India, nice to meet!

When I ask friends: "And why don’t you go to India?", They fir the nose and start talking about the antisanitia, someone does not like the kitchen, someone else something else. India is not only slums and bareboy boys. If you plan everything clearly and correctly, it will be clean, beautiful, interesting and with songs, of course! Sit comfortably, tell me how not to get bored in India. And the visa is drawn up on the Internet, suddenly you did not know.

Taj Mahal

Majestic landmark. Look at it live, like this, from the bottom up – then the pleasure. Especially it envelops such a romantic story!

This is a monument of love. He ordered to build the emperor Shah-Jahan in memory of his hot beloved wife. But he had conditions: Mausoleum should be no less beautiful than his beloved wife and the same great as the power of their feelings. Of course, we are not architects, but the builders coped with the task of 200%, although they built it for almost 22 years. Now Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We recommend to look at it at least three times, and that is why: during the day it is white, at sunset – pink, and in the evening – silver.

To get to Taj Mahal , Go to the city of Agra, this is about 200 km from Delhi. Faster than you will take the speed train Shatabdi Express, go out at the Agra Cantt stop.

Just do not plan a trip on Friday – on this day there are prayers. On any other day, mausoleum is open from dawn to sunset.

And yes, the city of Agar is just not from the cleanest and friendly. It is worth going only for the sake of Taj Mahal.


This is an interesting green state almost at the tip of India. It was here that Ayurveda appeared – a system of Vedic medicine. And many more natural reserves and purest beaches, because the coastal state. And, by the way, no worse than Goa – also clean and fine, but tourists are less.

In the state of almost the mountains, Munnar tea gardens hid. They say tea here is better than from tea plantations Sri Lanka.


If you are from those who love historical places, then go to the "Earth Kings". There are historical monuments and buildings for everyone. It combines many interesting cities, in particular, Jaipur. At this place is a unique building – the palace of winds or Hava-Mahal. Story says that there Velmazby hid his wives.

The uniqueness of the palace in a special ventilation system created by a variety of windows (almost 1000 pieces). Even in hot weather inside fresh and cool. The building can be considered long on all sides. One – the front, unusual, the other consists of solid from balconies and niche.

Another feature of the structure of the palace – there is not a single staircase. To get from the floor to the floor, it was necessary to move on the slopes in the floor in a special shoe.

Lotus Temple

It is often confused with Sydney Opera House. And not in vain, because the architect of the temple was inspired by him.

Outside the building is similar to a blossoming lotus flower with huge marble petals. Inside the hall in the form of petals that are intended for long meditations. Temple is open to a person with any religion.

India, nice to meet!


At least two festivals deserve attention: the festival of paints holi and diwali – festival of lights. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Holi holiday – a bright event talking about spring offshore. Lasts just a couple of days at the end of February or early March. All this time, it is possible to throw off with a color powder and water each other with water.

At the festival of lights is more comfortable. The main promise of the holiday – the victory of good over evil and light above darkness. Celebrate in early November 5 days. The atmosphere resembles Christmas: in the whole country shows bright shows with lights and fireworks. Participate in such as in the fairy tale to visit, not otherwise!

Express Maharajay

It’s like Eastern Express, coming from Paris to Istanbul, only here you drive exclusively in India. Express is a maximum of 8 days and covers all the interesting and beautiful places of the country.

Inside the train unique interior of another era. That is, feel like a passenger of oriental express will also work out. Such here is an neurzh!

Express has several routes. There are short for 3-4 days, when you ride a "golden triangle" of India (Delhi, Agru, Ranthambor and Jaipur). You can also go on a trip across India for 8 days. Here is a big route with interesting stops in Ajanta, Udaipur, Orel, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ranthambor, Fatechpur Sicry, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Lakknaau, Mumbai. And also a recent novelty – a trip to the eastern part of India is also 7 days.

We have included classes at least three weeks. Even in such an unusual country, albeit not very clean places, there is something to admire and what then travel to tell friends. Try =)

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India, nice to meet!

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