Independent walk through Berlin for 1 day

Route Self Walking through Berlin. I will tell you how to see the main attractions in one day.

Start acquaintance with Berlin i suggest With Walking through Unter-Den Linden. This street is a business card of the city. On the subway or S-Bahn we are going to the BrandenBurger Tor station ; To the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin map

Independent walk through Berlin for 1 day

Initially inspect Paris Square with Brandenburg Gate (on the map of the letter a).

If you turn right at the gate, after a few tens of meters you will see the building Reichstag B.

From Paris Square, go straight through Unter-Den Linden.

Quarter immediately behind the Paris Square full of government buildings, embassies and consulates. It is quite possible, it is in opposition to the significance of this place, when leaving the Paris Square on the left hand you will see Madame Tussao Museum C.

A little further, Unter-Den Linden Street becomes cozy and easier.

You will pass by the state library buildings, university. Humboldt, Opera House, Old Palace, Palaces of Kronprintsev and Princesses. See Equestrian statue of Friedrich the Great and Storeroom – Historical Museum.

Between the Ceyhghause and the Opera House (they will be right hand in the course of the movement) there is a small area – Bebelplatz D. Cross it: to the left will be Church of St. Jutyig – Catholic Cathedral of the XVIII century. Passing a little forward, you will find yourself on Union Mermert (Gendarme Square) E – One of the most beautiful areas of Berlin. On the one hand, the French Cathedral stands, on the other – German. In the middle of the square – Concert Hall (Concerthaus).

Return to Unter-Den Linden, keep moving forward to the palace bridge.

Independent walk through Berlin for 1 day

Crossing the bridge, you will find yourself before Berlin Cathedral F. After examining the cathedral, turn left. Before you will be Old Museum, one of the five museums Museum Island. At once all five museums do not visit. Each of them deserves a separate visit. Choose some one.

After the museum, bypassing the cathedral on the right, go through the Liebknecht Bridge, go straight Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse.

Immediately behind the bridge, on the left hand, there will be a building Museum of the GDR.

On the right side of you – Square Lutnisse, a little further – Marienkirch, to the right of it, in the depths – the Red Town Hall. You will see ahead ahead Berlin Telbashnya. Right behind her – Alexanderplatz G. On the square there are a large number of cafes and bars where it is possible to dry and cheer. If a full dinner is needed, return from Alexanderplatz to the lubricism, cross it diagonally, keeping the direction to the spree: in five to seven minutes you are in the quarter Nikolayvirtel. Restaurants and cafes here a lot. Recommend Beer restaurant ZUM Nussbaum At: Am Nußbaum, 3.

After dinner, inspect the quarter itself. Be sure to go to Nikolaikirhe H.

Return to Unter den Linden.

Holding the right side of the boulevard, you will reach the Austrian cuisine restaurant Einstein I. The restaurant is not cheaper, but the establishment is worth. If you return for a quarter ago and turn left, you will find yourself on Friedrichstrasse. The remaining part of the walking day can be devoted to the acquaintance of Berlin modern. On Friedrichstrasse you will meet a lot of cafes and restaurants. But to finish the day better in the cozy atmosphere of a calm boulevard Unter-Den Linden. Not just so I hinted about Einstein.

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