Indonesia: Komodo Island

Indonesia – the world’s largest archipelago 5120 by 1760 km. Its composition, in various data, is from 13,000 to 17,000 islands, from among no more than 9000 have names. But only a few are known to the whole world: Java, Bali, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sumatra and Komodo. Let’s travel along several of them!

Bali Island has a unique geographical position. From the south it is washed by the Indian Ocean, from the north – the sea of ​​Bali as part of the Pacific Ocean. There are beaches and volcanoes, the plant world is represented by four types of forests, the sacred tree is a banana, and among the many representatives of the fauna of special mention deserves a rare cave crab Karstama Balicum, introduced into the international red book.

The unusual volcanic island of Satounda was formed after the eruption of the volcano of the same name about 3000 years ago. In the water area there are magnificent coral reefs, and together with the neighboring Islands of Satona is the National Natural Natural Park. In the center of the island there is a lake with extremely salted water: salt concentration exceeds the same ocean indicator. It is believed that this water comes from ancient volcanic crater, whose age exceeds 10,000 years.

And finally, the commodo. This island is not among the largest (first place in the country there is a new Guinea), but is famous for its nature. Komodo Square is 390 km², just over 2,000 people live here. From the middle of the XIX and before the beginning of the 20th century, the neighboring island of Flores was under the control of the Netherlands, but the first Europeans set foot on the Komodo only in 1910.

Blowing near the island, the Dutch sailors returned to Flores with the stories about the "live dragons", which they saw on the shore, but did not dare to get closer, because "7 m longs have breathed fire". Stories interested Chapter Colony, Lieutenant Jacques Karel Henri Van Stein Wang Hensbruck, and, accompanied by armed soldiers, he went to explore the Komodo.

The expeditions managed to catch one of the creatures that sailors were accepted for dragons. The lizard, called the "Dresser Varan", was carefully investigated by biologists on the island of Java, and these records are the first documentary evidence of this type of animals. Understanding that in the wild there are very few of them, in 1915 the government of the Netherlands adopted the law on their protection.

This largest lizard on the planet can reach 3 m in length with weight up to 90 kg. Her prey becomes animals of any size: from rats to horses. Lizard is waiting for a sacrifice in ambush, knocks her down with a kick of a powerful tail and breaks the flesh with her sharp teeth. However, the fire, as the Dutch sailors argued, the chest of drawers do not breathe.

And although these days these amazing lizards inhabit a few more Indonesian islands, it is the domain – the place where they were discovered – is their business card. In 1980 the national park was established to protect the monitor lizards, where tourists get acquainted not only with living prehistoric reptiles, but also admire the beautiful nature.

Indonesia island Komodo

There is a unique beach with pink sand – in the world of which there are only seven. Unusual color beach obliged foraminifera – tiny unicellular, whose shells strewn shore. We offer a look under the water and see the unique reefs of Komodo.

In 1991, the Komodo National Park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: the combination of climate and geographical location of the island create a unique landscape and ecosystem. Bright turquoise water contrasts remarkably with brown hills and savannah. Highlight the landscape gives the volcano, and coral reefs lives myriad fish that attracts sea turtles, whales, dolphins and dugongs.

Sad news for lovers of nature and travel: Indonesian authorities are considering a plan to close the island to tourists in order to preserve the flora and fauna. This idea many opponents: in particular, the local people will be unemployed. Protesting against the closure, people offer just limit visiting Komodo, making it a fee.

Whatever it was, with the help of panoramas AirPano to visit this corner of the planet is always possible!

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