Insurance costs to Turkey in 2020

Acquisition of a medical policy is not a prerequisite To visit Turkey.

But, planning a vacation, it is worth thinking about the risks that you can expect on a trip along this country.

Availability of insurance medical policy ; This is your confidence that in case of illness you will not be left alone with your problem and you can get qualified medical care.

How much insurance is in Turkey?

The price of the insurance policy may depend on the trip period, from the volume of inclusive risks and age of tourists .

The minimum coating amount is 30 thousand. dollars .

What kind of insurance to choose?

Risks that are included in standard insurance:

  • medical care;
  • medical transport services;
  • provision of forced dental care;
  • payment of prescribed medicines;
  • repatriation.

What else can you insure?

If you plan to spend time more actively or want to insure against all possible troubles, then a number of additional points can be included in insurance:

  • accident;
  • sports and extreme rest;
  • motorcycle management, mopder or water scooter;
  • Emergency dentistry;
  • blocking allergic reactions;
  • aggravation of chronic diseases;
  • Insurance costs to Turkey in 2020
  • compensation for telephone conversations in case of an insured event;
  • Compensation of documents for restoring documents in case of loss or theft
  • legal services;
  • Insurance against unbearable;
  • baggage insurance;
  • civil liability insurance;
  • Insurance against non-liberty;
  • Loss of documents.

But be sure to check in advance all the insurance conditions upon departure.

For example, it is necessary to understand that in the absence of the driver’s license required to control a scooter or motorcycle, harm to health such insurance is not covered.

What other dangers can sleep tourist in Turkey?

  • Drinking water. The composition of its microflora is significantly different from the Russian, so it is better to drink purchased water or use special drinking water devices.
  • Weather. It is necessary to take all measures from solar strike and dehydration; use sunglasses; From 11 to 16 hours Do not visit the beach and open areas.
  • Animals and insects. You need to be careful on trips to nature: 2 types of violence and scorpions are common in Turkey. To protect against mosquitoes, it is desirable to stock up with repellent means.
  • Beach. Stony or crossed seashells can be dangerous, so wild beaches are better to bypass the side.
  • Kitchen. In gastrointestinal diseases, not low quality food is often guilty, and simple overeating, so moderation in food is the first rule of tourist in Turkey.
  • Vaccination. There are no special recommendations about this, but nevertheless there will be vaccinations from tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis.
  • Crime. Unfortunately, theft in Turkey hotels ; Common case. And it should also be remembered about the high possibility of terrorist acts. Therefore, on trips, you do not need to separate from the tourist group, and women are not recommended to wear candid outfits, especially in a Muslim country, where Turkey is.

How much medical services are in Turkey?

Perhaps someone will have a desire to ignore the need to acquire honey polishes to Turkey.

After all, in case of illness, you can apply to a doctor on your own or buy a necessary medicine at the pharmacy.

However, not everyone understands that medical care in Turkey is quite expensive.

Foreign citizen has the right to use only the services of private clinics.

Turkish nurses are more qualified than in Russia, so even their services may be invited for a wallet, not to mention the services of doctors.

Exemplary cost of medical services in Turkey clinics:

  • Doctor visit ; from 60 euros ;
  • general blood analysis ; 20 Euro ;
  • Ultrasound, cardiogram ; from 40 euros ;
  • Consultation and treatment at the dentist ; from 100 euros ;
  • aspirin ; from 5 euros per pack ;
  • One day in hospital clinic ; from 500 euros .

Better if the awareness of this will come not after something happened, but before the trip.

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How to use the medical policy?

If an insured event has come, you need to call the phone specified in the Policy. Assistant-company consultant will help choose the clinic, will cause, if necessary, ambulance will instruct how to come on.

Upon returning from the trip, they will need to be submitted to the insurance company where the policy was purchased.

Can the insurance company refuse to pay?

Most insurance companies refuse to pay in the following cases:

  • injury obtained in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
  • Buying medicines not prescribed by the doctor;
  • intentional harm to health;
  • Dental services obtained without acute necessity (in the absence of inflammation, pain and t.NS.);
  • Injuries obtained when driving vehicle without driver’s license.

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What insured events are the most common?

  • Gastrointestinal diseases and poisoning. Unusual food, alcoholic beverages and overeating ; Here are the main reasons for the doctor’s appeal in Turkey.
  • Insect bites. Unforeseen allergic reactions to insect bites, which are not found in the latitudes of Russia.
  • Sunny burns. The abuse of solar procedures lead to painful redness of the skin and burns, often the temperature is often rising.
  • Household injuries. They can be obtained during the active recreation, and just for a walk.
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases. Unusual climate, other water – all this can provoke liver disease, stomach, kidney, lungs.

Choose sites on which the maximum of information is provided about this or that insurance of them can be issued online for you and your family. For example, insurance aggregator Cherehapa or proven insurance company TripInsurance .

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