Independent trip to the UAE (10 days) for 20.920 rubles.

Pay attention to the photo Public Beach in G.Dubai. The sea in which you want to swim, is not true?

To be honest, this is the Persian Bay. But I would feel boldly called him by the sea, t.To. waves are small and on the eyes, do not distinguish.

How cool to come here when frosts in Russia to get started, soaking with vitamin D and swim in warm sea.

  • To visit the 148th floor of the highest skyscraper in the world.

I’m in the Khalifa Bourges on the 124th floor

I do not know a person who would not have heard about the highest building in the world – Khalifa Bourges.

In g. Dubai This building can be seen almost from anywhere.

Climb on the greatest height in the world (555 meters) and see the desert of the UAE, sunset and toy skyscrapers from above.

  • Visit Sheikh Zaid Palace.

I am not a special connoisseur of architecture, but the white mosque Sheikh Zaid produced me a whole furyor.

What is her beautiful, elegant! As if from a fairy tale about alladin.

180 rubles. The entrance is free.

  • Visit Dubai Marina.

This is such a Kozy (Cozy from English – cozy) Rossian from built-up skyscrapers, a cool pedestrian walkway along the port with yachts, a variety of cafes / restaurants.

Atmospheric place. Ideal for romantic walks and recreation. I recommend it from the soul to the UAE!

  • Visit thematic parks.

In the UAE, many parks with attractions where you can carelessly and bright time.

The best amusement parks by the UAE version of TripAdvisor:

  1. Aquapark ; Aquavencher ;;
  2. Al Montazah Parks;
  3. TepFactor Dubai;
  4. Ferrari Park;
  5. Warner Brothers WORLD;
  6. Legoland Dubai;
  7. Aquapark ; Wilde Wadi ;;
  8. Global Village;
  9. Splash N Party;
  10. Dubai Parks and Resorts and DR.

Warner Bros. Opened in the summer of 2018. I dream to visit him at least for almost 30 years) many positive feedback.

If you have not been in thematic parks, then I really recommend them. Especially if you travel on the UAE with your favorite people.

You can still add to the list of what is worth viewing in the UAE:

  • Desert (take a tour);
  • Dubai Mall;
  • Dubai Miracle Garden;
  • Dancing fountains;
  • 7 * Hotel sail (to get to go there in a restaurant);
  • Artificial Islands Dubai and MN.Dr.

Yes, there is why in the UAE, agree?

Pluses of traveling to the UAE

  1. not very long flight (5 hours);
  2. Visa is not required;
  3. inexpensive option from winter in summer.

Season / not season

Murior Months are October and November, March and April.

Not the best time to relax in the UAE is summer when water begins to be almost boiled.

Travel dates from our example: from 25.11 – 04.12.2019.

At this time in the UAE season.

Is it possible to go to Dubai woman one?

If adheres to generally accepted rules, then rest in this city will not bring any problems. Many Russians travel alone or children.

I felt very safe in the UAE

Travel organization

Now about how to organize there is a profitable independent trip.

At the time of writing this article, prices are relevant.

T.E. You can book yourself a trip at some prices in the coming days / weeks / maybe months as published article.

It is advisable to adhere to the following steps described below.

Flight tickets

Buy Flights to the UAE today cheaper on Aviasales or Victory website.

Prices for today: 9.870 – 9.940 rubles for direct flight from Moscow to Dubai and back.

And the dates are many: there is also for November, and for December, and for January.

Prices and dates on the flight from Moscow to Dubai and back

But! 9870 USD it is without a regular luggage, only with manual loop.

And since the free hand to the "victory" of mockery sizes: 36 x 30 x 4 cm, then I believe that you need to buy baggage separately.

10 kg baggage. One way worth 777 rubles. Everything will be surcharge in 1554 rubles.

Luggage in 10 kg of 50 cm in size personally I have enough for any trip. Both short and long.

I hope that you will be enough for short vacation in the UAE.

In addition, in addition to these registered 10 kg, it will be possible to take a handbag or portfolio on board, or a 36 × 30 × 23 cm with a backpack (up to 10 kg.)


Then without which is not one trip.

Independent trip to the UAE (10 days) for USD

I suggest the option – stay at the locals in a separate room.

So it will be:

  • more profitable for money;
  • safely;
  • Align in emotions – Tangible culture / life of local.

I, as a free traveler I recommend to look at the site: Airbnb with a bonus from me at 2100 rubles, if you are not yet registered on this site.

On the Airbnb you can find more private announcements about renting, but there are also different different options, such as guesthouses, hostels, hotels.

Found such an inexpensive accommodation option for 9 nights, with kitchen, bathroom for 11.526 rubles.

Clean room with bed and bathroom.

Perfect geoposition. Accommodation is a minute from the subway and 1 stations from Bourges Khalifa.

The room is not very big, but it’s its own, where you can retire, sleep well.

