India: indicator of personal transformation

I first came to India five years ago. It was my first independent trip to Southeast Asia. With me it was a three year old daughter and two friends. As, in general, positive mood and pre-painted this fantastic country in the most vivid, magical colors, I boldly flew from Indira Gandhi Airport to adventure. And I must say, I was immediately disappointed in the paint as the smells that I vividly imagined in advance, rather, even I could not imagine ..

Two months spent there were a permanent test of strength. No, I was not shocked, I did not lose my mind, I’m not fighting for survival. Just my brain could not fit the number of emotions that arise in the constantly changing each other’s events and phenomena that have come out strongly in its definition of the concept of the norm.

No, then I do not characterized by flexibility and tolerance, as if I did not try to convince yourself in this. Constant voltage, poured punctually into fits of rage, did not leave me. Even when the blessed Tibetan north India gave peace of mind the clock, they overshadowed digestive problems caused by the stay at an altitude of.

What causes this stress? Then I thought it was obvious: the mud, the stench unbearable mentality of the Indians, a permanent bargaining, ultraboundary inexplicable idiocy, which manifests itself in a variety of situations, stale bedding, naked beggars mutilated children, beggars, Indian incense, disgusting food, sombre bloodthirsty realistic picture Hindu Temples, noise and confusion on the roads, a bit of clogged trains, ridden reservoirs and beaches, juice with salt, stinking rotary eggs … The list can be continued to infinity. Then I swore myself that I would never come here ..

It would seem that any country on Earth is more suitable for rest than this. It would seem … This year we arrived in India in the sixth or seventh time, I got off from the account. At the last lecture about independent travel, I put India for the first place in the ranking of countries ideally suitable for the world research ..

Millions of articles are written about India. Traditional themes are dirt, antisanitary and decay. I think these topics occupy an honorable first place. But not everyone presents his discoveries through the prism exclusively to his personal vision and understanding of reality? Remember the film / Roman about Girl Polianna, who taught everyone to find pluses even seemingly in the most tragic situations. India – the same teacher. Returning to Russia then, five years ago, I did not leave the feeling that I did not get to the core of this strange fetus. Something always hovered nearby, but I could not see ..

Stripping while after the period of my "mid-Indian education", I will go to today’s "final exams". We flew 5 days ago. And the first time I did not take Delhi as a staging post to be in that whatever was to leave "before dark". I left the airport, breathed a familiar air and smiled broadly. I’m back.

Large noisy dusty Delhi met me like a huge shaggy dog ​​from the roadside of the road, prevailing his intercourse owner – with kindness, joyful lame and happy wisest of the tail. We sat down in a taxi – I’m fine, we are going through the slums – well, settle in the familiar hotel – well, sit in your favorite cafe – well, drink hot jeanger Lemon Hani Ti – Lord, how good! You smile all, you smile to everyone – well!

For the first time in these years, we decided to wander through the main attractions of Delhi. And there is still no time horrifying crowds to people, shouts, beeps Ricks, fettered drains, now only good abducting. But around nothing has changed. The same account is the same as five years ago, like a hundred years ago. Changed only inside.

For contrast, I will tell you one story. Recent. Most fresh. Without name, of course, but I am sure, the protagonist will find out. In Delhi we spent several days also because they waited for friends who had to go from Delhi to Goa with us. The person who will be discussed was not a sign for me earlier, we were fortunate enough to meet only a couple of times before leaving from Russia. I gave the introductory, told what. I was extremely honest, for I don’t like to take some responsibility for anyone with the last time, so I restrict the most detailed information and, if possible, remove.

The lady flew with the children and began to worry about their health for another month to departure, than noticeably podnapriced all my (and I am sure of my) acquaintances, who came to the circle of her communication, because all the conversations were exclusively about deaths, intestinal chopsticks and attacking scorpions. Of course, you ask, nafiga (literary expressing), with such fears to go to India, and wherever. But we will no longer know.

