Insurance for a Schengen visa to Europe – what to choose

Going to Europe and prepare for the receipt of a Schengen visa, which means that insurance will have to issues, since the insurance policy – Mandatory point in the list of documents submitted for a visa. In addition, the likelihood is that the policy may be asked to check on the border. It remains only to choose how and where to purchase it. I will share my personal experience, I will tell you how to easily make insurance and what to choose.

First, it is convenient to place an insurance policy online, so as not to waste time trips to insurance companies, especially since proposals from proven companies now enough.

Secondly, it is worth reading reviews, compare different offers and choose for yourself the optimal value for money. For us, this option was the insurance policy from Liberty.

Insurance for Shengen from Liberty Insurance

Why we chose exactly Liberty? Most importantly, we set up the price and the fact that in the aggregate of the company positive feedback, in any case, it is working and proven. As a assistance acts Class Assistance («Class-assist») maybe not the best service company, but overall good. If you buy insurance for the most part for the suspension (sorry for tautology) and providing to the consulate or visa center, then Polis Liberty – A good option for which you do not have to overpay, and when an insured event occurs, you will receive qualified assistance.

Assistance (Assistance) – This is a service company that will interact with you directly upon the occurrence of the insured event and send to the hospital.

In a word, Liberty has long been well known, and this, in my opinion, is much better than working with small unknown companies, even if they offer a little more favorable prices. Calmer, so to speak))

Liberty was one of the few, or rather a practically the only company that, when making insurance, it was possible to include such an item in it as «Technical assistance». What it is? This is a very very useful addition for those who, like us, is planning a trip to Europe in your car. What comes here will write below.

All these items have become decisive for us in the process of selecting an insurance company.

Liberty itself leads an even more complete series of arguments, motivating the purchase of insurance

  • Insurance amount or amount of coating should be at least 30 000 Euro (it is the euro, not dollars);
  • If you request a multivitz, then it is necessary to provide insurance, which will cover at least the first trip, you will make new insurance on passport control on the following trips.

To check the current prices, enter the data (as an area of ​​the policy, you can specify both a separate European country, and the entire Schengen as a whole) and click «Calculate», If everything suits, click «Issue»:

After clicking on the button «Issue», Let’s get to the site where you need to fill out the remaining data and choose all of interest. Nothing is difficult, everything is intuitive, but I will explain a couple of moments.

  • Liberty has two options for policies – STANDARD and Economy, How easy it is to guess, the second is simpler, the first includes more options. Which items include each option, you can read on the site by clicking on the Sign «?» next to the partition.
  • Insurance for a Schengen visa to Europe - what to choose
  • If we are going to Europe by car, pay attention to the above mentioned above Technical assistance (In the process of comparing insurance from various companies, this service was found only at Liberty and another not too well-known insurance company). The presence of this clause in the insurance will increase its value (for example, under the following data – 1 Insured, trip duration 14 days – We will have to pay extra for the technical assistance of 529 rubles), but you, in the event of a malfunction, loss or damage to the vehicle, receive compensation for the following expenses:
  • Roadside repair and towing
  • Delivery of spare parts for repair
  • Accommodation for the time of repair
  • Repatriation (Return) of the vehicle
  • Transportation of passengers
  • Providing driver

After entering all the data, only press the button will remain «Emboss polis» And pay it. Payment is made by bank cards.

Figures for example: The cost of the standard policy from Liberty for one person (adult) with the territory of action «Schengen», duration of the trip 14 days, the sum insured of 30 000 euros and «Without adventure» make up 942 ruble.

After payment you will receive an insurance policy and a memo with the email address you «Rules of voluntary combination insurance of persons traveling from the place of permanent residence», as well as sms with polis number. The policy will need to print and attach one copy to the package of documents for the consulate or visa center, and the second to take with you on the trip, or just save the phone number in which you need to call when the insured event occurs. Do not forget to sign the policy in the appropriate line.

Attention! Insurance policies from Liberty Insurance are accepted by all consulates and visa centers.

Alternatives for Shengen’s insurance (Tripinsurance and Cherehapa)

In addition to Liberty, there are other insurance companies that make it possible to place a policy in online. For example, insurers from TripInsurance. The company is famous for a very good and reliable assistance Mondial, But their prices are noticeably higher. Coming with one of the managers, they learned that a higher cost is connected with the content of Assistance, which costs the companies very expensive, but it is worth it. So if you go on a journey, for example, with a child or an older person, it is better to make insurance more expensive and be sure that if necessary, the best help will be provided.

If you decide to keep your choice on trininshurans, read how to get a 10% discount on their insurance.

Another good option to compare many proposals from insurance companies and choose something suitable – Take advantage of the aggregator Cherehapa, Which under the parameters you specify will offer at least a dozen policies from various insurers (VTB, consent, alpha insurance, reso, Ingosstrakh, etc.). Many of them work with unknown, and sometimes not too reliable assistance, but there is an opportunity to save on the policy.

Summary Table at insurance prices from different companies

The cost of insurance for 14 days with a zone of action «Schengen» and coverage of 30,000 euros per person *:

Liberty TripInsurance VTB Bean insurance Agreement Alpha Insurance Ingosstrakh Reso
942 USD 1556 rubles.
without discount
846 rubles. 635 rubles. 899 USD 952 USD 962 USD 1058 rubles.
Buy insurance → Buy insurance with a discount of 10% → Check the cost of insurance and buy one of them→

* Prices in the article are indicated as of May 2016.

As you can see, choose from what, most importantly, decide what is more important – To be cheap, just a policy came to a package of documents for a visa to be cheap and angry, t.E. It was possible to quietly take advantage of insurance if necessary, or to be complete confidence in the insurance company and the assistance, with which she cooperates – Options are for every taste.

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