Indonesia &# 8211; Country of unique attractions and Divine Food

The tourist sphere in Indonesia is well developed, so the traveler will always be what to see. To travel here there is a simplified registration system: Russians can get a visa right in the Passport Room Indonesia &# 8211; no wires and bureaucracy that can spoil holidays. However, tourists more often attracts the other:

  • Entertainment for every taste for adults and children;
  • Clean and well-groomed beaches across the country;
  • Impeccable opportunities for a secluded romantic holiday;
  • Here the exoticism of the East is broken out in all its glory;
  • You can visit the real theater of shadows;
  • Beautiful nature and spectacular landscapes;
  • Warm climate and comfortable holiday year-round.

In Indonesia, go for flawless beach holidays &# 8211; Only Bali is able to give odds to all the rest of the world resorts. The presence of an extensive excursion program allows you to diversify the journey &# 8211; You can not only soar on the beaches, but also go through the jungle, inspect the temples, lost in the forest, to personally see the latest preserved dragons.

Indonesia; Country of unique attractions and Divine Food

Kitchen Indonesia &# 8211; What to try on vacation?

Tourists attracts a unique kitchen of this country. She absorbed Chinese, Indian and island traditions. The basis of the diet here, of course, is rice. Local cooks are boiled with meat, fry, make chips from it, just serve with vegetables. Of course, each dish in Indonesia is seasoned with various sauces. If you arrived in this country, do not pass by &# 8211; Try the traditional and most delicious meals:

  • Sate &# 8211; Meat or fish kebabs, popular street food;
  • Randang &# 8211; fragrant and juicy beef with spicy sauce;
  • Bunkut &# 8211; bovine tails soup, welded and useful dish;
  • Siomay &# 8211; Something similar to dumplings only as a filling use fish;
  • Otku-Otku &# 8211; Fried fish with coconut oil in palm leaves;
  • Gado-Gado &# 8211; Vegetable Assorted Tofu.

Pork here practically do not use, but tourists are offered a rich selection of seafood and meat. For example, among travelers is very popular with soup cooked from shark fins. You can also try frogs, fried locust, kebab, omelet with a variety of greenery and nuts, tuna mashed potatoes and much more.

Entertainment in Indonesia &# 8211; what to do on vacation?

Indonesia is ready to offer tourists a wide variety of sports entertainment. Since the country borders with the sea, you can count on a visit Diving centers. Indonesians will provide you with the necessary equipment and a guide, and, if necessary, teach it right to behave under water. In addition, in the territory of the country are located Mountain ridges. Mountain tourism and ski lovers will probus the level of service.

When sightseeing and traditional beach entertainment will be brought to the island of Sulawesi &# 8211; here Rich World Flora and Fauna, You can catch a huge butterfly or just watch the life of animals from the outside. Real extremes can Fighter on the Ayung River or fall into the crater volcano (if it does not start erupt). If the level of desperation is not so high, you can just climb the current volcano &# 8211; of this ; good ; In Indonesia, abound.

Attractions Indonesia &# 8211; 5 best places

Indonesia is rich in amazing places that you remember for life &# 8211; Many of them have a thousand-year history, so the trip promises to be pleasant and bring useful food for the inquisitive mind of the traveler. The most interesting attractions include:

  1. Famous Wood Monkey. As clearly from the name, its main attraction are living here in large quantities of monkeys. However, here you can stumble on the ancient temples, whose architecture will certainly strike you. Also in the forest you can find many rare plants.
  2. On Java, you can visit Prambanan. This temple complex stands on the island no longer one century. Tourists will be impressed by complexity and, at the same time, the elegance of an old building. According to many sightseeing bureaus, this complex is the best attraction of Indonesia.
  3. Also do not forget to make a visit to Batubulan. This small village is known as a stone thread center. The best Indonesian specialists in this area live here. Workshops constantly boils work, so tourists can expect that they will see the process of creating various decorative elements.
  4. Vulcan Rindjani &# 8211; will conquer only travelers who are not afraid of difficulties, because to overcome almost 4,000 meters will be very difficult. On top there is a stunning landscape, so it’s worth going here, at a minimum, for the sake of gorgeous photos, well, and for positive emotions, of course, too.
  5. Borobodur &# 8211; Another pearl of Java island, a unique temple complex that miraculously reached the present day. Not only are structures in the jungle, hundreds of years they were hidden under the thickness of volcanic ash and only now became public domain. My verdict &# 8211; See exactly worth!

Also in Indonesia, I counted with a dozen places worthy of attention. For example, Plateau Dieneg, Jombling Cave, Volcano Bromo, Colored Lake Kelimuto, Komodo Island. If your journey lasts more than a week, visit these and other places, if you are very limited in time, I do not advise rush to hurry, it is better to choose several attractions and thoughtfully enjoy their beauty.

So, if you want to get positive impressions from your vacation, then you should think about traveling to Indonesia. You will be satisfied with the beautiful landscapes, hospitality of local residents, as well as a variety of attractions. And, of course, do not forget about the classic vacation &# 8211; to soak on snow-white beaches with a soft sand and enjoy culinary masterpieces in the local restaurants I advise every tourist. Overpay in pathetic institutions &# 8211; In the cafe of the average price category (a check within $ 15) is prepared very tasty.

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