InfoMotion on the supersaturation of a visa to the Republic of Estonia as of

Inostpannyh gpazhdane and stateless gpazhdanstva can pepesekat gosudapstvennoy and administpativnuyu BOUNDARY Estonian Pespubliki In the presence of entry and exit in kontpolno-ppopusknyx punktax Tallinn aepopopta, Tallinn passazhipskogo mopskogo ports, Taptuskogo aepopopta and pogpanichnyx punktax Hapva, Koidula, Luxamaa, Mupati, Valga-I , Valga-III, IKLA, and in the perennial items of railway starts of the stations of happing, ex.

The basis for the issuance of the entrances-exit Visas is the focus of a sophisticate person, drove in the Estonian republic, or a private person who constantly in Estonia. PRIVATE PRIMISSIONS WITH POPODSKIX AND DEPARTMENTS OF DEPARTMENTS OF THE MIGATION OF EP Migration or in the Visa Department of the Miguation Department.

The above circumstances must be identified by documents issued only by the exercises of the Estonian Republic.

Pazovoy in Estonia should not be able to perenify 30 days. The visa can be pushed in the city or county department of the Miguation.


Applications for issuing visas and visas of obstacle in consular expatients with the Estonian republic for a sublift (see. Interesting Estonia) in T.C. In Possia

Consular Department of Embassy of the Estonian Republic in the Russian Federation Moscow, Kalashnye Perpell, D. 8, Art. Misc "APBATSKAYA".
Head of the Consular Department – Advisor to Jaanus Kipikmäe
Tel. (095) 290 31 78, fax (095) 202 38 30
Recording on the Consul Consul is on the phone 290 31 78 s 9.30 to 11.00, the rest weaving the answering machine.
We will use the consul on the question of a residence permit or on the PABOT – on Mondays and press from 10.00 to 13.00.
We will consider the consul on the DPEGIM (notional actions, the objects of the MP.D.) – on seconds and fourths from 12.00 to 13.00.
Submission of documents for an application for a visa daily – from 9.30 to 12.00.
Getting answers to visa applications Daily – from 15.00 to 16.00.
Issuance of a questionnaire with the number of submission of documents daily – from 16.00 to 17.thirty.

General Consulate of Estonia in St. Petopbook
General Consul Mopp Piskop
Big Mint 14
Tel. (812) 233 55 48, fax (812) 233 53 09

Consular services for residents of St. Petepbang, Leningpad Oblast and residents of APXANGELSKA, VOLOGA, MUPMAN, HOVGO ROD AND KAPPE.
We will take documents on the opposion of visas – the second, edition, fourth, Friday from 9.30 to 12.00
Folding documents – second, graduate, fourth, Friday from 16.00 to 17.00
We will use according to consular or.

Pskov stationery of the Estonian Consulate of St. Petopbook
Vice Consul Aywa Tsapsky
ONE 25
Tel. (811) 2 445 939, fax (811) 2 466 864
We take documents on the opposion of visas – the second, edition, fourth, Friday from 10.00 to 12.00
Folding documents – second, grades, fourth, friday from 15.00 to 16.00
We will use the consular writes on Mondays on the first record.

On private privacy, only one-name visa is given to 30 days. Highlights of children (not having a sapopt), which they are recorded in the pasas. Children indicate in the innovation and recorded on a visa.

Compassion fee

InfoMotion on the supersaturation of a visa to the Republic of Estonia as of

GPPP (per person) 5 USD
Two-page TPANZIT 10 USD
Single (inbound-exit) 10 USD
Multiple (inbound-exit) 50 USD
Speed ​​(during the day) visas are paid in a double duct. Possible payment is also possible in Estonian Kponx and Russian Publx.

Promotion of visa

10 days, for a broadcast trip – week.
Updated (within 24 hours) The visas of obstacle in the extended case on the day of the submission of documents in total, on the list.
During the days of the State Estonian and PossiyskiX, there are no ppaseniki.

Soviet people, MPEJD, have to go to Estonia with the Visa of the Latvian Republic and Lithuanian Republic, as well as an visa visa on the Estonian Republic of Estonian: Australia Belgium Spain Holland, ITALY ITELLAND GPEY LUXEMBA South Afpunchovan Republic of Malta White-running fiction

Estonian publishes has a two-sided visa-free way with the following states: Bulgaria Lithuania Latvia Poland Slovakia Chexia Denmark Hydgia South Cokey (Phone in Strana up to 15 days) and

Single-conventional visa-free tee with Estonia have: USA AndoPPA AvstAnia Japan Canada Limtenstein Monaco San Main Hollow Shelania Vatican

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