Indian New Year – Holiday Lights – Diwali. Holidays and festivals of India

Diwali (dypali) – holiday lights In honor of the goddess of wealth and prosperity Lakshmi. This is the main Hindu holiday everywhere noted in India and symbolizes the victory of the world over darkness, good over evil. The name is translated from Sanskrit as "Fire clouds", Therefore, in this holiday, the streets of cities and villages are illuminated by thousands of lights and fireworks. Air shakes from explosions of rockets, petard and clappers. Streets of cities, statues of gods are decorated with glowing lanterns (DIPA) and lit candles.

The holiday usually falls at the end of October – the beginning of November (the beginning of the month of the Cartik) and coincides with the end of the monsoon rain season and the beginning of winter. The date of the celebration depends on the position of the Moon, so every time it is celebrated in different days.

With this holiday connected Several legends. Vishnuits believe that the frame was crowned on this day, in honor of which the illumination was arranged. According to another version, the wise rug of the frame got rid of humanity from the spiritual gloom. In gratitude for returning from darkness to light and light lights.

In modern India Diwali It is considered to be a holiday new Year.

During the holiday, everywhere is observed A number of traditions – Hindus dress new clothes, put their house in order, decorate its threshold with floral garlands, and at the entrance they exhibit lit oil lamps. In addition, it is necessary to refrain from the five main defects – lust, anger, greed, attachment and the so-called ego, which in general means cleansing of their thoughts, words and actions.

However, in every area India Celebration of Diwali has its own features.

In trade communities Western India Diwali coincides with the beginning of the new fiscal year. Merchants on this day lead to the order of the bookkeeping books, go bend. In the evening, shops and houses illusate oil lamps or garlands of light bulbs. In the old days at this time, caravans of merchants with a commodity went to the sea.

For most of India, Diwali Dedicated to the goddess of wealth and fertility Lakshmi, Spouse Vishnu. At home carefully cleaned, they light all the lights, as the goddess does not like darkness, turn to her with a prayer, bring her milk to her, in which coins are omitted, and they leave the doors and windows on the night to be easier to penetrate the house.

In southern India in Diwali celebrate the victory of Krishna over the daisy of the Narakasura. On this day, the victory of good over evil, the Hindus abundantly lubricates themselves with coconut oil, which cleans them from sins, since this ceremony is considered equal to the value of abormulation in the Holy Ganges.

In the east of India, And especially, in Bengal, Diwali is dedicated to the worship of the black goddess of Kali, personifying the cult of power. On this occasion, the goddess of the goddess do prayers, and then these images are immersed in the water of rivers or ponds.

Indian New Year - Holiday Lights - Diwali. Holidays and festivals of India

Diwali Celebrated and Muslims celebrating the arrival of Lakshmi lights and playing cards and bones – because Lakshmi brings good luck.

Each Ritual Holiday It has its meaning. So, lit by colorful lights, the house means that there is a light of mind. Grilled clay luminaires are a body that connects five main elements in itself – fire, water, air, space and land. Fire lamps symbolizes the soul, and oil in them – spiritual knowledge.

By the evening of Saturday, people will begin to leave their homes, going to massive folk festivities. At this time will begin "Madness" fireworks fireworks, all sorts of petard and clappers, universal fun, music, dance and songs that will last until the morning of the next day.

Diwali Celebrated within five days. The first day of Diwali is called Dhanvantari Tradashi. The second is Narak Chapendashi (it is on this day that the victory of Krishna over the Napakasura is celebrated). Third day – actually diwali. On this day they worship with Lakshmi and remember the return of the frame in Iiodhyew. On the fourth day, the hill of Govardhan and the king of Bali Maharaje, and on the fifth day – Bhrate Duja – Brothers honored sisters.

The holiday is not only not only in India, But also in Bangladesh, on Sri Lanka, in Kenya, Nepal, Malaysia, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Mauritius, Fiji and Singapore.

Indian New Year - Holiday Lights - Diwali. Holidays and festivals of India

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