Days 25-27: Independent trip to Demre and Peace. Holidays in Camping in Tekirova.

The next part of the travel report by car in Turkey will bring together three days at once. This part will be very saturated: here and independent visits to the most famous sights of Antalya, and holidays in the campsite on the seashore in the tourist tekirova, and a collision with Russian inadequate tourists and even an accident with a local driver. In general, life was very rich and did not let. But traditionally start in order.

Travel by car in Turkey

Day 25: Self-excursion in the demre and peace. Strange chirals and camping on the seashore.

The morning began trite: at about 9 am we woke up, passed our wonderful apartment and went towards the port of Kash to make a couple of photos that we need for an article about the sights of the city. Today we are planned a saturated program: we want to visit the Church of St. Nicholas in the modern city of Demre, watch the Lycian tombs and the amphitheater in the ancient antique city of the world, and then find the perfect place in the campsite by the sea, to buy a couple of days.

To do this, we chose chirals. On the one hand, here is a huge number of campgrounds to choose from, on the other, judging by the reviews of tourists and instabokers, the place is quite beautiful and atypical for Turkey. Not even a snack, already at 10 o’clock we started in the direction of the demre. From porridge to demre just 45 km or hour. Therefore, at the beginning of the 12th we were in place in an almost empty city.

Nor tourists or locals

First, it seemed the impression that the city is completely empty and we will be able to enjoy the sights without a crowd of tourists. But it turned out that all people are located at the temple of St. Nicholas. Tourists are watching the church, and local sells souvenirs.

All tourists at the temple of St. Nicholas

I must say that these two places (demre and peace) have long been in our list of Must See in Turkey, but for some reason, each time something did not develop something. Church of St. Nicholas in the lower worlds – one of the cults of the Orthodox Church. In the IV century, the bishop of the city was St. Nicholas, here he was buried in the sarcophage. Thousands of pilgrims go to this temple to worship his grave.

Tourists and pilgrims at Sarcophag of St. Nicholas

Entrance to the territory of the Temple-Museum is paid, for the audio file will have to pay more. People are not just a lot, but a lot, and a group of tourists people by 50 go one for one, so that the sarcophago is a constant queue. Fortunately, it moves relatively quickly. In the temple, they usually look at the mosaic on the floor, painting on the walls and, of course, be sure to worship the sarcophagu.

Mural on the ceiling

From the point of view of sacrality – a very cool place and I want to visit here, but it is almost impossible to enjoy it because of a huge number of tourists who do not always behave adequately (climb for fences, shout, swear in the church), so impressions are very mixed. Next to the church in the entire business in the icons, almost all the inscriptions in Russian, in the shops are easily taken by dollars, euros, lira and even rubles. Prices for souvenir products are very high

Orthodox sanctified icons from Turkey

After visiting the temple, we decided that you still need to have breakfast and finely filed a cafe "for local", where we were sent to the caring Turkish grandfathers, when I learned that we were not from the tourist bus. We always really appreciate such advice, they are almost always useful and it turns out to eat not only tasty, but also cheap. After breakfast, smoothly turning into lunch, we went to inspect the Lycian tombs in the ancient city of the world

Antique city of Mira

Lycian tombs next to the modern city Demre are among the most famous sights of Turkey. According to the photo it seemed to us that there were a lot of them and this is the real city of tombs, but the reality was not so picturesque. We expected more, but perhaps we played a cruel joke that it was not the first stone tombs on our way, and we were no longer so written by their views. Plus huge crowds of tourists and brisk sale of everything you can at high prices do not add to this place of bonuses at all.

Lycian tombs in the demre

Antique amphitheater in the ancient world

Amphitheater Impressed us more than tombs

Despite all its uniqueness and the tomb, and the Church of St. Nicholas did not bring us any pleasure from visiting. There was a number of circumstances: and a huge number of tourists, and the occurring partially susceptibility from the attractions (this happens in long trips), and suffocatingly hot weather, but just a day did not set. &# 128578; If you summarize, then the demre and the world deserves attention and visits, especially if you have seen little in Turkey, but it is worth being ready for the fact that it is very tourist places with translated prices and crowds of tourists who do not always behave adequately.

