Indonesia: Landmarks and Entertainment Bali &# 8211; TOP 10

Bali Island &# 8211; These are not only loved by all beaches with snow-white sand and nature in the style of Bounty. In Indonesia, there are a lot of attractions and entertainment, so a typical rest with ; nothing nonsense ; I recommend combining with excursions and active life &# 8211; Believe me, so much more interesting, and the ocean will not have time to bump. Ideal for couples in love, and for families with children.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

True Pearl Island is a huge safari park and marine park &# 8211; This is one attraction, which is famous for the variety of animal world, rich in flora and fauna, as well as a cool entertainment program. Park has been working since 2007. It is located in the territory of the district of the Gianyar and covers an area of ​​40 hectares. Now he is housing for eight dozen animal species. In general, about four hundred representatives of the animal world live here.

Indonesians brought these residents from different parts of the world. So, in addition to the most original local people live there African and Indian animals . Most often, tourists admire:

  • Himalayian bears,
  • Spotted deer,
  • camels,
  • Zebra,
  • Ostrich,
  • Lions,
  • African hypopotamas,
  • Pavians and other representatives of the animal world.

There are in the park and several famous Indian tigers with white wool. Interestingly, the organizers managed to create in the park such conditions that are similar to natural. The main entertainment is an overview of all these residents. However, the staff also holds programs, thanks to which you can learn about the lifestyle of animals. Ticket price &# 8211; from 2 600 to 8 600 rubles. Depending on the set of excursions, services, entertainment.

Exhibitions Safari Park Bali

The main exhibitions in the park are Ramtamib, Campung-Guyan, Lake Maniara and exposure with dragons who live on the island of Komodo. Ramatambor is a copy of the fort in Indian Rajastan. Here every tourist can admire white tigers. Campung-Gayan became a refuge for old workers’ elephants.

You can see such elephants and Thailand, which also comes many tourists. Some of them are a little led by a little learn. As for the lake, hippo swim in his waters. Of course, tourists are offered to ride separate residents of the park, as well as make photos with them.

Animal Shows in Safari Park Bali

Park is known and numerous shows with animals. It’s nice that most of them are free. The most often participants of the show become elephants. So, in some show elephants bathe, in others it is satisfied with the procession (of course they do it under the control of the organizers).

Indonesia Attractions and Bali Entertainment; TOP 10

Elephant processions take place only on weekends. Also twice a day, tourists can look at the show, during which it tells how to properly care for elephants. For those who began to bother animals, locals opened the Balinese theater. Here you can explore Balinese dancing, as well as admire the dance show. It is carried out only on Sundays.

Pura Tanah Lot on Bali

If you like beautiful architecture, exotic and Asian charm, Tana Lot Temple &# 8211; exactly what is needed. This is an incredible place that I left in my soul is indelible impressions:

  • The temple is boiled over the water, it is not enough, it is impossible to enter inside;
  • You can go straight to the walls, look at the cave to the sacred snake;
  • Surphers here opens paradise &# 8211; You can cut the waves under a stony arch, challenge nature;
  • Sunset on the background of the temple &# 8211; divine.

In general, I advise you to visit Pura Tanah Lot at dawn &# 8211; annoying Chinese will be less like other tourists. For access to the temple you need pay Purely symbolic amount &# 8211; 14 rubles.

Rice terraces Bali &# 8211; Natural pearl

Travelers who visited Safari Park turned out to be little or just wanted to diversify the excursion program, I advise rice terraces Zhagliavich. This is not just some kind of field, and present the wealth of local farmers &# 8211; Rice plantations are located cascades, and among them there are lakes of the bizarre.

Excursion to the fields costs only 100 rubles., Additionally, you will have to pay parking if you drive by car. By the way, be sure to stroll throughout the plantation &# 8211; Separate terraces are hidden behind the hills, the ripe maturity stage differ on them, and, it means, you can see how the plant cultivates at all stages.

Wood Monkeys in Ubud &# 8211; Park to which there is no equal

Watch the monkeys in natural conditions, and just enjoy beautiful types of jungle, you can in the forest in Ubud. Here you can:

  • Make a photo surrounded by squalid monkeys;
  • Sit among age-old trees;
  • Touch the stone wrashers related to the ravine;
  • go to the Temple of Bali and the Holy Sources;
  • go among mystical sculptures and figures.

Chief Council &# 8211; hide all things, clean the glasses, technicians, hats, otherwise the monkeys will quickly take it to the hands. They love jumping on the shoulders of tourists, take away the treat and pull something. The cost of entry &# 8211; About 100 rubles.

Bali’s Volcano Bali &# 8211; those who love extreme

If you are a desperate traveler and are not afraid of difficulties, a tour of the battur volcano will be an excellent entertainment. His high &# 8211; more than 1,700 meters, the rise is carried out at night to see a stunning dawn. Above the crater, you can fry bananas and eggs, at least they say so &# 8211; We have not tried. Price &# 8211; about 2 000 rubles.

For those who prefer classic rest or spends vacation with children, there is a simplified version &# 8211; spend time at the foot in a small village. There is a cafe overlooking the volcano, and in general the landscapes open cool.

5 more interesting attractions of Bali Island

For one vacation, the attractions mentioned by me are quite enough, but hyper-active tourists or guests who visit the island not for the first time, I propose to explore other attractions:

  1. Rock Ulwatatu with incredible views and an unusual temple, which, however, is constantly closed. Ticket price &# 8211; The usual 100 rubles.
  2. Waterfall Seconds &# 8211; Another natural attraction, one of the highest waterfalls Bali. Over the passage from one tourist takes only 50 rubles.
  3. Palaces of Tirta Ganga and Taman Dwong &# 8211; Complexes on water where demonic sculptures are installed, full of abandoned huts, and the channels are sisha. There are also sacred sources and working private hotel. Cost of excursion &# 8211; from 100 rubles.
  4. Tombs Gunung Kavi &# 8211; Enchanting place for lovers of mysticism. Scleps are located in a ravine with almost 400 steps. Pass &# 8211; 70 rubles.
  5. Mountain lakes &# 8211; Bratan, Buyan, Tamblingan, this is, in fact, just beautiful picturesque places with Balinese nature. The trip will cost 150 rubles.

Be prepared to spend only the most interesting places for a few days &# 8211; do not rush, otherwise at the end of the holiday you will be like a drunk horse and do not rest.

Bali Attractions and Entertainment &# 8211; This is an endless abyss of pleasure for every taste. There is a lot of classes for fans of nature, old architecture, animal world and colorful shows. Will not be boring neither adult nor children &# 8211; Pleasant journey to Bali Island is secured!

Indonesia Attractions and Bali Entertainment; TOP 10

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