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Hampi is a pearl, the treasure of India. And therefore, as before any treasure, get to Hampi is not so easy. Or rather, almost unreal.

Of course, before leaving the guokna, it would be necessary to clarify how much time on the way, but. We did not think that it would be almost equal to two flights Moscow-India. Honestly confess – it was hell. Of course, it was interesting to look out the window, because we went deep into the country, and the picture changed literally every. 100 km. And we drove them at least 400. Sitting. In an embrace with a two-liter mineral. On the heat about 40s.

And so, when it seemed that the road was our life (in general, it is), here it is, in front of us, the city of Hospital, from which to Hampi – about half an hour to ricksha. The area has changed dramatically – mountains, fields, among which the giant boulders, corn plantations come out, and the city itself – moped on the moped, Rickshaw on Ricksha, beggar bare children, houses folded from 4 concrete blocks.

We fell out of the bus directly in the arms of a promnial Ricksha, who immediately handed us a business card and turned to the fact that at that time we were, to the nearest hotel (we were asked the best, because the worst had no strength left). And here we somehow unexpectedly hit the air-conditioned paradise with a spacious hall, a neat reception desk and fresh air restaurant in a tropical style. There and spent the rest of the evening.

And in the morning, exactly at 7, we picked up the same clever rickshaw, and our journey began in Hampi.

I will not here *********** in history, I think, in the internet enough information about this mysterious place, I will only say that one day for the inspection of Hampi is not enough. Because the templates are a lot, and time – no. Because you still need to have time to watch the swimming of the elephant, chase monkeys, inspect the queen’s bath, trading rows, and can go to the other bank of the river in the boat, similar to the shell of a giant coconut.. Ricksha honestly stayed at each structure, we photographed everything that looked at our eyes, went down to underground temples, found and sewage, and a stone chariot, and even saw an elephant in a stall. Then all the templates were mixed into one stone mass, it began to seem that all Shiva, Krishna and Hanumanians are coming, and we asked home.

India is incredible, part 3 of Hampi - Goa, India Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Goa on the tourist

And then, to top it all, so to speak, to consolidate impressions, the country of contrasts presented us another, the final surprise. He called "Very Comfortable Bus with Condition", in other words -. Guys, it is something. More precisely, in the first half an hour it seems to you that you got into paradise, it is after 10-thawed shaking in the locale. But then you detect small details that can pretrately sneak over the night on the way from Hampi to Goa, namely: to reduce the power of the windy, located right above your nose, is impossible, so you have to take a bud of the embryo in order to hide somewhere from her; Two hours later, you find that the toilets turn out to be in the slumber, and the stop is not soon; And finally, you understand that you are not alone, but in the company we all familiar cockroaches. Everything would be nothing but when one of them crawled right above my head, and we got a place on the second floor, I experienced ecstasy.

But, as they say, the hell can not last forever, and at 5 o’clock in the morning we were finally delivered to the creak in Goa, the addition of additional 20 rupees for the discharge of a backpack from the luggage compartment. Yes, and thank you for tom, because the strength to do it yourself at that time we did not have.

Probably, I have never been rejoiced in my life. Still, sometimes you want comfort and comfort. Especially after such adventure.

And then there was still the singing of blues with the local rudy dog ​​breeder, and there were a creamy rusty bikes at 6 am on the smooth sand of the beach, and then we just turned and gone. So as not to break down. Because all miracles are early or later end.

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