Inspection of the sights of Istanbul during autumn holidays

Turkey accepts Thousands of tourists Round year. Fairy Istanbul – the capital of country. Two contrasts are connected in it, two cultures, East and West. The city lies on the shores of the legendary Bosphorus Strait. Picturesque landscapes and colorful streets – symbols of the capital. Famous Attraction became real magnets for visitors guests. Istanbul lives his noisy, saturated life at the junction of two continents.

Why autumn

Quality service and comfortable rest. This is looking for each. Turkey Provides Elite class hotels Round year. However, in the fall Cost on Housing decreases. Successful hotel business law. Prices fall on all. Cheaper food, services, transport, entertainment.
Early autumn begins the Velvet season. The temperature is not too high. End of October and November, cooler months. They are characterized by frequent rains and sharp gusts of cold wind. However, the city remains the same beautiful.


Citizens of Russia have the right to be in Turkey during 60 days without a visa. Rest gets much more pleasant Without paperwork. On the border only Passport, medical insurance and reverse ticket. If desired, stay in the country More than 2 months necessary apply for a visa.

Special attractions of the capital

Now about pleasant. Istanbul full of beautiful and interesting places. Next follows a description of some of them.

Mosque Suleymania

The mosque is built in honor of the famous Sultan Suleiman. The ruler led the empire to the zenith of his power. Built building Architect Sinan. At that time he was popular. Master predicted the mosque long life. While the prophecy comes true. Walls are indestructures during Four centuries.
SuleymaniyaThe largest temple of the capital. Interior decoration is really impressive. Dome and walls completely different from each other. Eastern part installed Sultan Suleiman tombs and his wife.
For Muslims Mosque Shrine. Therefore, before visiting should be remembered Dress code. Women should only wear skirts And cover your head handkerchief or Scarf. Men can not go in shorts and T-shirt. Before entering everything Remove shoes. Photographing is prohibited within the territory of.

Legendary Strait

Inspection of the sights of Istanbul during autumn holidays

Bosphorus Connect Marble and Black Sea. At the same time the most narrow world. Through the strait is laid A few bridges. Tourists love to walk along them, enjoying fresh air and beautiful species.
You can go to a small sea ​​cruise on the reservoir. It takes 1.5 – 2 hours. On board a small ship, drinks and local street food. Autumn is not as sullen in the company of a warm blanket and hot tea.
If desired, see Bosphorus may with Heights. Flying on the helicopter, lasts from 15 up to 60 minutes. Service is expensive. Minimum cost 170 $ from one person. Flight of the historic center and islands, in For 1 hour costs 3500 $. On board take up to 6 persons.

Palace Topkapi

Throughout Serious centuries The palace was considered Residence of Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The construction was built by Cape Saraiburn. Square with adjacent territories 70 hectares. Each meter is drowning in a brown luxurious greenery.
Topkappy Altered not only Peace Sultan, his Women and Sweet. Here were located General Libraries, Treasury, Military School, Mosque and different state institutions.
Tourists can easily plunge into luxurious Atmosphere Palace. Several halls with thematic expositions have been prepared. Among them: Yanycharsky courtyard, gates Greetings, Sofanhane, Armory, Palace Cuisine, Courtyard Enderun, Harem.
Particularly valuable rooms with an abundance of ancient porcelain – European porcelain and Chinese porcelain. Once he was considered an indicator of wealth. In museums are stored more than 5000 different exhibits.
Museum is open to visitors from 09:00 am to 18 pm. On Tuesdays non-working days. Ticket will cost B 60 lir. For inspection Harem and churches If desired, pay extra 30 lir.
Photos and video filming are prohibited. However, it is allowed to make photos of architectural structures. Tourists may not let in shorts and short skirts to invaluable relics.

Saint Sophia Cathedral or Ayia Sofia

Monument of Orthodox Christianity – Masterpiece of Byzantine Architects. It symbolizes The flourishing and death of the greatest empire. For its history, the name and appointment of the structure changed several times. Ayia Sofia – Christian temple, mosque and museum, fusion of two religions and cultures.
Landmark is located in the old district of Istanbul – Fatih. You can use subway, tram, taxi or public transport. Museum in the autumn period works from 09.00 to 19.00. Tickets are purchased no later than eighteen.00. Best time to visit to 10.00. Later to get inside very difficult. Near the Cass are lined up Giant turns. It is much more profitable to issue Museum map. Its cost includes visits and other iconic places of the capital.
Istanbul According to the right Cultural Center. The city is filled with stunning attractions. No tourist is exactly bored – I simply do not have enough time!

Inspection of the sights of Istanbul during autumn holidays

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