India Resorts: 4 best places to stay in 2020

Rest in India &# 8211; Some information for tourists

Among the whole diversity of tours, which Southeast Asia can offer, it is worth noting India. It is India that is one of the most amazing not only in Asia, but in the whole world. On the territory of this country, one of the most ancient civilizations was born, India became the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism, and today the population of this state ranks second on the planet for the number. It is very important to say that in many tourist centers in the countries of SUVA, the cost of rest is very low, and the quality of service remains at a fairly good level.

For me, India &# 8211; This is not only a rich culture and hundreds of attractions with a centuries-old story. These are also special techniques in the treatment, unique cosmetics, extraordinary beaches, dizzying shopping and amazing gastronomy. In today’s review, I will talk about the four completely different resorts of India, visiting who will be able to receive maximum impressions, and not only see one side of this country. Yes, India &# 8211; The state is poor, the unsanitary, chaos reigns here, quite a lot of garbage, disadvantageously all with security. In principle, it is characteristic of all developing countries &# 8211; Do not expect a luxury and chic from India, and otherwise I guarantee, do not disappoint.

Capital of India &# 8211; Journey to Delhi

The capital of India is Delhi. This city is difficult to call tourist paradise, but if you want to see modern India, then it is worth a visit. In addition to modern hotels and endless residential neighborhoods, in this city you can find many historical and cultural attractions. It is there Kutub-Minar, The highest minaret in the world.

Of great interest is Red Fort, Presenting a fortress made of sandstone. Also among the colorful attractions Delhi:

  • Temple of Bahai (Lotus Temple);
  • Humayun tomb (the so-called ; Taj Mahal in Delhi ;);
  • Jam Masjid Mosque;
  • The main street of Changny Choek;
  • Temple complex Achshardham;
  • Lodi gardens;
  • Military Memorial Gate India.
  • India resorts 4-ka of the best places to stay in 2020

The most famous and popular tourist attractions of India is considered to be undoubtedly, Taj Mahal. This mausoleum was built by order of Emperor Shah-Jachman, is considered one of the symbols of this amazing country. And if you want to spend time not only on Goa beaches, then you must see this ancient monument.

Resort Kerala &# 8211; Beach holiday in India

Recently, the resorts of Kerala are gaining popularity. There you can enjoy stunning tropical nature and find everything you need for healing soul and body. And all this is complemented by excellent beaches with transparent water and white clean sand. The best beaches of Kerala are:

  1. Bay Moppila &# 8211; A quiet calm harbor, where there are few tourists, ringer to the water, recently carried out the reconstruction of the territory, next to the ruins of the old fort.
  2. Natta &# 8211; Wild beach, where tourists are also rare, in the neighborhood there are 2 budget hotel and dozens of beautiful coconut palm trees. Pure and calm, the nature is gorgeous.
  3. Cheraye &# 8211; famous not only with a golden coast (waves &# 8211; not uncommon), but also seafood in local restaurants. Be sure to look to taste.
  4. Cappad &# 8211; Another peaceful beach, where it is worth soaring in the sand, and take a picture next to Stella Vasco-da Gama, because the navigator landed in this place India.
  5. Allappi or Venice of the East &# 8211; Beach with abundance of robusts, coves, lagoon and lakes. The sand is golden, the water is clean, but the entrance to the sea is sharp, the depth is big, there are waves, so it’s better not to come here.

In the rating of excellent beaches of Kerala resort, Kovalam, Patiramanal, Marari. In 2020, tourists here became much larger, so in many places about the praised solitude, of course, it is worth forget.

Treatment in India &# 8211; Ayurvedic resorts

In this section, I decided to allocate not alone, but at once several Indian resorts that combine good medical capabilities, the presence of health and spas. In the ranking of the best health resorts of India:

  • Ananda in the Himalayas &# 8211; Wellness center in the mountains, where uses practices from around the world;
  • Kumarakom Lake Resort &# 8211; Complex on the shore of the lake, from where beautiful views are opening;
  • Wildflower Hall &# 8211; Fishka are spa treatments, yoga, relaxing in the outdoor pool;
  • Kalari kovilakom &# 8211; Located in a historic building, on the territory there are picturesque gardens;
  • Vivanta by Taj Bekal &# 8211; Great place for romantic leisure, special attention is paid to the rituals of beauty.

Consider that in India there are resorts focused only on treatment, others &# 8211; for prevention, pleasure and comfortable rest. In any case, it is hardly worth going here for 1-2 days, you need to get out at least 5 days, and better &# 8211; For a whole week.

Alpine Ski Resorts &# 8211; Holidays in Himalayah

India &# 8211; This is not only the exotic roasting country and traditional beach entertainment. Active tourists go here in order to go skiing in the Himalayas located in the northern part of the state. The most interesting and visited ski resorts of India includes:

  • Auli &# 8211; will delight 10 km of trails, experienced instructors and snow guns, open from December to May;
  • Solang &# 8211; The picturesque resort with two tracks, where often go with children, the descent is suitable even for beginners;
  • Gulmarg &# 8211; It is said that the Yeti lives here, but more often you can find inexperienced tourists who have decided to ride skis, low prices.

I also liked the resort of the Mundala, surrounded by coniferous forests. The tracks are complex here, but the season is open from November to April. Some slopes in the mountains of India have to go on foot, overcoming up to 5 km &# 8211; Consider this when planning recreation.

India &# 8211; This is an extravagital attractions, special culture, active entertainment and sandy beaches. This is a beautiful wildlife and unique medicine. Holidays here are diverse and rich. I did not fundamentally incorporate in the 4-ka of the best resorts of India Goa &# 8211; I think here and so everything is clear, the visa is not needed, go here for a beach holiday and get it 100%.

India resorts 4-ka of the best places to stay in 2020

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