Inspections and interrogations scare tourists from flights with "El Al"

Airline employees claim that they manage to achieve this by applying increased security measures.

general information

Airline “El Al” (El Al, אל על) was founded on November 15, 1948. Translated from Hebrew its name means “Sweet”. Despite the conciseness, loudly sounds and slogan “El Al”: “It’s not just airlines. This is Israel!” Indeed, the carrier history developed almost since the foundation of the state. The harsh security system, which scares many passengers, was formed not in one day – this was preceded by many negative events related to the political situation in the world and the national affiliation of the airline.

Process of passing registration for flight at the airport of departure

At all airports from where airplanes come from “El Al”, Before the flight, each passenger has to be interviewed with a specially trained airline employee. That is why passengers are recommended to come to the airport 3-4 hours before departure.

Psychologists, polls, as well as armed guards are built before reception desks. Passengers cause turns. Those who travel with family or company are usually suited to one rack together, but if a psychologist have doubts about the reliability of passengers, they are bred by different racks and ask the same questions. It is easiest to get an interview to families with young children and age married couple. Much attention Psychologists pay a passenger’s appearance: dear clothes and shoes are welcomed, general well maintenance.

Suspicion of security officers “El Al” cause single passengers – especially, young unmarried women. Also negative attitude cause freelancers in any field of activity. Interview with such passengers can take an hour or more. Then one psychologist can change the other and ask former questions in other wording. If the passenger is caught on lies, it is most likely not allowed to fly.

At the passengers suspected of unreliability, it is obligatory to check the correspondence in messengers, freelancers can make the portfolio or to talk in detail about their work. Any locking enhances the suspicion of psychologists. In the end, the passenger can withdraw a manual laying for an additional manual inspection in a special room and allow us to take on board only money, documents and telephone. Manual sting can be returned immediately before boarding, and can be sent to the luggage compartment if the passenger seemed to be a security staff at all unreliable.

Classification of the reliability of passengers from the airline “El Al”

After interviewing the passport stick sticker with letters “H”, “K”, “S”, “T”, denoting the degree of reliability of the passenger.

Reliability of passengers, according to security service “El Al”, It is distributed roughly as follows:

The most reliable – Families with young children, elderly, respectable married couple and older couple, kosher Jews in appropriate clothes;

Reliable – Young couples, single-sized row travelers, close relatives of Israel citizens are married;

Conditionally reliable – Companies of friends, unmarried pairs of solvent species, Young single guys, Young married women traveling without a husband;

Unreliable – People of non-standard species, unmarried women from 18 to 30 years old with girlfriends and without, tourists with a recently issued pure passport, one-way ticket, a dubious invitation, a large number of Arab marks.

Letters “H” and “K” marked reliable passengers, “S” – conventionally reliable, and those who are marked with the letter “T”, all the circles of hell of border control, which is the main “Fishka” National Airlines of Israel. In addition, the place is predetermined on the site and included in the cost of the flight, it is not saved for such passengers – they are planted for the latest range.

Inspection in the gate before landing

All suspicious passengers after the interview are asked to approach the gay as early as possible. Those who did not cause suspicions are seated by chairs and are waiting for the landing start, while marked with letters “S” and “T” Pass to another part of Gates and are waiting for the security officers will name their names. Here work is carried out by all the same psychologists who talked to passengers before. Inspection “Conditionally reliable” Passengers are limited by the fact that security officers lay out all the contents of hand baggings on the tape and browse again.

“Most suspicious” Passengers are usually very small – less than five people, and they are in line for inspection – the last. When all passengers, including “Conditionally reliable”, sit in the plane, those who are not lucky to be marked by the letter “T”, cause a special room for another inspection – the most careful.

Many passengers “El Al” complained that they were stripped to the pants – this is exactly what happens in the room of inspection. The extremely suspicious passenger is forced to remove each piece of clothing and check the things with a metal detector. A person completely scanned – what if he is lucky on himself a bomb or drugs? Here, all the remaining personal belongings are taken, check in cash, take out the battery from the phone, wept hairstyle. At this time in another room, without the presence of a passenger, carefully move its main luggage and manual sting. At the same time, the surname of a person is checked in various databases for the subject of international search.

After the passenger returns money, documents and telephone, it may face another trouble: the security officer will inform him that some items are withdrawn from baggage and take them only by arrival. The passenger will provide an opis from the seizure of property and ask to sign. But not to be nervous because of his own things, it is better to find in advance on the company’s website with a complete list of objects prohibited to the proclaim on the side “El Al”.

At the end of the inspection of all suspicious passengers, security officers spend on board.

It is because of such inspections that almost all flights of the airline are delayed at least 40 minutes.

How to behave during interview and inspection

Many tourists are worried, finding facing face with security officers “El Al”. But it is best to take yourself in hand and answer their questions as if there were neighbors in the train of the plane. It happens that psychologists security officers ask incorrect and too personal questions – in this case, you should not be understood in response. Through specialists “El Al” There is a huge number of passengers, and as soon as the plane takes off, they will forget the Ayternik Misha Petrov and a housewife Masha Ivanov. In order not to cause unnecessary suspicion, it is better to fly in neutral, neatly looking clothes: jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt. During a careful inspection in the safety room, you can talk to informal themes and share interesting cases from life, but shouting about violating human rights and insult specialists not exactly.

Security during flight

All airlines flying only to Boeing aircraft, which are considered the most reliable in the world. Part of the parts for them are made in Israel. Each aircraft is reliably protected from terrorist capture: a pilot cabin is closed by a dual bullet-proof door with a code lock.

