Inspirational quotes from the book of the Great Traveler

Fedor Konyukh about traveling alone, humility, sunsets and sunrises, meetings and dreams. We publish the most inspiring quotes from the new book of the Great Traveler "My Travel. The next 10 years, "which came out in September.

Fedor Konyukhov – the famous Russian traveler who made four round-the-world travels, 17 times crossed the Atlantic and was the first one who reached all five poles: the northern geographical (three times), the southern geographical, pole of relative inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean, Everest (height pole) and Cape Horn (pole yachtsmen). In 2015, Fyodor Konyukhov established the Russian record of the duration of the flight on the thermal balloon.

To the southern pole

November 15, 1995

We must look for your own life path, and not to follow someone’s footsteps. No need to imitate someone, even if it is your native people.

November 22, 1995

Each lived moment is given with a huge voltage of the forces, it is impossible to weaken a wooley relationship for a minute, which happens around. Only alone with himself and in contemplation of the surrounding world, whether the ocean, high mountains or ice plain of the Arctic or Antarctic, can be assumed and be religious without any words.

November 26, 1995

When we stayed at the table before the start, then everyone tried to eat more and crust. This is the principle – to recruit the weight in front of the start, to have enough energy to reach the pole. I have, on the contrary, was another principle. I ate little before the start, because I tried at this time to prepare myself more spiritually than physically. In the teaching of Cyril I.Rerylimsky, it is said: "If you are here with the body, and you do not have a spirit, then this is useless".

Around Around Alone Race

August 11, 1998. Atlantic Ocean

Single navigator should be able to leave the established circumstances so that these circumstances do not settle it to remain the master.

November 14, 1998. Atlantic Ocean

How much I saw sunsets and sunrises in life! On which the latitudes of the World Ocean did not admire with this phenomenon of God’s grace! But what happened yesterday and surprised me. I have not seen this yet! Describing it is impossible – no words. Only admiration remained.

January 26, 1999. Tasmanovo Sea

The wind does not change, still does not allow to go to New Zealand. How hard to me: I know that the wife is there, in Auckland, and I’m here on the way, and stand on the spot. I’m not a fatalist, but often it seems to me that a person is squeezed into some rigid framework, of which you will not break. So now I have such a situation. Thinking about her bad luck in this round, I began to regret myself, but I missed my close friends and realized that everyone has big and small sorrow. Almost everyone at home for whom, and at home and two coma. It only seems that you die here, and they, lucky, ride like cheese in oil. I have to dig up from this straight. Tasmanovo Sea arranged me a school of humility. That’s where you see that you are weak, and small, and blind. I used to do not really understand what humility means, and now it seems, I begin to understand.

Inspirational quotes from the book of the Great Traveler

Single Around the Wheel VENDÉE GLOBE

November 2, 2000. Bay of Biscay

If the traveler becomes justified with some circumstances, then he never has never been. The one who already has the mind and mind can get wisdom not otherwise, as praying for her day and night, asking her from God. There is a limit for the mind, there is no it for wisdom.

November 19, 2000. North Atlantica

I enjoyed silence and rest. It’s some of the best morning minutes on the yacht. The higher the sun rises, the freshly becomes the wind, and the ocean as if he did a red flame. What could be better warm cabins and coffee mugs?

December 1, 2000. Central Atlantica

Traveler life is fraught with dangers. The journey is the depth of the unspecified. It is no more less than if it will call him just bottomless? Yes, it is "again and again" I’m leaving for the expedition with the hope that after that journey will find truth. How sometimes you can not stop, walking along the seashore, because for each sandy oblique, to which you keep the way, you will be entrepreneurous to ourselves.

The rest of the entries from the travel notes of Fyodor Konyukhov can be found in the book "My Travel. The next 10 years ".

Inspirational quotes from the book of the Great Traveler

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