Insurance before traveling: What else is important, besides health?

We all often neglect insurance, and we are not only about medical. Insurance of baggage, from canceling a trip or an accident – all this is important and not at all difficult. Now we will tell about it in detail, and you will stop considering this extra trips.

Insurance from unbearable (cancellation of the trip)

So you paid a trip, but she did not take place for any reason, it ended earlier or lasted longer. If you decorated special insurance, then get all compensation for it.

I definitely can’t fly away what to do? In case of forced unbearable, the first thing will independently cancel all the armor that can be canceled. But for everything else, for which the money did not work out (it also includes fines from the airline for the unseen) Insurance will cover within the amount of your insurance. If you have the non-return tickets, and the cancellation of the hotel’s reservation is paid, insurance and here will come to the rescue.

But not all that prevents you from flying is an insured event.

Insurance case (enters almost all policies):

  • Disease (insurance lists may vary), injury, sudden hospitalization
  • Disease or death of a close relative (a rosulid brother of his wife, for example, does not fit into this category)
  • Failure or delay in issuing a visa
  • Real estate problems (fire, flood and so on)
  • Call for the army
  • Refusal at the entrance to the country
  • subpoena
  • disaster

Included in some policies:

  • Delay or cancellation of a regular flight
  • DTP on the road to the airport
  • Bankruptcy tour operator.

Not an insured event (in payments will be denied):

  • You changed my mind to fly
  • slept or stuck in traffic and were late for the aircraft
  • legalized the planned operation
  • did not receive a visa because it was incorrectly provided documents or filed them too late.
Insurance before traveling what else is important besides health

When there is a sense in insurance?

If you have cheapest air tickets and free reservation in the hotel, there is no point in insurance – in case of unbearable you will not lose anything (or losses will be insignificant). Insurance is useful if the cancellation of the trip will entail large cash losses. If you have a batch tour, refund depends on the contract with the tour operator, so read it carefully before you sign.

Remember that in Russia for refusing to fly by illness with a non-return ticket in the hands, you will receive money for a ticket and without insurance, since in this case Article 108 of the Air Code and Paragraph 227 of the FAP takes effect. Just provide airlines for the necessary references and documents, and she will return money for a ticket. But before this carefully read the contract to know what diseases are returned, and for which no.

But the foreign airlines have the right not to return money for the unseet for illness, even if you provide a certificate. Here insurance from the unbearab will have to be very powerful.

Case with a refusal in a visa

Often we buy a ticket, and we do a visa after. Suppose you found tickets to London for 1000 rubles – sin not to buy! But the British visa is not simple, so they hurry to submit documents on time and right. But the risk of failure is still there. If you do not make up insurance from the unbearable, then buy returned tickets or choose the airline that returns money for a ticket in case of a visa failure. But it’s easier to simply arrange insurance from the unbearable and in time to submit documents.

IMPORTANT: If you insured from a non-departure of $ 500, then payments within this amount you will receive, even if the tickets were more expensive.

Insurance against accident in travel

Such a policy is something similar to the usual Medical insurance, which you compensate for the treatment costs in case of injury. But on insurance against an accident, you always have a certain amount that depends on the severity of injury. All details and rates will be spelled out in the contract.

Sometimes such insurance goes as an addition to the usual medical, that is, you can add it or not add it. But first check what insured cases it includes.

Baggage insurance

Painful topic. How many trackers do not hang on your suitcase, but if it is lost forever – a pleasant little. To somehow compensate for waiting or full of loss, inspire your suitcase. If he does not reach the destination or comes with damage, you will receive compensation.

How to act? If the suitcase did not reach or drove without a handle or wheels, consult a rack LOST&Found and ask the act of damage to baggage. Save all tags and coupons. And at the exit to the city, fill out the customs declaration on the unaccompanied baggage. Next, make a claim in the airline and contact the insurance. They compensate for losses less the amount that the airline has already paid. And if you provide checks on purchases of essential goods, it will compensate and these costs.

Compensation for baggage is paid in two schemes:

  • At the cost of baggage. The price of similar things from baggage is calculated from the amount of deposit amount.
  • per kilogram weight. In this case, the cost of things in the baggage is not taken into account.

Insurance case is not theft of your baggage. If you left with someone your suitcase to go for coffee, and it was stolen, insurance will not pay anything.

Read the contract carefully to know exactly what things in the baggage insurance is not responsible. This is usually money, documents, objects of art or antiques, weapons, technique.

Civil liability insurance

Surely, you did not hear about such insurance, and this is a very interesting case. If in the journey by negligence, people or their property suffered from you, then you will not pay them compensation, and the insurance. But only cases of impaired harm to health or property are taken into account. If you get involved in a fight where they received and gave delivery, it will not be an insured event. Also, insurance does not apply if you drive a car or a motorcycle – it is necessary to make another.

In the insured event there may be a situation where on vacation you accidentally fell on someone and a person broke something to himself. For example, in a water park, attractions or ski resort. In this case, immediately call the insurance and do not sign anything without their consent.

That is, if you solve the problem yourself without a call to insurance, you will not compete. Suppose in the fleet of attractions you accidentally treated a person, he dropped the phone, and he broke. No matter how much the victim did not require money from you, let’s not give him anything from my pocket. You will not return this money then.

Such insurance will be useful for those who go to actively sport. Never know what happens on the slope or somewhere else.

Insurance documents

Also very useful insurance: if you lose documents on a trip, the insurance company compensates for the costs of their recovery.

In this case, the procedure in case of a loss does not change. First you go to the local police and make a statement. Then go to the consulate of Russia to get permission to return. If you have no documents that do not have any documents confirming your identity, find a couple of compatriots so that they are confirmed. Then call the insurance, and on arrival home to make new documents, and the costs of them compensate for you.

Insurance housing

Famous topic: While you are kaifuet on the beach or climbing in the mountains, anything can happen in your apartment. Neighbors flood or, on the contrary, you will be taken to you, thieves or a lot more. We hope that nothing will happen, but it is better to fuck.

Apartment insurance for travel time is different from the usual real estate and property insurance. The appraiser will not come to you, it will not be necessary to go to the office of the company and so on. This is done online in a few minutes.

You can insure:

  • home property (furniture, musical instruments, clothing, equipment and so on)
  • Equipment and decoration (built-in furniture in the kitchen, walls, coating on the floor and so on)
  • Civil liability (if during your absence you will be flooded with neighbors, then insurance, and not you, will pay for them).

Here, as in other cases, carefully read the contract to know exactly what is an insured event, and what is not. After all, this list depends on the amount you are insing the apartment.

Risks in our lives are fully, so it’s better to be ready! When buying a ticket for a buying, pay attention to insurance. They can be arranged with the ticket!

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Insurance before traveling what else is important besides health

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