How to protect yourself in Thailand from snakes, insects and cockroaches

Today I will start discussing the burning topic of Thai insects. The inhabitants of Thailand and the island of Phuket are very warm, literally friendly relations with various bugs, spiders, grasshoppers and other grains. With one coexist in symbiosis, others are used in industry, they are third. Do not be afraid, for example, small geckers or hefty kecko, these animals are literally in symbiotic communication with a person. I will talk about the most common insects that deliver a lot of trouble coming to Thailand.

Cockroaches – flying and crawling

Thais Buddhist to the bone’s brain and never allow in vain to offend any little animal. They even have peculiar methods of fighting cockroaches. Buddhist deliverance methods advise the use of a mixture of cloves and black pepper to scare out cockroaches. And besides, these insects like fire are afraid of any buddha images.

But the apogee has reached a special instruction on survival from houses and condominiums of cockroachany families found by me in one journal. The main characteristic of cockroaches is their sociality: where one is there at least fifty. Cockroaches hate artificial and natural light and prefer to play and work under the cover of the night. Instructions for mass resettlement of cockroaches assures that the wet tropical climate of Thailand has turned funny bugs in pets, which are glad to live in the crevices of your home and are not afraid of neither spray or other traps. Not only foreigners, but many Thais are not insane fans of these little creatures. Therefore, the instruction advises only one effective Thai method to combat cockroaches.

  1. Take a bottle from under anything sweet and pretty lubricate the neck from the inside lard or fat.
  2. Put a bottle into a cockroach social zone, where you watch a large number of individuals daily.
  3. Leave a bottle for one night.
  4. In the morning you will find a bottle, a bitmaker packaged by poor cockrackers who cannot get out of there.
  5. Close the bottle with a lid and take it to a safe distance from the house.

So simple and humane Thais get rid of cockroaches. This method is classic for students and people living in condominiums, but every time it acts trouble-free. Next, the instruction on combating cockroaches gives useful tips, how to behave if you face face to face with a danger in the form of a huge insect.

  • Zerrite. Cockroaches can run or fly from any quick action, do not bend them. Although they have no eyes, but their radars on the mustes are extremely sensitive.
  • Move very slowly, pretending that you do not see them.
  • Insects in Thailand - Dangerous insects, mosquitoes, ants, snakes on Phuket, Cockroaches Phuket Guide
  • If cockroaches are in close proximity, look for some heavy object, such as the book, to calmly put it on them.
  • If cockroaches fly to your side (yes, yes, in Thailand there are flying cockroaches), take care of your hair (especially if they are black or brown color). Cockroaches love to hide in places the same color with them.

And if you seriously, in Thai shopping centers you will find a lot of money for serious fight with cockroaches: sprays, traps, crayons. One soothes – cockroaches do not bite and neyovitis. So, maybe let them walk and fly free?

Mosquitoes in Thailand

No matter how strange sounded for many, but in Thailand there are mosquitoes. It is not necessary to fought about the epidemic of malaria and fever dengue, in popular tourist areas such diseases happen, but are not massive, especially if you take security measures. Read the detailed article about Denga Fever: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention.

Distinctive signs of Thai mosquitoes: silent when searching for production and suddenness of the attack. Thais themselves advise sleeping with closed windows, put on clothes with long sleeves and jeans in the evenings and there are more dishes with lemon sorghum, it is believed that he scares mosquitoes. Thai mosquitoes can wait for you anywhere: in the jungle, on the beach, in a restaurant or even in your room.

If the number of mosquitoes in the room reached apogee, consult a reception desk to save you from so obsessive neighbors. Hotel workers will apply special means from mosquitoes while you will not have danger on the beach. Special instruments with plates or mosquitoes from mosquitoes, ultrasound repellent, which are included in the outlet, destroy or distilled against mosquitoes and are completely safe for people. Their cost from 100 baht.

In open restaurants in the evenings, you can find special aromatic spirals that distingate mosquitoes. Such means can be bought in any large shopping center in order to apply in your garden or on the veranda, their cost from 50 baht.

If you are going to a romantic dinner on the beach or for a walk near the lake, you should take care of the means of protection against predatory insects. In anyone 7-11 sell sprays and creams from mosquitoes worth 5-10 baht for a disposable bag: Sketield, OFF and other firms. In the benches you can find aerosols with cytronella essential oil, the smell of which effectively scares mosquitoes.

Thai ants

Pretty complex neighbors are ants. They are observed and purposeful. These animals are easier to warn than expel out from the apartment. It would seem that the bad is if the little tiny you dropped at dinner, in half an hour begins to move, and an hour later disappears. In addition to aesthetic inconvenience, ants can bring physical discomfort. Do not like many if they will bite small monsters. Or some crazy group of ants will decide to commit suicide life in your laptop.

How to protect yourself? Never leave food, sourcing smell, freely access. It is better to store everything in the refrigerator or hermetically closed containers. Food garbage is better to immediately carry out of the house, do not leave the skin of the fruit in the garbage baskets of the hotel room. Cleaning your condominium spend with a cleansing agent, for example, Detol, you can buy it in any 7-11 per 100 baht. Take advantage of insect pencils, but in this case there is a chance that ants will find another way to penetrate your apartment.

If you live in the house, you need to call for a special service to combat insects for disinfection of the territory around the house. For apartments an effective way to use special traps with edible balls. Put such a box into the thick of the ant trails, after a while they will start to disappear in the minks, and then they will not come to you. And one more effective remedy – any spray from dog flea. Walk to them on plinths from where the ant trail comes from.

Snakes in Thailand

Many people think that snakes live deep in the jungle, and if not going there, unpleasant meetings can be avoided. But it is not. For example, the photo below is made in the heart of Phuket Town on the street seedlings. Recently, the newspapers were written in the newspapers, as a resident of the May Khao found in his washing machine Python. Earlier, the media reported that on the beach Karon was caught three-meter royal cobra. Sometimes they crawl into shoes or even in the trunk Motobike or under the hood of the machine. And others like the veranda on the sofa. Read a detailed article about snakes in Thailand>>>

Once this phrase from the secret of Thai made my day: "Remove the testimony from the meter, just be careful, a snake lives in the shield". Yu-hu, it is Thailand, babe! However, you should not immediately be afraid and convert to Phuket, perhaps for your whole vacation you will not see any snake. Another thing is that to meet the snakes you need to be prepared and know how to behave in this situation.

Going on a tour of the jungle, take care of your clothes: sneakers and trousers made of tight fabric will significantly reduce the risk of bite. If you still bite the snake, remember its appearance to describe in the hospital, it depends on which of the antifles you will need to enter. Medicine in Thailand far advanced in terms of antidces and serum, which reduced hundreds of times the amount of deaths.

As you can see, everything is not so scary as it may seem. Animals and insects in Thailand are quite common and you should not be afraid of them, it is better to know how to deal with popular unpleasant elements. Good luck to you in this difficult case!

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