Indonesia – Country for the perfect holiday for fans of the sea and excursions

Air temperature in Indonesia all over the year ranges from +26 ° C to +35 ° C. Usually the hottest months of the year are July and August. The temperature of the water from the Indonesian coast over the year is +26 ; +27 ° C. The rainy season in the region begins at the end of autumn and ends in the late spring, but this does not mean that winter &# 8211; Bad choice for travel. On Catholic Christmas and New Year of tourists here Nemer!

The optimal time for the visit will be the period from May to October &# 8211; At the beginning of the high season, prices still remain democratic, tropical showers calm down, and the exhausting heat does not come into their rights. If you dream about surfing to Bali, I advise you to come in the second half of July and in August, when quite spectacular waves rise to the sea.

Rest in Indonesia &# 8211; advantages and disadvantages

It should be noted that Indonesia has a comfortable high-quality hotel basic. Indonesian hotels fully comply with the number of stars available. There are many three-, four- and five-star hotels in the country. At the same time, many "five" refer to the class "de Lux". Also during their visits to Indonesia, I allocated a few key advantages:

  • Friendly locals (Bali, unfortunately, exception);
  • Sweet and high-quality fruits grown without chemicals;
  • affordable prices &# 8211; For example, it is possible to remove normal housing within 1 000 USD per night, while there will be hot water that is rare for developing countries of South Kazakhstan;
  • Amazing Sea with Clean Water &# 8211; here without comment, since the beach holiday of this country does not need advertising;
  • Excellent massage and SPA, but these pleasures can be found at any point of Asia;
  • Indonesia - Country for the perfect holiday for fans of the sea and excursions
  • Abundance of attractions &# 8211; Architecture, nature, vintage temple complexes, statues and more.

The advantages of visiting Indonesia are numerous, but also there are also consistent! The first thing that rushes into the eyes &# 8211; Public transport with smoking passengers, lack of air conditioners and at least minimal comfort. The Internet is very weak here, so do not wear online maps and other charms of civilization &# 8211; they will not be everywhere and for a mad amount. Another tangible drawback for a tourist &# 8211; Indonesians do not speak English, at least, very many, although the situation is not so critical as in Thailand.

National cuisine Indonesia &# 8211; what to try?

Many tourists traveling in Indonesia are tasting with interest to national cuisine, which are a unique mixture of Indian and Chinese traditions, which put an imprint of an island flavor. The most popular product in Indonesia is Nasi Rice. It is boiled in the leaves of a banana or in broth, and also fry with various ingredients or served with vegetables, which are richly seasoned with sauce.

Traditional pork dishes for Europeans in Indonesian cuisine are actually absent, but meat of other animals and birds, as well as seafood of the cook in Indonesia are prepared with great ingenuity. Also in Indonesia, you can enjoy exotic dishes, such as fried locust, Caracatin stew with greens, swallowed nest, boiled in chicken broth, and other disasses. I confess, did not decide on such experiments, so I won’t tell about the tastes of frank exotic. But I can recommend that trying to try in Indonesia:

  • Beef Randang &# 8211; Meat with spices, cooked in coconut milk;
  • Saty &# 8211; Something like our kebab cooked on the Indonesian way;
  • Soto &# 8211; thick welded soup with meat and herbs;
  • Bakso &# 8211; Meat balls or meatballs, especially tasty with rice noodles and vegetables;
  • Tempe &# 8211; Roasted Soybean dish, which is served to meat, is distinguished by an unusual taste;
  • Peumpeck &# 8211; Tapile fish cake, served with fragrant sauce.

In Indonesian cuisine, there are many sharp dishes that local residents usually wash the sweet tea with ice or cold water. In addition, Indonesians often use ginger tea, fresh juices and drinks made on the basis of coconut milk. At the same time, alcoholic beverages are local residents that are mainly Muslims, do not drink at all.

Safety of tourists in Indonesia &# 8211; 7 Useful Soviets

It is believed to be Indonesia &# 8211; Country safe, and the crime rate is low here. But we do not believe with you into such stories, because the tourist in someone else’s state is always quite dangerous &# 8211; He is on someone else’s land, does not know the customs and language, risks to become a victim of thieves and fraudsters. Traveling in Indonesia, tourists should comply with a number of security rules:

  1. Remember that in the country It is forbidden to import medicines, plants, animals, military ammunition and weapons, as well as literature on Chinese medicine.
  2. Tourists who during the rest will not refuse to smoke a jamb with grass, should remember that imports into indonesia drugs Care the highest punishment.
  3. Also, we should not forget that in the capital of the country, Jakarta introduced ban on smoking in public places. The violator of this ban has every chance to spend 6 months in Indonesian prison. And in the rest of the regions it is possible to smoke at every step than Indonesians and enjoy.
  4. As in other Asian countries, in Indonesia, it is necessary to carefully to the quality of drinking water and ice, Avoiding falling into the cavity of the mouth of water from under the tap.
  5. Discard travel On the bike in the evening and night &# 8211; Especially unsafe for girls, but men can break the bag from the shoulder or snatch the phone from the hands, so remove all things in the glove box.
  6. Choose accommodation for rent in protected buildings, otherwise risk becoming a victim of theft &# 8211; The presence of lattices on the windows and a good safe will be the advantage.
  7. If you rent a bike or remove the apartment, be sure Conclude the contract With all deficiencies, damage, scratches &# 8211; Otherwise, when surrender, unambiguous questions may arise.

Indonesia &# 8211; Unusual country suitable for year-round rest. However, the best time for visiting is summer and off-season (autumn and spring), especially &# 8211; If you want not only to soak on the beach among the palm trees, but also explore local attractions. Minor disadvantages are not able to spoil the impressions of the trip, the main thing &# 8211; Positive attitude of the tourist. And to raise the mood is capable of Indonesian cuisine &# 8211; It has a lot in common with traditional Asian cuisine, but with the inclusion of European notes.

Indonesia - Country for the perfect holiday for fans of the sea and excursions

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