Indian leader born under Poltava

Great Patriotic War Pilot Ivan Ivanovich Dcenko met a mature man. And in 1943 he won the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and «Golden Star». By the time Ivan Ivanovich made more than 200 combat races on the bombing of enemy objects. But the task that the pilot received in mid-April 1944, became the last for him. For more than 20 years it was believed that Datsenko died in performance, but in fact everything turned out to be different.

Last departure

On the night of April 18, 1944, the crew Dcenko received a task — Go to the bombing of the railway station Lviv-2, which was in the hands of Germans. Having dropped several lighting bombs so that the rest of the pilots knew where to lead their winged cars, Ivan Ivanovich was preparing to fulfill the main task. But his plane fell into the rays of spotlights, and German anti-aircraft opened fire. Miracle did not happen, several shells still achieved goal.

When the war got raged, the native sister of the hero tried to find him. She believed that the brother managed to survive that terrible night. In addition, the funeral in his name did not come. Instead of her — buying an extract from the order of the main personnel management, where it was said that Datsenko was simply «not returned from a combat job». Fueled the fire of hope and former colleagues who claimed they saw the parachute at the crash site winged machines.

Amazing Indian

Until the 90s of the last century, no one from the relatives of Dcenko was not able to find out. And here is one of the Poltava newspapers published a reprint interview with the famous dancer Mahmud Esambaev. He talked about his stay in Canada.

In the yard 1967. Esambaev arrived in Canada as part of a delegation from the USSR to the exhibition «Expo-67» To participate in the festive program dedicated to the Days of Soviet Culture.

Dancing Esambayev made an extraordinary auror. Even the Prime Minister of Canada Leicester Pearson was so impressed that she personally went to the Soviet dancer and stated that she was ready to fulfill any of his desire. He asked him to take him to the Indian reservation to see the national dances of Aboriginal.

Indian leader born under Poltava

Soon the reservation, where one of the tribes of the Iroquois (Mogavka) lived, the Soviet delegation met the entire composition. Of course, for high guests, the Indians performed several dances. After the presentation to Esambaev, the leader came up. High, in a motley headdress of feathers and with a deserted face, he greeted the dancer and invited himself to a hut. Mahmoud Alisultanovich thought they would be accompanied by a translator, but it turned out that the Indian leader speaks perfectly in Ukrainian and Russian languages. Greeting only: «Healthy bulb! Hello. Happy you welcome you» — caused surprise at the dancer. He could not imagine that someone from Mogawkov is capable of such a linguistic feat.

In the hut, the wife of the leader (by the way, the indian indian) put a bottle of the gorge on the table. Drinking around the charm, the leader at first sang «Straighten, drain, horses», and then told his story. It turned out that he — Ivan Ivanovich Datsenko, Hero of the Soviet Union. The will of the case brought him to the Indians with whom he stayed. They gave him «the present» name — Piercing fire and official — John McKomber. And he became the leader just — married the daughter of the then chapter of the tribe (he had no sons).

For a parting, piercing fire asked Esambaeva to send him photos of his small homeland — Chernechy Yar and Poltava region.

Interestingly, the Indian leader is discounted only with a dancer. With the rest of the Soviet delegation, he did not even talk, and their gifts refused to accept. No less strangely behaved and Ambassador of the USSR in Canada Ivan Fadeevich Shushedko. He simply ignored the very fact of meeting with an unusual Indian.

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