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The season on Mauritius lasts from November to May. The air temperature at this time does not fall below + 25 ° C, the ocean temperature is only for a couple of degrees below. The air is pretty wet, happen and rains. It’s funny that on a small (less than 2000 km 2) Mauritius a few climatic zones, and the sun can be shining on the coast, and a 15-minute drive deep into the island at the same time pouring rain. Anyway, do not forget about protective cream: many manages to burn and cloudy weather.

Visa is placed at the airport of the capital of Mauritius Port Louis at arrival. But only if you have a booked room at the hotel.

Flight. Flight Moscow-Mauritius, unfortunately, does not exist. You can fly through London, Paris, Geneva or Frankfurt. Flights perform several European airlines, but it is good to trust Air Mauritius: Comfort and Service in flight are not inferior to island hotels. If you fly, let’s say, to Paris in the Air France, and then on the island by Air Mauritius (well, the same companies, respectively), then the flight will cost you $ 3,600 in business class and at $ 930 in the economic. Flight from Europe to Mauritius takes about 12-15 hours – depending on the city from which you fly out. All flights from Air Mauritius – and there, and back – take off in the evening, and sit in the destination in the morning, which is extremely convenient.

Hotels as mentioned above are very comfortable. As a rule, these are complexes from a variety of separate bungalows (1-4 rooms each) under exotic roofs of palm leaves. Pools, bars, restaurants, boutiques, air conditioners, hairdryers, mini bars – unconditionally. In principle, you can try to communicate with the sought-after, let’s say, via the Internet, the hotel. But it is better to do this through travel agencies. Believe me, it will be cheaper, because they get good discounts from partners. You can recommend a tourist company "Sodis", which works closely with MTTB (Mauritius Tourism and Travel Board) and for six years already organizes a trip to the island for its customers. For example: Ten days at the TROU AUX BICHES (Categories category "Four stars plus") Together with the flight will cost you $ 2,800 per person.

Language.State language Mauritius – English, but it’s not very talking on it. Everyone speaks at Creole French: this is French, hopelessly spoiled by a dozen other languages ​​- borrowing, grammar and pronunciations. In any case, the english knowledge of English or French is enough for you to explain in any hotel, a restaurant or shop. (And clients of the same "Sodisa" most hotels are not necessarily. Word itself "Sodis" There is a password function: any receptionist or a waiter, if necessary, contact the manager and so on the chain, almost right up to Moscow, just to find out what the client wants.)

Information for travelers

Automobile.I do not manage to rejected your language, the British were played on the automotive movement. On Mauritius it is left-hand. So, before renting a car, think carefully. Especially since the roads are quite narrow and in settlements are sicked by cyclists.

Money, shopping. Local Monetary Unit – Mauritius Rupee – Extremely convenient because it is almost equal to the ruble (also comparable and many prices, let’s say for lunch in a good restaurant). Money stands immediately at the airport: the course is better there than in hotels. At the same time, most hotels are located at some distance from settlements, so you will simply have no choice. For the same reason, shopping requires special collections. It is best to make it in the capital, Port Louis, or the resort center of the Gran-Be. It is worth paying attention to the knitwear: many world-famous brands produce their products on Mauritius. In addition, it makes sense to buy cashmere, pashmina and South African diamonds: all this is 30 percent here more cheaper than in Europe.

Night life. It can be found in most hotels. In addition, there are night facilities in the Grand Bee and Port Louis. (In the latter, specifically for giving greater constituency, five years ago embankment Kaudan, completely consisting of boutiques, restaurants, cinemas and casinos.) Along with tourists there willingly hang out and locals, quite friendly. Come across even charming. But you still remember about the strict Mauritius law about citizenship.

Information for travelers

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