Instruction on tours of Teotihuacan

There is no doubt that Teotiuacan &# 8211; Sightseeing, impressive tourists. Since it is located two steps from Mexico City, It is visited annually Hundreds of thousands of people. Nevertheless, wishes to visit this mysterious Meso-American archaeological monument, May be confused by multiple self-taped guides and a huge number of tours.

1. History

Teotiuacan, in translation &# 8211; ; city of gods ;. The largest city Precucumbian America with population 125,000 residents presumably formed to II century BC.
Despite the fact that the secrets of Teotihuacan were disclosed, there are still many mysteries around this place. V 2014 The year discovered mysterious Underground tunnel, the excavations of which continue and now. Pyramid of the Sun &# 8211; One of the largest buildings in this place &# 8211; never was fully investigated. Still unknown by whom there were residents of Teotihuakan. Some believed that this Tribes Naya, Otomi or Totomeki, And others argued that it was Polyethnic society.

This May 22, 2014 Photo Released by Mexico&# 8217; s National Institute of Anthropology and History (Inah), SHOWS SCULPTURES AND SHELLS UNEARTHED by Investigators at the Teotihuacan Archeological Site in Mexico. Mexican Archaeologists Have Concluded A Yearslong Exploration of A Tunnel Sealed Nearly 2,000 Years Ago At The Ancient City of Teotihuacan and Found Thousands of Relics. TEOTIHUACAN DOMINATED CENTRAL MEXICO CENTURIES BEFORE OF THE 14TH CENTURY. (AP Photo / Proyecto Tlalocan, Inah)

2. What to do in Teotihuakan?

• Climb the pyramid

Two powerful pyramids, which rise above the extensive area may be the main attractions of the ancient city. Fortunately, the general public is still allowed to rise on them (unlike Chichen-Itsi). Take advantage of this. Views from the top Pyramids of the Sun and Pyramids of the Moon You are great!

• Visit a museum

Most people go to Teotihuacan to wander through Calcada de los Muertos (Alley of the Dead), Explore sunken Square Ciudlades and climb the pyramids (and these places are strongly recommended to visit). But do not forget about Museum. There there will be more information about the ancient and mysterious world of Teotihuakan through its architecture, sculpture and Frescoes. Frescoes underestimate and therefore ignore. It is worth looking at them, because the entrance to the museum is included in the ticket price anyway.

3. Tips for tourists

• Get to the place as early as possible

Instruction on tours of Teotihuacan

Teotioacan ideal for one-day trip. All tourists know about it, so it is advisable to start the excursion early in order not to get into the crowd. The one who starts visiting the sights early in the morning will be rewarded with breathtaking views on Calcada de los Muertos and Pyramid de la Moon.

• Take water and hat

Midday sun ruthless, Like the local sellers offering a large price for a chilled water bottle. Prices often reflect status Main tourist attraction. So, if you follow the budget, it is better to take with you everything you need.

Woman Drinking Water in Summer Sunlight

• Follow the rules

Theotioacan is one of the most spectacular and ancient places that you will see in your life. But he can remain so only if thousands of daily visitors are observed regulations and help maintain him in primeval form. Do not touch museum exhibits, sculptures or frescoes; Avoid using the flash when shooting photos and do not bring alcohol, weapons or pets ; Although this, of course, of course.

Instruction on tours of Teotihuacan

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