India: Fatechpur Sicry

The Empire of the Great Mughal, which appeared in the XVI century, was trying to establish himself in South Asia for two centuries. New lands captured — And again inferior to the enemy; Based and went into oblivion of the capital. During several years — in 1571–1585 — The main city of the Mogolsk Empire was Fatechpur-Sicry. His name is translated as «City of Victory»: This was conceived by the founder, the third Padishah, the descendant of Genghis Khan and the great-grandmother of Tamerlan Akbar I Great.

He received his title deservedly, strengthens the power of the Mogolsky dynasty and significantly expanding the borders of the state. The new capital, which began in 1569, was to illustrate the celebration and greatness of the empire. For this, Akbar I invited the most famous masters who managed to create real masterpieces.

Nowadays Fatechpur Sicry is part of the state of Uttar Pradesh in the north of India, being one of the few beautifully preserved examples of the architecture of the Great Mughal. It is characterized by a mixing of Persian, Indian and various local styles, which led to the appearance of incredible refinement buildings. Special attention was paid to symmetry and equilibrium between parts of buildings, as well as subtle items of decorations. The most famous samples of this style are the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort in Delhi, but no less interesting and Fatechpur Sicry.

The residential part of the city is called Daulata Khan — «Abode of Fate». Here are pavilions for public and private audiences, a game courtyard, a treasury and various palaces, including a completely incredible Pyatius Panch-Mahal, or «Catcher Winds». The wind walks between floors standing at 176 openwork columns. Each next floor in the area is less than the previous one; The upper tier is completed by the dome. Nearby there is a square lake Anup-Talao with an island and bridges. Like Panch-Mahal, it was the place of recreation and entertainment of the emperor and his approximate.

Not far from the palace is a small pavilion. It is believed that in his walls worked one of the first women’s schools in India, where the court girls taught the basics of diplomas and mathematics.

Each of the wives of Akbar I relied his own mansion, and each of them — piece of art. The buildings are decorated with an exquisite ornament, openwork columns, frescoes, balconies and domes, and the Palace of Mother Emperor in addition was decorated with gold.

India Fatechpur Sicry

Another part of the city was assigned to prayerful goals, and here are mosques and mausoleums. For Akbara I was created a separate entrance through Badshahi Darwaz — «Gate of Padyshah». They are decorated with stylized grenades, and the top of each arch ends with a lotus bouton. Another entrance to the sacred complex — Through decorated with many domes and reaching 54 m BUUD Darwaz — «Great gate».

These are just a few interesting places in Fatechpur Sicry. All the citadel is full of outstanding monuments, and they managed to be perfectly preserved to our days because almost no one uses them. The city was alive only for 16 years, while in 1585 it suddenly did not leave all the water. Opponents of Akbar I said that the gods punished the ambitious emperor for his lines. One way or another, but the dehydrated capital had to leave and nobility and ordinary residents.

In luxury stone buildings, the wind settled; Territory of the Dead City Thickets by Thistle and Lianami. Here they started panthers, jaguars, vultures and snakes, and people went around the cursed spot. But at the end of the XIX century, restorers came to Abandoned Fatechpur-Sicry. Large volume of restoration work was not required: under thick thickets, the dead city would be impuditable.

Since 1986, Fatechpur Sicry is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting many tourists. And if you do not have the opportunity to visit here personally — Virtual Walk will give the opportunity to admire the masterpieces of the Mogolsk architecture in the form in which they were conceived.

India Fatechpur Sicry

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