In case the terrorist still managed to penetrate on board, in the cabin “El Al” necessarily there is an armed security officer in civilian clothes indistinguishable from other passengers. In case of explosion in the luggage compartment, the passenger floor is covered with armored sheets, and the aircraft themselves are equipped with a rocket detection and removal system that can be released from Earth. Israeli Commercial Airlines El Al is the only carrier in the world, equipping all its aircraft onboard missile defense system. MAWS infrared system (Missile-Approach Warning Sensor – Rocket approximation sensor) detects rockets at the earliest stage and takes measures to neutralize the threat.

Inspections and interrogations scare tourists from flights with; El Al.

All pilots “El Al” In the past, served in the forces of the Air Force and flew to fighters, and flight attendants – strictly citizens of Israel of Jewish nationality – allowed to fly only after training a hand-to-hand combat technique. Thus, the passenger flying to Israel with good intentions should feel in complete safety – even if afraid to fly.

Comfort passengers aboard aircraft “El Al”

Paying great attention to protection against possible terrorism, the owners of the airline are not careful about the comfort of the economy class passengers. Armchairs on the sides of flights lasting less than 5 hours, the old enough, the distance between the armchairs is small, there are no monitors on the backrest of seats, where you can watch movies and track the trajectory of the aircraft. There is nothing surprising in this: the average age of airline aircraft – 12.8 years. However, according to the leadership “El Al”, In 2018, new aircraft Boeing Dreamliner were ordered.

In turn, flight attendants try to provide maximum comfort to passengers: on the first requirement they give off the blankets with holes for the head, bring water. Separate attention deserves power on board: You can select a lot of food in advance, very much options. First, the food will be distributed to those passengers who have chosen a special special. It is better to choose standard options with chicken or meat – they have “El Al” the most delicious and no difference from those dishes that will bring the rest of the passengers for half an hour later. Portions are always large, a jar of humus is necessarily served to the main dish. Among cold drinks are us of the juices of the Israeli brand “Spring”, having a pronounced natural taste of fruits and vegetables. Alcoholic beverages are also available. Flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv passes quite easily, an exciting species open to the city from the sea.

Passport control at the airport “Ben-Gurion”

There are rumors that passengers who have successfully passed the interview at the airport of departure, on passport control practically do not interrogate and immediately issue permission to enter the country – a small blue paper with the name of the passenger and barcode. But not everyone is lucky: if the letter marks the letter before registration “T”, Employees of the security service will be challenged with him “Ben-Gurion”. They must surely make sure that the passenger who did not like them to colleagues from another country is not a drug addict, not a terrorist and is not going to get a job illegally. Except that his turn in “Ben-Gurione” You can wait a few hours, the interview itself takes place in a psychologically comfortable setting. Israeli security officers usually show kindness and humanity, if you see that in front of them – a regular tourist who wants to see the numerous landmarks of the promised. To make a favorable impression, it is better to prepare for an interview in advance. Luggage, including manual sting, always flies to Israel and waited for his detainee owners on the ribbon. More with one unpleasant surprise “Unreliable” Tourists may encounter, opening their suitcase: after manual inspection, the company’s employees fold things a bunch. Some small items may abide.

Obtaining seized things by return

If “Unreliable” Tourist seized some things from baggage or hand baggage, he is provided with a receipt for which he can get his property in the airline office at that airport, from where the departure was made. Employees “El Al” In such cases, they assure that you can pick things at any time of the day. In practice, the office works only from 9:00 to 17:00. Those who live in another city and does not have the opportunity to go to the airport for things, you need to write to the support service and call the phone specified on the site. So that things have not moved to the property of the airline, you must keep the resulting inventory with the receipt, as well as the air ticket number. The company’s employees respond to letters reluctantly, but in the end, they send seized things by mail. The mail identifier number is usually not reported, so you have to follow the appearance of notice in the mailbox.

How the airline safety measures were formed

Many tourists experienced all harsh airline safety methods “El Al”, Going out of the airport in a spoiled mood with hatred and to employees of the airline, and to the entire population of Israel. Of course, it is unpleasant to prove several hours in a row own innocence to terrorism, but it is worth it in mind that “paranoid” The policy of the airline was not on scratch.

So, late in the evening on July 22, 1968, Palestinian terrorists captured the plane, who flew out of Rome to Tel Aviv, and, wounding both pilots, forced them to fly to Algeria. Passengers who are not citizens of Israel, on the same evening were released and sent to the closest flight to Paris. A few days later, freed the remaining women and children. To men-Israelis, including pilots, managed to free himself and return home only on August 31. All hostages remained alive, but since then the airline has introduced hard control over each passenger.

On the morning of December 27, 1985 at the same time at the airports of Rome and Vienna “Fiumicino” and “Schweat” Arab terrorists opened fire on passengers standing in line for registering company flights “El Al”. In total, 20 people died, about 140 injured varying severity. After that, the rates of registration began to dudge the armed guards. According to the instructions, terrorists who got weapons, you need to kill on the spot.

In 2002, terrorists in Kenya attempted to knock the plane from the ground “El Al”. And, although the attempt was unsuccessful, for two years all aircraft aircraft were equipped with an onboard missile system.

But not always and not in all passengers the strictest security service sees potential terrorists. In 1991, several airlines “El Al”, Including the cargo Boeing-747, for 36 hours they were taken out of Ethiopia more than fourteen thousand Ethiopian Jews, who were denied the border due to the civil war. A part of the passengers in connection with the lack of time did not undergo registration procedure at all.

However, no ordinary tourist will be able to avoid interview and, possibly, inspection upon registration with flight “El Al”. Therefore, before you buy a ticket to Israel, each passenger must decide whether it is ready to go through such a thorough checking procedure for the sake of several hours of safe flight. Direct flights to Israel from Russia are carried out by several airlines. Tickets they sell almost at the same price as “El Al”, But the conversation before registration and luggage inspection is not provided.

Inspections and interrogations scare tourists from flights with; El Al.

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