Inexpensive vacation in Abkhazia: ideas and advice

Abkhazia is famous for his inexpensive place to relax, which generally corresponds to reality. Prices for accommodation in hotels here are 30-50% lower than in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation, especially when early booking and accommodation in a large company. Depending on the place and level of the hotel in July-August, you can remove a double room for 1000-2500 rubles, a quadruple – 2200-3500 rubles (2015 prices have an explicit trend towards growth).

The same picture and when placed in the private sector – 250-350 rubles per person per day, even at the height of the season – the standard price, the room can be removed for 500-900 rubles, apartment – for 1500-3000 rubles per day. However, it should be borne in mind that the proposed level of comfort that at the hotel is that in a private house will also be relatively low, interruptions of water and electricity are happened, a number of TV channels are not taken and in many places very unstable Internet. Therefore, it should always be carefully acquainted with the conditions before checking. Special attention should be paid to working electrical equipment, the presence of hot water and humidity – in the local climate is a significant problem, and many hotels and residential buildings have serious problems with ventilation.

It is easiest to rent housing, contacting the locals in any store or cafe. By and large, hiring declarations hang on each fence, but for their comprehensive study, too much time will need. An interesting option is to appeal to specialized apartment agencies and a turbule, which are in all resort cities. It will most often offer a rather extensive choice of options with proven conditions and in some cases can even provide a car with a driver who will be brought by the offered housing places. It will come out somewhat more expensive than "outside", But the work of such a bureau is absolutely transparent (in some cases, they can even give a receipt or analogue of a contract of employment). But to intermediaries at the station or checkpoint, especially in Adler, not recommended.

Many very successful guest houses in Abkhazia – and they have recently appeared quite a few – placed far enough from the sea, which, due to local relief and realities, creates certain inconveniences (homemade cattle – norm even in the capital). But it will always be possible to keep yourself in shape and practically no need to pay for the beach infrastructure – when accommodation in the hotel, it is free, there are almost no free on the public beach (showers and toilets in sufficient quantities are also not everywhere). Often silence, fresh air (along the coast passes the main transport artery of the country) and the absence of seaside stuffiness with more than cover the disadvantages of remoteness.

Foodstuffs in stores and markets

Despite the fact that the overall level of prices in the stores in Abkhazia is higher than in Russia, to find a place for budget food here is completely simple. Even hotels provide two- or three-time meals for 400-600 rubles per day, tightly dine in a cafe or aparth (patzch) without wine it is possible for 150-300 rubles per person. However, it is necessary to fear frankly budget places where certain problems with the quality of products can have. The choice of power points is so wide that you can always find an institution in the shower, wallet and stomach.

For accommodation in the private sector, many tourists prefer to prepare themselves. It really can pretty unload budget, because most of the products are purchased right away from the owners or neighbors (in the market prices are often quite high). However, there is a lot of depends on the available amenities and kitchen tools, the set of products (many of the ingredients familiar to us here have a noticeable taste, some are not at all), and in general, from the mutual relationship with the owners. By the way, if planned to be purchased on the market, then go there for products should be as soon as possible, hours from 7 am on a weekday, when wider selection and lower prices.

The easiest way to save literally on everything is to carefully choose the place of residence and maintain good relations with the owners and locals. "For their own" There will be a discount in the coastal cafe, and travel on a minibus, and products from the garden or homemade wine. Also, it is also possible to simply agree with the organization of the trip to some interesting place or transfer to the border, to get the Board on the quality of the work of this or another cafe. However, in this situation, it is ultimately not recommended to try "Get on the ruble pyatakov" and desperately bargain for each trifle – prices for all goods and services here are more or less established and no one will be at a loss.

Cheapest places in Abkhazia

It should also be borne in mind that accommodation and food outside the resort areas and places of permanent accumulation of tourists are also noticeable cheaper. Therefore, sometimes it happens easier, and saving and dining and dining, for example, in Lidzava or Inkite, and walk to swim on the beaches of Pitsunda. Also, many interesting options can be found in completely non-microde at first glance. Accommodation in Mussere or barn, for example, will provide access to the relict forests of the Pitsundo Mussersheska Reserve and tiny, but clean and completely deserted rocky beaches around Cape Fat, and Escher or Amghasar (Citrusovanovanovani) will allow much cheaper to use the entire infrastructure of the new Athos or Sukhumi at The presence of an additional bonus in the form of mineral waters and almost complete loss even in the height of the season. Especially interesting such options when traveling on their own car, when the problem of transport is solved by itself.

Inexpensive vacation in Abkhazia ideas and tips

Price on excursions in Abkhazia

Separately stands on excursions. In principle, all the Turbously of the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation and the Abkhazia itself will organize tours to the most interesting places of the republic. In most cases, large buses are used for this, which are spent a lot of time on local roads and give very little time to the inspection of the very place, especially if the tour end-to-end and then the car should visit some other objects. Yes, and the unloading of major groups of sightseers in one or another monument does not add to him charm. Many of these trips are also silence – to the lake Rice, for example, from Sochi, you can go for 1200-1500 rubles from a person (adult, children’s rates are very different), from the new Athon – about 1000-1300 rubles from an adult and 800- 1000 – With a child. And the smaller the vehicle (and minibuses and minivans in local conditions are much more preferable), the more expensive the tour.

Therefore, a more optimal way to see some interesting places will be renting a private machine with a driver from among local residents. This is usually accounted for 1500-2500 rubles per car depending on the distance, you can search for different options depending on the size of the company and the length of the trip. Departure is usually assigned based on the convenience of guests, and you can get to the place long before the arrival of the first excursion groups, and also to spend so much time there, how much is needed, without looking at the schedule. In addition, Abkhaz drivers sometimes are able to tell about the object a lot more interesting than the guest guide. Yes, and this way can be much more interesting objects at a time. The only thing to specify in advance is the total price of the trip, and of course – the stops of stops to avoid check-in to commercially interesting owner of the point.

It is also necessary to look closely in advance to the conditions in the case of planning some local (review) tours. In this case, there are temporary companies, often not even local who work on the principle "Collect more – and there will deal" and sometimes very far from the generally accepted standards of the resort. Therefore, in case a trip to the sea on a boat or bus tour "At present Abkhaz village with tasting", You should not be lazy and listen to reviews of people who returned from such a tour. In the case of the slightest signs "Shabashiki" from excursions of this kind should unconditionally refuse and look for advice from local residents who can suggest an option and easier, and more interesting.

Entrance tickets to the territory of many well-known monuments of the history of Abkhazia are quite expensive – from 100 rubles for visiting the Anacopian Fortress or Gott of Simone Channel A to 300-500 rubles for Novo Aphon Caves. In the case of purchasing an organized tour, you do not need to pay for the entrance, since everything is included in the trip. Some places are trying to summarize the entrance fee for open to any monument – it is better to consult about such cases in the local turbule.

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