India Currency: Personal Experience

In Delhi Airport, there are exchange offices for currency and ATMs for removal from "Plastic". At the exit from the International Terminal ATM Citibank \ MasterCard – 10 thousand.rupees = 5 840 rubles. Currency is better to change in the city, at the airport course the course, and the additional service fee. In Gulmarge itself, there is also an ATM (J&K Bank) Next to the market, but he is not friendly with all bank cards (a map of a connected bank, as well as part of the Solition, Alphabank worked fine).

MasterCard is preferable than Visa, there is no extra conversion of the Euro-dollar.

Goa: Local range

We trade?

Shopping different

Cheap purchases – in small benches and on collapse.

If you intend to buy cheap cotton clothes, carefully examine the thing. Pants: If they are sewn "Brother seller" (And we met such a lot), then the ass and in front of them can be the same, then at best they will serve for several days. We bought good (in the previous trip), are broken for several years at home, the price of 150 INR, in 2008 – the price is the same.

Skirts and other silk products. Silk may be leaving in the rainy season and will not worry for a long time. Try to check, pull the slightly fabric, whether it is caught.

T-shirts: in India very high-quality cotton, even if the T-shirt looks not very, the body breathes in it perfectly. On Goa, maybe in other places, you can buy T-shirts with beautiful embroidery, embroidery can make your choice. You can also buy original handbags with embroidery on any plots.

Toothpaste. Sold on any pharmacy, prices across the country are the same. Toothpaste in India of good quality from natural components, especially recommended pasta with pepper – red, I do not remember how it is called, but there are in the title "Red". And even better dental powder with pepper or red pepper. Little tube – price 14 INR.

Spices and oils. If your plans are an excursion to spices plantation (in Kerala), the spices and oils are better to buy there.

Sari in Russia we are not wearing, but it turns out very original beautiful curtains, if you attach fantasy. On the curtains it is better to take sari not from natural silk. On one wide window 2-3 sari, not necessarily the same coloring.

India Currency Personal Experience

What can be purchased in India

I always liked everything connected with the East. In India – in every city, in each state – there are no expense things. If you like it, buy without thinking, in another place do not buy the same – that’s for sure! In Haridwar, in the evening they walked around the streets adjacent to the hotel – gorgeous shawls and potentials, the size of a blanket, a variety of colors and quality, and very cheap – 700-1500 rupees. In the manicaran, in Parbati gorge, there were different from all – monophonic, as a rule, gray and lower rhombus stripes (the price is very modest – 500 rupees), such shawls can be seal only in the Culley Valley. Culley’s valleys were shawls – this is a special landmark, everything is done by hand, the embroidery manually can take the masters of half a year (and the price is 3-4 thousand. rupees is $ 100).

Landmark of Northern India – Men’s headdress, similar to tubette, from wool or cotton. The unique pattern in the rhombus band, this is not anywhere. Returning to Russia, you can wear and women – fashionable thing. Silver products are very decent design, and such a variety of stones are unlikely you will find somewhere else. In jewelry shops take not only rupees, but also dollars (officially authorized by the state). Antiques advise to be careful, digging in Buddhist shops. Many things had in the nearby past of their owner and are subjects of religious cult, they were used to be used in rituals. For example, such a thing like Vajra, accumulates the energy of the owner and "Adjusts communication with the Absolute" With meditation. My friend bought such a thing, the benefit was a person who coins, and the seller himself even touches such things to such things. Buy in such a shopping bowl – an amazing thing, leading to harmony and thoughts, and feelings when removing sound.

Exchange of money in India

First, always change one bill! If you give the measurer one piece of paper in 100 bucks or 100 euros, less chances that he is smooth. If you give two or three papers or even more, he will definitely try one of them "lose".

I was so. I gave a dude in a hotel 400 bucks (4 papers of 100). He took their overseas. Excavator came. And gave me rupees on 300 bucks. I say – you give a little, it was 400 bucks. And he shows me 300 bucks and says I gave 300. I run to the man who gave 400. He pretends to begun to look for, and finds 100 bucks lying in the corner under the table. "Oh, one piece fell", – is talking. In fact, I was just lucky that the dude from the hotel with us already became friends and went to seek. And if there was a man from the side, I would just just send and all. And then I was told that such a completely and next.

India Currency Personal Experience

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