Independent trip to Europe. Some Newans

It’s hard to find a person who would not like to travel. New places like a sip of fresh air are charged with energy, inspired, give the forces. Even after a short trip, everyday life does not seem so sad, unprecedented health and life appear.

As a rule, people going to go to Europe, Resort to services tourist agencies. But such unjustified spending is not everyone can afford, because Industry professionals Travels take not a small fee for your help.

For many travelers, only one option is to meet the budget &# 8211; this is Planning holidays alone.

Some believe that only specialized firms selling vouchers can guarantee Security and Constant Support During Travel, But it is not true. Europe is Union of developed countries, where the rest structure, and life as a whole, is enough High level.

But it should be remembered that when planning independent tour in Europe All works on his organization lay on the traveler’s shoulders. First of all, it is necessary Information base, which is easy to replenish on the Internet. On all sorts of forums and thematic sites it is easy to find the right information and the latest updates about traveling to Europe. To determine the route you will need Sites hotels, consulates and embassies alleged direction, and if necessary and Transport Service Companies.

The next point is speaking Preparation of documents. For entry to countries European Union Let us need Stamp passport and acting Schengen visa. It is not recommended to deal with this issue last, because the design of data of bureaucratic issues will take A certain time.

To be confident safe while in someone else’s country, no matter how advanced it is, it does not hurt a pre-decorated medical insurance. Next arises about Purchase tickets. Many agencies provide a service in the selection and booking space for flight, but it is important to remember about some moments.

If a travel agency has a contract with airlines, on which it is wholesale buying compartments in an airplane with discounts, then there is a chance a few days before departure buy The remaining tickets at the original price. Also many major air carriers perform budget flights by modest rates. On various search sites, you can see and compare prices of various companies.

Another variant &# 8211; go to Europe yourself, On your car, but in this case it is necessary to arrange a special "Green map"Which abroad personifies mandatory auto insurance. It will cost it about 25 Euro.

It is also worth clarifying about The presence of paid roads on the trajectory of the route, which is the norm in European countries, and for our compatriots may be an unpleasant surprise in place. Of course, An impressive supply of gasoline It will not be an extra burden, because its value in other countries has all records. These are the most basic differences.

In the plan of the trip, a separate item must occupy Interesting sights. So as not to be confused directly in the city of arrival, it is possible to find in advance on the Internet Work schedule, ticket costs, the possibility of using the Russian-speaking guide services. In the absence of this function, there is no need to refuse to visit any Museum or exhibition. After all, the right output is always in the form audio guide or information brochure in their own language.

Besides with Group guide It is impossible to enjoy objects in your own rhythm, you should always adapt to others. Sometimes hearing in a crowded room is not so good. So positive moments at an individual excursion much more than when collective.

In large cities there are so-called, Information points, Normal us Near airports and railway stations, Therefore, at any time it is possible to clarify the necessary information.

Independent trip to Europe. Some Newans

The question that disturbs everyone without exception still before shipping, &# 8211; this is Accommodation. At the time of buying Complete tours In the agency The room at the hotel is already included in the price, although it price often somewhat overestimated.

Practice shows that in European countries do not arise Issues with housing. Self-journey in Europe and booking a hotel over the Internet involves Saving funds, Compared to travel agencies. Moreover, the choice is also much wider. After all, in addition to standard rooms in the hotel, there are comfortable apartments with a kitchen, bathroom and other benefits, which will save the traveler budget even more.

Risky and courageous tourists get acquainted in advance in social networks or specialized sites with people ready to shelter absolutely free, But then you should be ready to provide response hospitality on its territory.

For displacement within the very place of stay The ideal is suitable public transport. Travel ticket for the bus, train or subway Reduces time and money.

With movement on own cars need to make sure that Parking and parking in place of interest, and the satellite navigator will become an excellent assistant and allies, because not owning the country’s language, it will be difficult to express, asking the road. If you don’t really want to go on your car, you can just Borrow at the place, What will spend no more than 15 minutes, and at the end of use, it is possible to leave the car in a pre-negotiable paragraph.

Non-telephone numbers of useful services and embassies of their state in all countries visits, along with photocopies of passport and return ticket, it is better to cook at home and put separately from all other documents.

If you devote a sufficient amount of time and effort to organizing a trip, it will certainly bring only Joyful emotions and tangible budget savings. After such experience it is unlikely that someday will like to contact tourist agencies.

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