All merchants are superbly owned by the Russian language, menus and ads exclusively for Russian tourists

From the demre, we decided to go to watch Campings in the district of Chiraly. We had big plans, we wanted to get up for a couple of days in a campsite, in order to have a calm mode to see Mount Himera, the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos and bought in the sea. We had several campgrounds in the bookmarks, where we went. But if the day did not ask, then everything will be wrong – visiting all three campsites, we realized that none of them would fit.

In one, there was almost no places and a terribly dirty beach, the second campsite – generally reminded the garbage, the third camping was on the territory of the mini-hotels and to the sea was 15 minutes walk. Yes, and the town himself did not impress us that the desire to stay. Therefore, we decided to go further towards Antalya. I looked at myself 3 * on the system "All Inclusive" on the seashore, but before booking, decided to go to rate if it was worth it.

Turn on the town of Tekirova

As it often happens, everything changes very unexpectedly and for the better. Driving past the city of Tekirova, we decided to call and see what places now look like, in which Natasha rested more than 10 years ago. It so happened that in 2003 she stayed at the Tekirova Corintia (modern name Euphoria Hotel Tekirova), and in 2005 – in the nearby Club Hotel Phaselis Rose.

Euphoria Hotel Tekirova

What was our surprise, when we saw the perfect (according to our standards) camping, in which there were practically no tourists. Very quickly we decided to stay exactly here.

This type will be from our tent

We put a tent, went to the store for the products for dinner and spent a magnificent evening on the seashore. The day that would seem to be completely unsuccessful, ended just amazing.

Day 25: Razzhen Tourist – Found Morale or Rest in Temov.

In the morning we were woken by shouts in a pure Russian language. Not a sober man in wrames in 6.30 in the morning I decided to find out how the car with Russian numbers were in Turkey. He was not at all embarrassed or early, nor the thought that it was completely unfortunately. The woken baby got out of the shawl first and entered into a dialogue with an inadequate tourist:

– You like, fuck, got here?
– On the way to
– What, fucking road?
– On asphalted.

What would endure the conversation – unknown. Parents intervened, who advised to look at the clock and stop swearing, to which they were sent even more vested mothers and are equipped with a promise that he goes now for friends, and then "erased" and us, and a child, if the child is such a stick. Here I must say that Max did not have the slightest desire to offend someone or joke, he sincerely answered the questions that he was asked. Fortunately, this incident was exhausted.

Max is not frozen, it is hiding from people who tortured him questions

All day we spent on the sea: bathed and worked a little, it was great, but tourists from neighboring hotels that regularly walking around the beach, asked us questions about how we got into Turkey on the car. For this day, we learned:

    Independent visit to the demre and world. Rest in Teckerova.
  • Many new ones of obscene words expressing surprise
  • Russia has access to the Mediterranean Sea, and it borders with Turkey
  • From the Moscow region to Turkey you can get on the ferry

In general, we have always considered our tourists among the most adequate (with quirks, but normal), the story of our Rashi about Tagil always seemed too extended. How were we wrong! Now we fully understand the tourists who want a hotel without Russians and are ready to overpay for it. Note that this is not the first Russian-speaking on our way. V Kusadasa and Solkuchka, For example, we talked perfectly with people who were surprised by the Russian numbers. They are cool and asked excellent questions about the nuances of the road. Here is some sort of trash.

Holiday recreation to work Nobody canceled, the truth is to work with the view of the sea much more pleasant

In the evening, we again prepared dinner on the mangale, played in board games and went to bed.

Day 27: Accident in Turkey and Casco abroad from Ingosstrakh

In the morning we woke up, have breakfast and slowly gathered. The fees took a lot of time, because this is our last night in a tent (now for sure) and our task to collect things so that everything you need is at hand, but what will not be used – not prevented. From the camping we left only for dinner. The plan is very simple today: to call in a large shopping center in Antalya to buy delicious souvenirs to native and friends, plus buy Max Clothes, and then go to Tashij’s town, where we booked a room at the Marina Suite Hotel. The path takes about 350 km along the sea. From shopping centers, we have chosen huge Migros, where you quickly bought everything you need and lunch.

