India. Country that changes consciousness

Is the enlightenment of the magnitude of the pile of garbage, which you saw on the street? The power of the Spirit is from salary? Will your wallet, if you are afraid of this? Sergey Avilov photographer spent three months in India and told the "my planet" as his stay in this country changed his worldview.

About work

In India, it is not customary to linger in the workplace is still late and fall asleep from fatigue on the go, as they do in Japan (about it – in the photo project "My Planet"). Related to work without fanaticism. A little adopted this attitude and I. Before leaving, I placed an ad on your page "VKontakte" that I will be in India for some time and is ready to take orders for taking pictures. Having received a few feedback, I realized that I earn money for life.

Many work absent inhabitants. In Delhi, I met a friend who married the Hindus and moved to India. She told that a boy from Tibet helps them to keep her household. For $ 100 per month, it performs absolutely any orders at any time of the day! Here he literally sleeps in the workplace.

About Nadezhda

Global poverty is characteristic of many Southeast Asian countries. "And if suddenly he wakes up rich, then first of all I spare with the bank, then I will buy a used car and go to my native village," the seller of Coconuts from Cambodia confessed in an interview with My Planet (more details – in the article "Life Rules" Seller coconuts ").

India is no exception – here too hope for a miracle. Because the prospects for earning big money is practically no. And in the shop with lottery tickets is always the turn. For most locals, a lottery ticket is the only opportunity to change life, and their seller resembles a wizard who gives hope.

About Moment

Negotiating the Hindu about a business meeting, it is worth considering that he will come at least an hour later. Will gather for a long time, for sure wants to drink a cup of coffee before leaving, we will take a look at something on the street, will meet a friend and stop with him to chat … It is useless to be offended. And once I realized why everything is so.

Paying for the purchase, I extended the seller a two thousandth bill. Counting the surrender, he got lost, started again. Suddenly the eagle appeared in the sky, and seeing his flight, the seller completely forgot about me! Then another one joined the bird. They circled in the sky, and the seller was all stood and watched. First I wanted to indignant, but then I realized that there was nothing more important than the moment. The surrender will wait, and this I can not see anything else, and also began to admire the flight of birds. The seller still counted me for delivery, but later.

About forbidding

© Natalia Deriabina / Shutterstock.Com

If religion prohibits unconscious men and women even touch each other, sexual energy will find another way out. Holi paint festival – the most peaceful way to erase personal boundaries. If in Russia this event is carried out as entertainment, in India it resembles a massive psychosis rather. Strange people Mazhaut each other paint completely different parts of the body. Of course, the most active are men who are most interested in women’s breasts and ass, that is, what they can not touch on the usual day. To withstand the permanent "tree" are not ready for all. Therefore, during the event, only the most brave.

About stereotypes

In India, there is a day when you can embody any fears. For example, a man can be in the dress, and no one will show on him with a finger. One day in a year no one is assessed here, and unwittingly understand that the stereotypes come up with people themselves.

It happens on the Friki parade, which is held in February in the city of Arambol State Goa. Prepare for the event in advance. The topic is declared, and everything is changed and decorated in accordance with it. And then going on a city beach where a fun procession is satisfied.

About life and death

Open-air crematorium smokes in Varanasi 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. In the city supply the bodies of the dead from all of India. So firewood is expensive and lie in big knitters right in the courtyards. But the smell is striking, which is here all year round. Next to the wood that will be used for burning the dead, children play. And in the waters of the sacred river Ganga, where dust, wash clothes, bathe, drink locals.

India. Country that changes consciousness

Nobody is sad and not crying. Moreover, everything is decorated with multi-colored garlands around the fires, and a ceremony under music sounds. Death for Hindus is a holiday in honor of the liberation of the soul and its rebirth. It is no coincidence that mourning is white. It means "Clean Sheet", from which the deceased is given a chance to start a new life, becoming happier.

Indians and life itself perceive. Not having good income, and often roofs over your head, suffering terrible diseases, people continue to smile and enjoy life.

About installations

It is said that thoughts are materialized. I can add: especially in India. For each, this country opens in its own way, depending on what you expect from it.

If you are before trembling in the knees, you are afraid of problems with the stomach – I will definitely get them, no matter how many times every day. And not at all because the Hindus is prepared in conditions of terrible antisanitarian. I ate in catering establishments and never got sick. True, still preferred to prepare food at home. As the Russian saying says: "We hope for God, and not a bad thing".

But locked the house before leaving often forgot. I was not afraid that I had something to steal. And my friend, who also lived in India for some time, was afraid, and one day she was taken away from home everything was able to. Even clothes ropes shot!

About someone else’s opinion

At first it may seem that any country of the world is more suitable for recreation than this. But only first. India is infinitely different, and everyone sees in her what he wants to see.

Goa – Other India, where on the streets relatively purely, and in supermarkets, many familiar products are sold for Europeans. In Delhi is not so, although this is the capital of India. It is difficult to imagine that in Moscow people erased clothes right in the river. And in Delhi erased, and not somewhere, but in the ditch. But this is only an external shell, the inner must be able to see. I managed. Many acquaintances who discarded me from the trip, no.

India. Country that changes consciousness

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