Indonesia: Raja-Ampath Archipelago

Equator, uninhabited islands, boat trip over the ocean. No, this is not a plot from the book about pirates, but the plan of our expedition. By the way, about pirates — they are here too. Airpano invites you to a virtual tour of the Raja-Ampat archipelago in Indonesia.

Raja-ampat Archipelago, as the inscription in an advertising poster, — this is «Last paradise on earth». Rocky Mountains, crouched by the jungle, protrude from the Emerald Sea: Typical Advertising Landscape about Paradise Life. As it should be, get here is not easy. Two flights from Jakarta — And here we are in Sorong, where we are loaded on the ferry, going on Waygeo, the largest islands of the Raja-ampat archipelago. Our adventure begins.

Our goal — Reserved Islands of Halie, located at the equator. In addition to the Rangers, who follows the order in the reserve, there are no people. No electricity and communication there are also no, so in addition to the stock of provisions, we carry with you two gasoline generators to charge our equipment.

Fish and small sharks are swimming in water, which feed food residues. In the tump in Mangrove jungle you can meet or — Funny fish, similar to a frog and tasty. They can move on land jumps and even some time do without water. In the lagoon among corals floats a lot of multicolored fish. Really, paradise!

We need to get to the island, where Rangers live, guarding the reserve. Rangers feed sharks, and at the pier sink gray shadows. Sharks here meter two in length. They are not hazardous, homemade and with pleasure eating rice, which they give them. But I would not want to climb into the water next to them — what if they fed them badly?

Ahead of the rocky jungle rocks of the islands. The boat slides in the ducts between them, we are looking for a place for camp. Most islands are unsuitable for disembarking: very cool rocks and dense vegetation. But a beautiful sandy beach stretches along one of them.

At night on the island very beautifully, light wind blows, the waves are splashing, countless stars face with a plankton lights in a surf strip. Humidity and salt — Here are two permanent components of life on the island. After a couple of days, our clothes and hair became tough from salt, so we met the next rain with joy.

Indonesia Archipelago Raja-ampat

Once I woke up from the fact that someone touched me for the heel. I was indignant and lit a lantern. From the darkness I watched. Something was articulated, the size of the kitten, with eyes on the stalks — And did not go going. It was a crab known as «Palm Thief».

I started remembering everything possible about these crabs. I knew a bit: that this is one of the largest land arthropods that he lives on the islands and climbs on the trees. As for the nutrition, I seem to hear that they love coconuts, but whether the crab eats the heels of tourists or just wants to meet, I was not sure. Therefore, I decided to neglect the laws of hospitality and return the night guest in the forest. However, he was against. When trying to catch his crab, began to swing the impressive species with the clashes and the feline. Well, I have no longer suffered and, armed with a rod, exposed the height in darkness. He was upset and no longer returned.

Other inhabitants were on the island. Varana was placed on the smell of canned food from the jungle. They were not so impressive as their fellow from the island of Komodo, — The largest did not exceed the meter in length. They were not completely afraid of us, but at night they made raids on garbage bags.

A few days on the islands were unnoticed, and it was time to return to civilization. On the way, we met the flocks of bats, a few big sea turtles, and gigantic manta jumped out of the water to greet us. The underwater world of Raja-ampat is very diverse, but, unfortunately, diving and underwater shooting in our plans were not included.

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