Shopping center in Antalya

Migros in Turkey

If we compare prices in the shops of Temirov and Prices in Migros, then the difference is quite decent, at least, if we talk about olive oil, souvenir figs and bodies, as well as tea and other goodies. From Antalya we went towards the city of Selifka. Simple plan – spend the night in a booked hotel, and go to watch the caves of Paradise and hell, and the cave of asthma. But everything went a little wrong.

240 km before the goal we unexpectedly got into an accident. A very active and frisky driver decided to turn left from the right row and got into our right wing. We almost managed to get away from hitting. At first it even seemed that the contact did not happen. But alas, the handle of the driver’s door of Likhach got exactly in our right wing and left a dent. The culprit examined his car did not find damage on it and just left, informing us that he had no time to wait for the police, so he called his emergency commissioner who would come and wishes all questions.

Slight dent on our wing

This is the first our accident abroad and would very much like the last. In the bustling of damage inspection, we completely forgot to see the number of cars perpetrators. I must say that before traveling abroad, we always make the extension of the CASCO to the countries for which we will go. As the main insurance of our Ingosstrakh, then, naturally, we do the extension too. The first thing that we did was called the insurance and reported an accident that the second participant had left the accident site (for some reason we suggested that he simply dumped and no emergency commissioners would come to us how it was later). Along the way, requested a list of documents and their format that they will be needed to compensate:

  • Certificate of accidents (translated and notarized) with all damage
  • Certificate of refusal to excitement about the search for the culprit (translated and certified)
  • Photos and videos with damage

Cherry on the cake was the fact that all translations we make at our own expense, and documents should provide within 5 working days after an accident. Attempts to appeal to common sense, that it is impossible to collect all the documents and bring them in 5 days, at a minimum, because 3,500 km from Moscow, and we need a time to collect them, return to Moscow, translate and assure. As damage is very minor, then for myself we decided that we will not bother to compensate for compensation. We will solve this problem already in Moscow.

The second problem, which in front of us got up – what to do next. On the one hand, we can go, there is no second participant, but whether it will come sideways, suddenly it will declare that we were disappeared from the scene of an accident. So we tried to call the police. The first attempt broke on the wall of misunderstanding dispatcher, unfortunately, the girl could not understand us or translate us to an English-speaking employee. Therefore, we undertook a second trip and went on the underwent refueling to ask for local help. Particular drivers and employees of refueling quickly called the police and caused them to place. We stayed waiting, one hour later no one came. Then we called themselves once again, this time we were lucky more – the dispatcher was able to translate us to an English-speaking employee who recorded the data and sent to us a police squad, after some 10 minutes the crew was already in place. Why they did not arrive on the call from the refueling remained a mystery.

Max and policeman

Arriving police officers viewed the recording of the DVR, said that, of course, our guilt was not, we clearly observed signs and markup, but neither they nor we could see the number of the culprit of an accident. We asked them about a certificate (however, without any hope, as today Friday and 23.00), they promised without any problems to do all documents, but only no earlier than 14:00 Monday. At the same time, we advised us not to steam and send our video to insurance for compensation, since they have enough of them enough to make the insurance to pay. Alas, it does not work in Russia. The police asked to make selfie with Max, wished us a great journey and went on their affairs, leaving us all the data of the site if we suddenly want to come for a certificate.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

The result of the story with the extension of CASCO is very simple – if you have a serious accident, it makes sense to collect documents and reimbursement when the damage of trifle – the cost of collecting and transferring documents is too high to engage. We arrived in my hotel only at the beginning of 3 hours of the night, no one was waiting for us there. Some miracle, we managed to wake a concierge that was set in the room. The day was very long and unusual, we had a new experience, even if not quite pleasant. We go to bed, tomorrow we are waiting for the caves and the path to Cappadocy. This is the final stage of our trip, which flew very quickly.

Days 25-27: Independent trip to Demre and Peace. Holidays in Camping in Tekirova. 2020-07-16T08: 08: 15 + 03: 00 2020-07-16T09: 43: 29 + 03: 00 Natalya ‘Poznamka’

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