Indonesia and its attractions – everything you need to active travelers

In school in the lessons of geography, we learned well what Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, located on both sides of the equator and consisting of more than 17,000 islands.

Unfortunately, even the most famous Islands of Indonesia are not described in detail, the attractions of large settlements and the originality of the intertwining of cultures, religions and languages ​​in this state. But now we have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the picturesque and diverse world of Indonesian islands and find out what this country attracts and fascinates tourists.

Travel features in Indonesia

"Oh, well what to do there? Except to be in a chaise lounge on Bali … "
That is how many people react to the offer to visit the Indonesian Islands, and this is quite understandable, because each person has the right to a full-fledged vacation. But there are people who prefer to an active holiday, studying something new, introduce to another culture, and it is for them that the journey to Indonesia will become a great discovery, because this country represents a huge number of tourist opportunities.

  • Surf lovers

Arriving in Indonesia, captured the ideal and obedient waves of the ocean. The coastal zones of the islands are simply created for the surfing, and even newcomers in this case will be able to "curb" the wave and confidently become on the board. Well, for professionals here and at all expanded. This is a great place to catch up with surfing skills.

  • Tourists who do not represent their travel without diving

Will be in the literal sense to plunge into the beautiful underwater world and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and an incredible variety of inhabitants of ocean depths. Thousands of species of fish, octopuses, skates, sea skates and shrimps – just a paradise place for underwater shooting.

  • Fans of extreme
  • Indonesia and its attractions - everything you need to active travelers

Will definitely find an object of taste on the Islands of Indonesia. Jumping with a parachute, hiking along the jungle, hiking to the tops of smoldering volcanoes, visiting the settlements of Papuans, alloy on tropical rivers on boats – all this is impressive and gives unforgettable emotions. Just imagine what types of aerial view and how interesting to touch what has seen only in the pictures.

Even if you are an ordinary person who knows nothing about the surfing and never decides on a parachute jump, Indonesia and its attractions certainly impress you with its beauty. Stunning landscapes, rich flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, comfortable climate, historical monuments, kitchens for every taste – all this will not leave any tourist indifferent.

Unknown Indonesia and its sights

Indonesian Islands are famous not only by its landscapes, but also by many natural and historical sights. These are mountains and volcanoes, national parks, ancient temples and various museums. Of course, see all the famous places during one trip is unlikely to succeed, so it is better to highlight several main objects. Let’s try to make a plan for the nearest journey to Indonesia.

  • Temple Borobudur

Religious shrine on the island of Java, the Temple of the Buddha, who resembles a huge pyramid with colorful terraces and original statues with its appearance. This sacred place will talk about the life of the Buddha and will help to immerse themselves in the age-old history of Indo-Buddhist culture.

  • Monas Monas

Indonesia Independence Symbol, attraction, famous for the whole world and impressive by its greatness. It is a 132-meter tower with a viewing platform at the peak itself, offering stunning views of Jakarta.

  • Wood Monkey

This tourist facility located on Bali Island is rightfully in the top of Indonesian natural attractions. Here you can see not only monkeys that are easy to come to contact with tourists, but a lot of exotic plants enchanting overlooking.

  • Temple Besaky

This is a religious structure consisting of several dozen temples and having a thousand-year history. It is located on the slope of the Sacred Mount Agung on the island of Bali and attracts a huge number of travelers with its beauty. Every year incredible religious holidays are held every year, and thousands of pilgrims make hiking to this famous shrine.

Islands of Indonesia with their attractions are able to open every time for tourists in a new way. Wherever you go, whatever the isem visit, everywhere there is our own "highlight", whether it is an ancient temple, a reserve or amusement park, so every trip is another immersion in the world of exciting and unknown.

Indonesia and its attractions - everything you need to active travelers

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