Infinity of a little Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka combines external compactness and internal infinity. It seems that the beaches of this island stretch infinitely, at the same time you need only three hours to get to its central part, where there are reserves in which you can find a flock of elephants or buffaloes, and unique historical cities with narrow stuffy streets and merchants for Sentible selling precious stones and wood products, leather, coconut nuts. And the Western and Eastern Coast shares only 225 km.

However, the infinity of the beaches is still deceptive because Sri Lanka remarkably illustrates the Russian proverb: "Not knowing the brody, do not fall into the water". Bathing in the first place you like, and there will be many such things, fraught with very unpleasant consequences: dangerous and powerful ocean currents, and some fish, and sea animals. True, almost all possible water entertainment is available in tourists, almost all possible water entertainment are available – from bress, cracks and lying on inflatable mattresses before sailing or scuba. But in no case can you expect that you can bathe all the time.

That the ocean for swimming is unsuitable, warn the appropriate inscriptions on shields or red flags. "On the west coast, there is always a wave, and on the Eastern you can meet the calm. Extremely rarely, though", -Sri Lanka Beach Features are told. Sometimes you have to walk in an infinitely long walking along the ocean, waiting for a suitable weather or in search of calm water. If the shore has a lot of coral debris, it is better not to climb into water regardless of the height of the waves: there is a danger of pretty scatter.

Meanwhile, the most often corals are mentioned in the resorts where there is a popular snorkeling. For example, in the Hikkaduva area (Sri Lanka’s West Coast), this word can be found in the names and hotels, and bars, and, of course, diving centers. This place is successful both in experienced submariners and newbies. Along with the word "coral", instructors capable of teaching this cunning science here too can be found everywhere.

Possibilities of scuba diving no less adequately illustrate the deceptive infinity of Sri Lanka. The ocean with its unique flora and fauna is available to tourists not constantly. Powerful underwater flows and moving ocean water layers most of the year do not allow diving: significantly worsens visibility. January-February is considered the best season.

Infinity of a little Sri Lanka

By the way, you can not only look at the underwater inhabitants, and still catch them. Lankan fishing is one of the most popular activities from tourists. A catch can be both a Spanish mackerel and shark – the truth is very small and completely safe for a person. Mainly fishing are engaged in the southern beaches of the island. Entertainment is not for "owl", Boat with fishermen sails pretty early.

The main resort area is the West Coast, since, according to tourists, "South Coast Sri Lanka all in stones, and the ocean in algae". Eastern beaches are not as developed, and tourists about them almost do not know anything. The concentration of hotels in the West is also connected with the fact that Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, where the international airport is located in the West (more precisely, in the south-west). But the windsurfing lovers chose the Eastern Coast. In principle, Sri Lanka is a year-round resort with a constant temperature example but 30 ° С. But the experts of this country warn that on the beaches of the south-west coast, it is best to go from November to April, and on the beaches of East – from April to September.

Now, as a year ago, the resorts of the island are available almost completely. The consequences of the tsunami were not so catastrophic, and Sri Lanka coastal hotels almost completely restored. Tour operators, and representatives of Lankan companies, and Russian ambassador to Sri Lanka. More in addition, thanks to the help that Sri Lanka had various states, some hotels have passed complete renovation and significantly improved their appearance. And the alert system of tsunami, which last winter, alas, was not already appeared.

Infinity of a little Sri Lanka

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