Moother people tried to calm her all known methods, I rudely and rightly immediately said that all these horrors are really waiting for her children if they don’t fix cogs in the head. I thought that it sounded quite convincingly and raises the effect. But as it turned out to arrive in Delhi, paranoia was multiplied from our last meeting at times and totally absorbed the whole mind. Actually, the story is short. Lama was enough to take the night from the airport before the booked hotel. And I must say, the night Delhi is practically like Europe, compared to the day, and the area with the hotel is favorably distinguished by purity and tranquility from most other areas of Delhi. Nevertheless, the lady of it was enough to have enough Kondracy from the "monstrous antisanitarian", and the next morning she booked a ticket to Russia. But here to her deep misfortune, it was not possible to book a ticket, and since it was alone in this aggressive alien place, it could not even think, the lady was "forced to leave the train with a friend in Goa. Since at the time of writing this article, we also go to Goa after them, the further sad story of our hero is unknown to me.

Is it worth drawing conclusions? I think everything is extremely obvious. The world of this, as we create it yourself. This or paradise that gives us delicious fruits and cognitive lessons, or purgatory, where we are frying ourselves in oil on hot pancakes of our fears, omble and egoism.

This is the most valuable thing that I took out over the years stay here. India to infinity different. And, as well as everything around, it has its inner and external dimension. External, materially manifested, ambiguous. Yes, very ambiguous. But any attempts to somehow describe it, to systematize it, put on a familiar shelf, hang a label "such something" and calm down, consistently end with collapse and failure. India irrational and illogical, chaotic in his dance, is terrible in his anger, like a temperamental mother and wife, but infinitely beautiful and inimitable. She is like jealous beauty: or admire her like it is, or wash it out to all these traps where you were brought from.

This admiration for another kind. Many, I am sure, you have experienced infinitely strong, exciting mind and body admiration, looking at the raging thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado? You are afraid and wish it, you want to run away and at the same time duck with your head in this bunch of pristine power and energy, dissolve, merge from this divine dancing of being and inevitability. So, in India, merging and taking her deformities, you are transformed by filling the beauty of another kind. Seeing only the dirt around, at the same time not noticing smiles and kindness, we thus emphasize not paying attention to the dirt in our own heart and mind.

Not taking, afraid and bencing by many parties to Indian life, we simply fight with themselves, we fight our heads into barriers and borders of a certain rate that European civilization imposed us. It is too unhygienically, it is too dirty, it is too uncivilized, it is too open, it is too directly, it is too simple. We all compare with a kind of standard in our head, and all Indian turns out to be "with a terriety" compared to it. We do not like it, we do not understand and do not accept. And who imposed this norm, this ideal bar, this cell of stereotypes, on which we inevitably stumble? India, like all Asia (going on) out of rules, outside the framework. Perhaps there is your own, but to get to them, we must first join the borders of personal. Hindus do not know our norms, do not think about their own, they just live. Live as it lives, how to make up like flowing. They are free.

It is this that in them first nervings and clings us, because we are not so. It is this feeling of freedom and children’s viability I could not catch the first trip. That is what teaches us to take reality and present. Take and thank. And not resist, suffer and blame the whole world.

This is an internal dimension of India. This is my facet internal measurement of India. With each new trip, discarding casual stereotypes and norms, I’m more and more open and calm down. And "unchanged" Indian circumstances clearly demonstrate capital internal changes to me.

P.S. And now essentially;) In a nutshell, I will tell you that in one word "India" is very difficult to characterize this huge country. If you ever hear in a conversation with someone that a person, let’s say, was a week to India, and he did not like India, boldly finish the conversation. I do not get tired of repeating that for one visa to India, cheap tickets to Delhi and almost free accommodation in Indian territory, you have the opportunity to watch a dozen most countries.

"Upper" half of India, not counting the mountainous part, typically Hindu, somewhat gloomy and poor (do not throw in words, as I would do it 5 years ago)). "Lower" – warm and rich. Well, this is a roughly summarizing. Large cities for life are weakly suitable, and in terms of traveling to make nothing in them. Cult Hindu Places Type Varanasi, Haridwara – Do not leave you indifferent, but these strongest emotions are far from the state of "bliss".