If you eat a pair or family (2 people. 1 child), then this option will come up, just more expensive – for 16.823 rubles .

Housing with kitchen, your bathroom

In the photo housing for 16.823 ruble for 9 nights

This is the most inexpensive, comfortable accommodation for today for November-December.

If you look for housing earlier, I am sure that there would be even more favorable options.

So, we found a comfortable accommodation in Dubai per 9 nights for 11. 526 rubles. And this is not a hostel, where you need to divide the room / bathroom with others)

As well, 16.823 rubles. For two or family with a child for 9 nights.

If you register on the Airbnb on this link, then get more 2.100 rubles Discounts for accommodation.

This means that housing will cost less than these amounts on 2.100 rubles.

In case you are already registered on airbnb, I will leave these amounts in the example of the article as there are, without discount.


Let’s tell me how much power will cost in the UAE.

So it turns out:

  • cheaper;
  • more useful;
  • safer (less chances to choose);
  • faster.

But the most important reason is my type of food, it is very difficult for it to find a suitable food in cafes and restaurants.

If you are not limited to this and plan to attend the establishment of food in the journey, I recommend installing the application to the phone: TripAdvisor.

An example of food that can be ordered in g.Dubai

He will pick you up the best secure catering establishments:

  • According to reviews;
  • by budget;
  • Power / type kitchen (Vegetarian, Italian, Indian, European and T.NS.) Traveling.

Prices for products in the UAE in the supermarket:

  • Oranges – 113 rubles./ kg ;
  • Tomatoes – 106 USD/ kg ;
  • Potato – 70 rubles./ kg ;
  • 1.5 liters of bottled water – 39.9 rubles .;
  • Rice – 115 rubles./ kg and T.D.

Lunch in a good cafe / restaurant will cost an average of 460 rubles .

Prices I took from the Numbeo website which publishes fresh prices for life worldwide.


Most of the attractions in the UAE can be visited by public transport (on a subway or bus).

There are only 1 excursion that I can recommend booking. This is a tour of the desert on the jeep, with camel skiing.

75 Dirham ; This is 1.329 rubles.

It is more profitable to purchase it on the site Kompanomator: Groupon

The excursion includes:

  • Riding on the dunes;
  • Camel riding;
  • Stenboarding;
  • Henna painting;
  • Snacks;
  • Welcome tea, Arab Gava and dates;
  • Non-alcoholic drinks and water;
  • Arabic costumes for a photo;
  • Dining tables with carpet and pillows;
  • Separate toilets for men and women;
  • Barbecue dinner ; buffet ; with vegetables and vegetables;
  • Belly dance;
  • Tanura – local dances;
  • Puppet show.

Excursion price: 75 Dirham or 1.329 rubles .

Seriously. Here is the link: Groupon

I last year, my mother-in-law sent for this excursion to Dubai, even though she does not know practically English. She really liked!

If you get involved in the UAE, I recommend to get acquainted with all the excursions on Groupon.

How to navigate / move on the UAE?

In order to save on Simkart with the Internet in the UAE, you can download the Maps application.Me for phone.

This application is offline maps.

Sleva in the photo We download the country’s map, right to download the UAE card which will work without the Internet

Need to download the map of the UAE before leaving.

Voila! Now you have a card that works without internet.

It is convenient to celebrate places (favorite shops, cafes, meeting place, entrance to the subway and T.D.)

Transport in the UAE

The average price of travel in the subway or by bus on Dubay costs 88.6 rubles, taxis 212.7 rubles . for travel.


Traveling the world For the past 10 years I understand that I am waiting for me in various countries.

I confess, I extremely rarely arrange insurance, t.To. rarely sick in travels.

I believe that this is due to her healthy nutrition, lifestyle.

Also, I am attentive, leisurely, neat person.

In the UAE for such a short time (9 days) I would not work insurance.

I refuse to pay for flight insurance when checking tickets.

If you want to take an insurance on a journey just in case, I recommend this to do on the site: Cherehapa.Ru

Cherehapa.RU is a major search engine. He will pick up proven insurance for your request and will show them since the most inexpensive.

Coating Insurance at 35.$ 000 will cost 464 rubles. For 10 days of travel

Insurance for 10 days Travel for 1 person costs 464 rubles .

Total travel costs

An independent trip to the UAE on one to 10 days will cost: 11.494 rubles. (flights with luggage) + 11. 526 rubles. (accommodation) = 23.020 rubles .

Travel for two or family with a child up to 4 years: 22.988 rubles. Flights with luggage + 16.823 rubles. Accommodation = 39.811 rubles .

If you register on the Airbnb on this link, you will get 2 more.100 rubles discounts for accommodation.

Transportation costs (subway / bus / taxi), meal I do not take into account.To. this is what we spend money daily and in your hometown.

At your request, spending on:

  • Insurance;
  • Excursions.

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

Independent trip to the UAE (10 days) for USD

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