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Money in italy is better to change in banks, and not in hotels. When exchanging money they can take commission. In large supermarkets offering a wide range of products from bread to mink mate and evening toilets, prices are lower than in private stores. Markets – an ideal place to purchase gifts for relatives and clothes for children. The quality of the goods is incomparably with what we find in our markets, although many products are brought from China, Thailand and Africa. Market in Venice is located in the suburbs (Mestre) and works on Tuesdays on the square near the train station, and in Florence – close to the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. There is such a market and in Rimini. The straw hats can be attributed to traditional Italian souvenirs (from 10 dollars), brooches with various versions of Venetian masks (from $ 5), elegant porcelain pupae and clowns (from 15 dollars). Fans of sophisticated and fragile beauty can be recommended by products from the famous Venetian glass. The factory itself is located on the island of Murano. Venice comes from about 15 dollars. Entrance to the factory is free. In addition to very traditional items, you will find unique products performed in the XIV or XV century technique. Their price begins with 500 dollars. You will be amazed by the abundance of sparkling lamps and Venetian mirrors in expensive frames. The average price of such a mirror – 3-4 thousand dollars. Modern Venetian Mirrors are made on new technologies. If you have a lighter, bring it to the usual mirror and see that the flame has three or five reflections. Vintage mirrors were given by 9-11 reflections, and Venetian – up to 17. Fans of fur products can be recommended to visit the nearest supermarket, where the small mink mate will cost about $ 850 (it is not made of crawling), and natural coat – at 500-800 dollars. Small private shops will offer you a wide range of fashionable Italian shoes at a price of $ 10 per summer slippers and up to $ 200 for fashionable boots. The average price of decent shoes will be 50-100 dollars. If you take more than one pair of shoes, you can negotiate a discount. Lack of language can replace paper sheet and fountain pen. Here to this accustomed. Few people return from Italy without shopping. This is one of the best countries in Europe that will satisfy any tastes and claims.

Italy occupies the Appeenss Peninsula, a small part of the continental territory, Islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and others. Total area – 301 thousand. kv. KM. In the continental part of the country there are Alps with foothills, on the peninsula – low Apennine Mountains, here are the highest mountains of Europe: Mont Blanc (4807 m), Monte Rose (4634 m). Population – 57.5 million. person. Capital – Rome. Religion – Catholicism.

Climate – Mediterranean, from moderately warm on Pandan plain to tropical in Sicily. In the peninsular and island parts – subtropical. In the south summer dry and roast, winter soft and warm. The average temperature of January: in Rome + 9C, in Venice +6, in Florence +7, in Naples +10; Temperature of July: in Rome and Naples +28, in Venice and Florence + 28c. Climate Sardinia looks like a climate of the southern coast of Crimea.

Time lags behind Moscow for two hours.

Currency – Italian lira. In June 1996, 1 ​​US dollar cost 1556 lire.

Custom formalities are not very strict. If you do not have items for declaration, "green corridor" All will allow you to quickly cost customs control at the airport. Selective control is possible in trains and on roads. In addition to personal items, you can carry two cigarette blocks, 5 liters of wine and 1.5 liters of strong alcoholic beverages.

Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 16.thirty.

Language – Italian. Dialects of individual areas are very different from each other. In hotels and restaurants, as a rule, are understood in English and French. German is understood in the resort areas in the north of the Adriatic and on the lakes.

ELECTRICITY. Voltage in the network 220 V. In small cities, the voltage 110 is still preserved.

Dimensions. Italian sizes of shoes are more ours to one size: Russian 43 is Italian 44. The size of the clothing corresponds to our, and the letter notation S, M, L, XL became familiar to Russia.

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TELEPHONE. To use machine guns, you need to purchase plastic cards (5-10 thousand lire), they are sold in kiosks, bars, special machines. In the bar you can call a coin 200 lire. From a hotel or from a private apartment to call better at a preferential rate – from 18.30 to 22.00 and especially – from 22.00 to 8.00.

Italian cuisine is very diverse, for each area is a separate culinary center with his know-how. It is possible for how long to paint the Venetian shrimp on the rashpire, Roman calf roast "Jump in Roth", Milan risotto with wine and neapolitan cheeses, but we will focus on such a traditional and universally respected in Italy dish, as "paste". Actually, the paste is the general name of the unimaginable amount of products from the test of all sorts of colors and taste fillers. There are red-yellow-green pastes under the color of the national flag, painted according to paprika, saffron and spinach. It is a favorite dish of Italians-patriots. There are radical black painted ink Cracatin juice. Their Italians eat in "Minutes of soulful Neversgoda". Sauces to pasta – not count: from traditional options with meat, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and summer gifts to such taste perversions, like with black caviar, beer and pineapples. And so that the traveler did not fit in front of this gastronomic on Natius, we present some of the most common varieties of pastes. Kaneleoni – Something like our pancakes with filling of lips, ham, cheese, with different sauces. Nyokki – Dumplings. Padpartello – noodles sliced ​​by wide stripes. Tortellini – Little Square Pelmers. Penne – Thick short pasta, cut at an angle. Taliatel – Flat Long Noodles. Fettuccini – thin noodle. Spaghetti – Very Long Thin Macaroni.

About spaghetti – especially. It should be born italian to cool with these cunning slippery macaronins. Virtuoso technique is achieved by repeated experience. However, we hope that with the help of our councils you will succeed at least to achieve your portion. With the edge of a plate, separate a small bundle and hook it between the first and second progls. Then vertically assume the plug into the bottom of the plate and start rotating. Feast of you to cut off the recaller pasta with a knife – first, it is against the rules of etiquette, secondly, they immediately aggressively contact and splash the sauce in the face. If spaghetti with edible shells, then mollusks are pre-cleaned, and the sinks are folded on a plate.

Paolo Tolu, the owner of the Roman restaurant "Drappo", Two years ago, I visited Moscow and with great respect responded about the sacheut Russian cuisine – borscht, pancakes and dumplings. However, he noticed with chagrin that our mistresses do not show fantasies on pasty topics. And as a gift readers of the magazine "Voyage" Signor Tolua conveyed an exclusive spaghetti recipe with stuffed squid.

Melon, bananas, pears or any other seasonal fruits are chopped finely, then mixed with tmin, parsley, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of breading crackers moistened with white wine. This mass is stuffed with a purified carcass of squid and sewed with silk thread. Squid is then lowered into a saucepan with boiling water and boil 20 minutes in a company with tomatoes, onions, garlic and two spoons of olive oil. Separately boiled spaghetti. The finished squid is cut by slices, put on top of the pasta and water the sauce formed during cooking. Oh, this is the last temptation of gourmet!

InfoMotion about Strana_8

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