars are set without booking space, upon arrival (try to come in the morning to take the best place).

On the pier in Camping, Heiangerger. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Norwegian Travel Features

Norway ; This is, above all, gorgeous wildlife. Traveling in Norway Try to stay as close as possible to nature, regarding the environment carefully and with love (how do these locals do).

Planning a trip, clean the distances between cities and regions. It is not worth a weekly journey to try to include moving from one part of the country to another, it is better to choose to travel one and maximum two of the regions of Norway.

In Norway reigns a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Norway ; Country that is perfect for traveling with children of any age.

In Norway, it is strictly prohibited smoking in public places (in bars, restaurants, cafes and t.NS.) so in order to smoke will have to go out.

In Norway, it is allowed to drink alcohol only by adults, which turned 20 years old. At the age of 16-20 years, only beer is legally use. Drink alcohol on the street is categorically prohibited.

Public toilets in Norway almost everywhere paid from 0.3 to 1 euro (so stocking trifle).

Food in Norway

Food in Norway is quite expensive, especially in restaurants. Lunch in the restaurant will cost you from 10 to 25 euros. If you buy food in fast foods and / or stores, the food will be cheaper.

Independent travels in Norway

We advise you to plan a budget for food at the rate of 30-40 euros per day (if breakfasts are included in hotels on the route) and 40-50 euros per day if breakfasts are not included. If you plan to eat exclusively in restaurants and arrange yourself, from time to time, festive dinners, your budget for food, naturally, should be more.

Traditional Norwegian cuisine ; This is actual, ; farm ; Food, T.E. Those dishes that are preparing from those products that are grown on a farm in the conditions of the Norwegian climate and can be saved to the next harvest. Traditional Norwegian cuisine is very nutritious.

In the traditional Norwegian cuisine, many potatoes, salt and smoked ditching meat and, of course, fresh, salt and smoked fish. In addition, the Norwegians are not indifferent to bread and all sorts of baking.

Traveling in Norway, be sure to try the corporate hits of Norwegian cuisine: steaks, medallions or meat balls from venison, moose meat or roe. Smoked salmon is also a visit to Norwegian cuisine. Try also Brown Goat Cheese and Norwegian Massepans.

From delicious and inexpensive snacks ; grill sausages, hot dogs and scandinavian meat balls, all this can be found almost everywhere in Norway.

Water and Drinks in Norway

In Norway, you can drink water from the crane. Clean and tasty water. Drink without pans. By the way, in many public toilets near the washbasins you will find disposable cups for water drinking.

Alcohol is very expensive, especially in restaurants. Bottle of beer you can do in 8 euros, wines ; 50 euros, strong alcohol – 100 euros. So if you want to save, do how local ; Drink before going to the restaurant.

You can buy alcohol only in special stores (Vinmonopolet), which, by the way, is far from every village Norway. The exception is beer, which can be purchased in conventional supermarkets.

What to buy in Norway

Knitted sweaters, caps and mittens.

Fur products

Products with embroidery

Goat and deer skins

Woven carpets

Many shops in tourist areas offer Tax Free products. Purchasing such goods, you will return the tax when departing from the country. Search on stores Tax Free.

How to stay in touch

Internet is almost throughout Norway. Many trains have free Wi-Fi. Some hotels offer access to the Internet for an additional fee. Internet cafe can be found almost everywhere except remote regions.

Mobile communications in Norway Great. Communication problems can only be in remote regions.

We recommend before going on a journey, replenish your account in Skype, so you can call from your Skype to phones of loved ones and friends for a symbolic fee, which is incommensurable less urban and mobile calls from Norway.

Brief phrasebook

Hello ; Hallo
Goodbye ; B
See you ; Fer Mota
Good luck ; leke Til
thanks ; So
thanks a lot ; Tyuna Ts
Very tasty ; Dyli
Yes ; I am
No ; but

Independent travels in Norway

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