Independent trip to Iran. Moving within the country and Iranian hospitality.

We arrive at the airport of Tehran named after Imam Homney, in the courtyard deep night. Travel experience in Asia suggests: internally ready for searches under the dowl of machine guns, finding at least some vehicles among the screaming crowds, oblique views on white skin and other elements of the night Asian capital. Instead of all this, we walk without a fuss through the frame, and passing it, they immediately stumble upon a decently dressed man who calmly asks Taxi, Mr?".

Prison Roof in Yazda

To go to the suburb of Tehran Karage, where we are already waiting for the retired colonel – the father of our friend – with his family. For us, a separate room was prepared – the bedroom of the youngest daughter named Sakha. Colonel itself and a veteran of the bloody Iraqi campaign lay down on the floor in the kitchen-living room.

In the bookcase of the girl and a student girl between books and abstracts, a dollar and a pair of cartridges were hidden. She herself, when the man appears in the house, closed himself by cape from head to feet and I was offered several Palants. However, her older sister, helped us in preparation on this trip, warned this in advance, and I had a big dark handkerchief with me.

… barely waking up, we immediately jump into the two-storey car of the ground branch of the subway and go to Tehran. Sakha accompanies us. She is a young and very pretty student of Tehran Uni. All her face in the bandages is the consequences of the nose plastics, the usual thing among Iranian girls. True, not every can afford it. For my question "why?"She, piercing the prayer, answers:" blond hair and straight nose – still know that it is beautiful. But it is given to you by nature, and I have to … ", – and shows for bandages. And Sakha has a black carat belt.

In Tehran, her friend Mohamad joins us, he speaks English well in English and in general a good guy. We come down again in the subway. There are separate wagons for women here, Sakha asks me: I want to go separately or with my husband, in a male car. I answer that I would prefer to go with my husband, then we go to the car all together, men are broken, passing us to the corner. All the way, my husband and Mohamad closed us from the rest of the men, at the same time they also kept at a distance, Sasha – from Sahu, Mohamad – from me. Thus, at a distance of about half a meter around us with a sache of other people. Despite the fact that the wagon is filled in the evening rush hour.

Picture on the market in Isfahan

Mohamad and Sakha are very religious (you would see the eyes of the girl when she utters "I Love Emam Hosein"). Therefore, the first thing we visit the mosque in the historical part of Tehran – the old town of Shahr-E-Rey. Diligently praying Allah, we go dinner in a cafe. Then my husband with Mohamad smoke on Sigarill, and we return to Peugeot 206 with Mohamad’s friends back to Karage. Sakha asks us to go to the house. Herself rises in 20 minutes, barely hiding a smile in love.

In Shahr-E-Rey, the shame is not enough, a woman should close the body completely. And men and women in front of the entrance to the mosque are measured.

… in the morning we go to the bus station with the intention to go from Tehran to Isfahan.
Iranian bus station – a difficult place for nephropsychiatric tourists. That’s where we really have chosen in our eyes from Arabic! Even a brittle asaf, a spouse of the colonel, was a little confused, trying to understand where the bus on Isfahan. And here Allah, squeezing on us, sent Mohamada’s young Persian travelers (again this name) and his young wife Maete. Further everything went like in the Qur’an: Mohamad quickly destroyed the situation, after which he offered us his friendship and promotion in the future. What would we do without him! The father-in-law of Mohamad is dismissed from the Isfahan train station in advancely booked Dibai House, where he handed over to his hands his mistress Sufi.

Our wonderful Isfahan friends

During the day later, Mohamad’s sister with a completely unprofitable name rode us by car across Isfahan. Mohamad himself, as the only one in the family speaking in English, told us about the bridges through the drying ore, the palace of forty columns, the Armenian quarter, and so on. Excursion ended with dinner on the apartment testing and mother-in-law Mohamad. Pasta Pasta Falls, Soler Cucumbers and Various Specific Persian dishes. Mohamad finally explained to us, where the Iranians come from Facebook pages, despite the fact that Facebook itself is blocked in the country, as well as LJ, Twitter and even VKontakte. So we have two new FB FREND.

Independent trip to Iran. Moving within the country and Iranian hospitality.

Interior in the house of wealthy Iranians

What is beautiful in Iran, so this is what, having spent two or three days in the country, you start meeting acquaintances on the street. You go, it happened, in Isfahan (population – one and a half million) and suddenly hear: "Salam, friends! Let’s go, slim!". Where do familiar come from? Yes, you yourself try – go out to Iranian street and start look like a foreigner. Very soon you will hear "Halo, Wuer and Yu From", and then "May ah Help Yu". At the same time, only a small part of your interlocutors will advertise your dishwasher or travel agency. Most will sincerely want to meet or help.

Handles on the doors are designed separately for men and women – the owners should know who came. Mainly to women in the house Blond Hijab

… with a ticket for a train from Isfahan to Yazus, a casus came out. Despite the fact that Mohamad helped us in his purchase, and we kindly understood each other perfectly, and he – broadcast information to the cashier, our ticket was on the day later than planned. And since the day of our scheduled departure from Isfahan was a holiday, all bus routes were canceled. We are in confusion trampled on the steps of the station. And here two completely unfamiliar to us young guys are offered to go along with them to Yaz on a taxi. We asked the nearest driver how much it would cost. And were shocked. 4 Close trip cost us about 500 rubles for two. The fact is that, as we explained, all commercial transport in Iran – on gas, and gas refueling is a penny. Therefore, traveling by car or bus – not as expensive.

During stopping for refueling machine

. Back from the yazda in Tehran we got bus. Roads in Iran are so good that my husband read almost all 6 hours. Several times During the trip, the driver and his partner distributed passengers of the pita, juices and sweets. I was driving, looked through the window to the desert and periodically encountered metal hangars, similar to the roofs of underground plants or storage facilities, and thought – how much perdia. In the ground, in the eyes of beauties, in the tile of mosques … There is some kind of fascinating mystery in this country.

Independent trip to Iran. Moving within the country and Iranian hospitality.

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