Indonesia: Sumatra Island

Sumatra – the fifth largest island of the world. Volcanic activity "Gave" Isle hundreds of kilometers of dark sand beaches and dozens of pure mountain lakes, and a stormy historical past – the ruins of ancient temple complexes and palaces.

The most interesting is a fashionable resort Parapat On the shores of the magnificent volcanic lake Toba, the royal graves and the Palace of the island Samosier, Palace of Istana Maimoon, Mosque Mesjid Rayia and Military Museum "Bukit-Barisan" v Med, Crocodile farm near Med, Orangutanov Rehabilitation Center Bochorok, Picturesque canals Palembang, The largest volcanic lake of Southeast Asia – Toba, Green Mountain Valley of Kerinchi and Danau Ranaau, Amazing and Ovened Legends Capital of the People "Mengkabau" – Bukitting (Fort de Cok), "Volcano killer" Krakatau in the zonda strait, as well as numerous villages of local residents, as if transferred in the XXI century from the deep medieval.

In the northern part of Sumatra is the country’s largest reserve – Gunung-Lör, guarding the habitats of the rarest Sumatran rhino, tigers, wild bulls and orangutan, as well as relict mountain landscapes and unique thundings of rocks. And around Hunung-Sinabung and Gunung-Sibayak volcanoes, where the climate is much cooler, the best trekking areas of the island and many small private mining liqueur areas on the shores of the purest mountain lakes spread.

News from the island of Sumatra

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Reviews and studies of trips

Indonesia – a country of large contrasts

Without a visa for free 30 days, it is necessary to enter and leave only through one of the airports: Batam, Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, or Ferry from Singapore. Read more →

Juan | Summer 2016

Indonesia. Month on Bali

Bali – a special island as part of Indonesia. Since most of the residents profess Hinduism, therefore, freedom of expression is not joined here (if you understand what I mean) read more →

Nastya | August 2014

Vulcan Sibayak. Sleeping monster. Indonesia, Sumatra

Berastagi is a mountain resort, famous for volcanoes and a charming fruit market (so written on the Internet). Our main goal was the volcano Sibayak. Read more →

Indonesia island Sumatra

Berastagi and its volcanoes

In the Indonesian province of Sumpera Uter (North Sumatra), there are berastagi, next to which two volcanoes are located, for which last year it was easy to climb. Read more →

Lake Toba. Samosier Island

We sat down in a tourist bus to Lake Toba. Price – 75,000 rupees (the price includes a ferry ticket to the samosira). Travel time 4 hours. Read more →

Banda Ache

Journey to Orangutans in Natpark Gunung Lesser in the spring of this year began from the capital of the Indonesian special territory of Ningroe Ache Darussalam – Banda Ache city. Read more →

antinormanist | spring 2013

Village Nagari Sungai Pinang, Padang, Sumatra

Nagari Sungai Pinang liked its remoteness from the civilization and the relax atmosphere, as well as the modesty and ease of morals of local residents. I met tourists there, who go to the village many times. Read more →

Sumatran transport

In the accompanying region of Ache and the province of Sumyr Utara (North Sumatra) in the north of the largest Indonesian Island – Sumatra, with long distances and shuttle roads read more →

West Sumatra

Our trip was the 35th day, but I wanted to look much. In Padan, we flee away in the evening. Around 11 pm left to the guesthouse in the village next to the volcano, drove to 5:30 am Read more →

Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra

One of the central nature attractions of the island of Sumatra – Lake Toba, which is located in the brief of the extinct volcano and the largest volcanic lake in the world. Read more →

Tonggin – lost paradise

Tonggin Village is an amazing world on the shores of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic reservoir. You will not find tonggin on the maps, but having been there, want to go back again. Read more →

Indonesia island Sumatra

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