This is a tough trash to which you need to be morally prepared. It is also not for recreation and soul, although I knew the characters who lived there for several months.

Eastern coast of the Indian Ocean – the zone of non-amortic in our sense of understanding this word.

Want to the sea – Dare in Goa. Goa is a small rich staff in which Europeans have loved to take care of Comumba, ranging from the Dutch and Portuguese, ending with Jews and Russians today. But the little Goa from another angle is large and completely different: a luxurious road South, the monstrous Russian-Hindu gopotek, A la Sochi and Anapa, – in the south of Northern Goa; Quiet quiet refuge with beautiful beaches for families with children and elderly people – Mandrem, Ashwem (middle part of the Northern Goa) and Tusaches Hippace Friccated Arabol for young torn off the liberated creative active people in the clouds and the astral of people are the very north of North Goa.

India is an indicator of personal transformation

Thus, Even this little staff is infinitely distinguished from himself from the interval of 10-15 km!! And you can hear something like this: 1) I was in Goa, and there was just awful, 2) I was in Goa, and there was just awesome cool!

And where do you get? 🙂

There is Beautiful Kerala Absolutely with another energy, there is a cosmic hampie – the brain of the brain, in the east of India still live tribes, far from civilization as much as possible in our time. Rajastan – The state of the sand color, with hundred square kilometers of the desert, with the dried sun and impregnated by the wind with beautiful faces, camel caravans, golden temples ..

India belonging Andaman Islands – Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, which and on the map does not discern – "Bounty Indian", turtles, corals, turquoise oceanic waters. And this is also India, and you can also get there, having a conventional Indian visa.

North … if my personal paradise is hidden on earth, then somewhere here. India grabbed huge pieces of both Western and eastern Himalaya. Western – Ladak – This is not India at all (not India, as 90% of the population of the Earth is represented. This is Tibet. This is the most common, so to speak, Tibet)) Beautiful and primordial, free and not strangled by Chinese.

Tibetans live here, they confess Tibetan Buddhism, go to Tibetan clothes, visit Tibetan temples, prepare Tibetan food, Tibetan incense))) Here it is pure and easy. In short, if you dreamed all my life to go to Tibet, go to India, in Ladakh. (Why is it so folded – the topic of a separate article).

The nature of these places was not created in order to be described by words, for such words simply do not exist in our lexicon. The highest mountains of the planet, amazing cosmic landscapes, alpine deserts with camels surrounded by snow peaks, wound valleys, crystal lakes, millennial monasteries. My friends, and this is also India ..

Further to North-West Kashmir. Nature changes dramatically, culture changes even more sharp. Kashmir is a piece of Pakistan, These are beautiful Muslims, these are singing Muzzins under the clouds, these are colorful sikhs, with chalmas, beards, and daggers on the belt.

This is nature, more resembling our Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with pyramidal poplars, apricots covering mountain fittings. This is Srinagar – "Little Venice", Raisin Kashmir.

Oriental Himalayas – Sikkim, Dargelling – one more fabulous kingdom. And newly high peaks of the world, but framed by non-cold lifeless winds of the lad grass, but by subtropical warm winds playing between tea bushes in the treasures in the infinity of the plantations, between tangerine trees, unexpectedly hiding Tibetan chramics.

Darjeeling is a little Colonial England, with a miniature Big Ben, doll-intensive trainers, clean bridge, European architecture and women in Tibetan robes. No Rickshaw, no noise. Rich, beautiful, strange-tibetan-English town.

Assam – White spot on my personal map – with beautiful rain forests, plains, rhino, unique, completely not Hindu culture ..
And many more and many places, fabulous, exciting, breathtaking, to which I have not yet reached either legs nor thoughts.. All this is India, powerful, ambiguous and beautiful. Dance with her?..

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